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420th Eccelasian Regiment, Imperial Guard

"Live for the Emporer!" (wip)

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a character in “Data World: Arcterus MVIII”, as played by Leocedus


History of Eccelasia
The Eccelasian system was an industrial world of the Imperium, the gigantic subterranean factories that feed from the worlds hot molten interior contrast the single surface-spanning city that is covered in a constantly falling blanket of frost and hail. Many of the Imperium's weapons are forged with ore taken from Eccelasia, but the world got it's name from the surface city in which almost every nuance of life is directed by the Will of the Emperor and his priest's teachings. The men from this world know the wealth of hard labor, but are devout to the Imperium's religion almost to a fault. Even in battle their passion against the enemies of the Imperium was legendary. Both common grade soldiers and Space Marine Chapters that originated from the planet are only sent into battles where their devotion would be best utilized. It is common knowledge that soldiers of this origin will often sacrifice themselves for the glory of death in battle, and it has almost become a tradition, and the sons and daughters who wore the white stained armor of Eccelasia would often come back with their own blood stained across the blank white they wore into combat.

420th Eccelasian Regiment, Imperial Guard

201st Command Squad

Squad High Sergeant
Name: Icarus Toroun

Code Name: "The Pilgrim"

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6'0", 187 lbs

Distinguishing Marks: Light blonde hair, Tanned Skin (both distinguishing marks of Eccelasians) White scar across right cheek.

Origin/Homeworld: Eccelasia, Templar Academy

Soldier Class: High Sergeant

Kit: Universal Standard Kit, Las-pistol, Chainsword

Squad Corporal
Name: Dukon Quartz

Code Name: Firebat

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6'4", 205 lbs

Distinguishing Marks: Dirty blonde hair, Tanned Skin, Flirtatious smile.

Soldier Class: Weapons Specialist

Kit: Universal Standard Skit, Shotgun, 4 Krak Grenades

Squad Support
Name: Gluman Zakera

Codename: Zag

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 5'5", 125 lbs

Distinguishing Marks: Dyed black short hair, Tanned Skin, one purple and one blue eye.

Soldier Class: Medic

Kit: Universal Standard Kit, Diagnoster, Injector, Medkit

Squad Manifesto
S1-Squad High Sergeant Icarus "Pilgrim" Toroun
S1-Eccelasian Imperium Firesquad (5 Weapon Specialists,2 Heavy Gunners)
S1-Eccelasian Imperial Rhino Tank (Heavy Boltor upgrade)
S2-Squad Corporal Dukan Quartz
S2-Eccelasian Imperium Flanksquad (3 Weapon Specialists, 3 Heavy Gunners, 1 Squad Operator)
S2- Eccelasian Imperial Rhino Tank (Lasgun upgrade)
S3-Squad Support Gluman Zakera
S3-Eccelasian Templar Prayersquad (3 Weapon Specialists, 3 Medics, 1 Psyker)
S3-Eccelasian Imperial Rhino Tank (Heavy Boltor upgrade)

202nd Infantry Squad

Squad Manifesto
I1-Squad Sergent
I1-Eccelasian Imperial Firesquad (7 Guardsman, 1 Crak Missle, 1 Voxcaster)
I2-Squad Corporal
I2-Eccelasian Imperial Firesquad (7 Guardsman, 1 Crak Missle, 1 Flamer)
I3-Squad Corporal
I3-Eccelasian Imperial Firesquad (7 Guardsman, 1 Crak Missle, 1 Flamer)

203rd Infantry Squad

Squad Manifesto
I4-Squad Sergeant
I4-Eccelasian Imperial Firesquad (7 Guardsman, 1 Crak Missle, 1 Voxcaster)
I5-Squad Corporal
I5-Eccelasian Imperial Firesquad (7 Guardsman, 1 Crak Missle, 1 Flamer)
I6-Squad Corporal
I6-Eccelasian Imperial Firesquad (7 Guardsman, 1 Crak Missle, 1 Flamer)

204th Heavy Armor Division
C1-Eccelasian Chimera Tank x8 (Hull: Heavy Boltor x6, Hull: Heavy Flamer x2)
C2- Eccelasian Leman Russ Tank x5
C3- ShadowSword Super Heavy (Twin-Linked Heavy Boltors, Smoke Launchers)

So begins...

420th Eccelasian Regiment, Imperial Guard's Story