Adele "Adam" Robbins

A sharp-tongue young man.

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a character in “Darwin's Saying”, as played by NebulaZ


Adele stands just over six feet tall, with a naturally athletic frame honed by years of running track in high school. Age 20, he dresses in jeans and a plain red t-shirt, has messy brown hair and an unshaven chin.


Adele Robbins hates his name. Preferring to sound less like a girl, he chooses to give his name as Adam. Adam enjoys running track, video games, and fraternizing with the scum of society. A casual smoker and frequent drinker, he enjoys partying and being optimistic, even in the worst situations. Adam was on Flight 115 to reach the west coast, to attend the wedding of his sister Nicki.


Adam carries a kubaton - a present for his sister as she moves into Los Angeles. Other than that, he has no weapons, and only the clothe son his back.


Adele "Adam" Robbins was born April 17th, 1990. He grew up in, and lived in North Carolina. Adam was on flight 115 to LA to see his sister Nicki and attend her wedding.

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