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Sukino Uchiha (Anbu)

Black Flame of the Foundation (wip)

0 · 135 views · located in Inner File S-J1335

a character in “Data World: Arcterus MVIII”, as played by Leocedus


Sukino Uchiha


Silent Beast





Ninja Rank


Secret Rank

Anbu Black Ops

Home Village

Hidden Leaf Village

Current Location



Sukino is a quiet, self sufficient person. Even though he is mute, he is even more antisocial than most others with his disability. He mainly does his duty as a ninja and keeps to himself. Whenever he is approached by his fellow shinobi he tries to get out of the conversation as soon as possible and does not normally like being out in public. Since he is one of the rare Uchiha who possess a Mangenkyo Sharingan he likes to keep his abilities secret and often goes without the Sharingan altogether. Because of his family history and his exile from the Uchiha clan he hates anyone mentioning his sir-name to anyone.


  1. 10 Standard Kunai
  2. 20 Standard Shurikan
  3. 4 Summoning Scrolls
  4. 10 Kunai Tags
  5. Blade of the Emerald Phoenix: Nature Chakra infused, makes all fire-style jutsu green in color and extra powerful.


Fire Style
Fireball Jutsu, Phoenix Flower Jutsu, Fire Dragon Jutsu, Great Fire Annihilation, Uchiha Fire Wall, Giant Skyfire Illusion

Earth Style
Mud Wall Jutsu, Mud Clone Jutsu, Hidden in the Stones Jutsu, Rock Spear Jutsu, Great Golem Fist

Lava Style
Molten Wave, Lava Burst, Rubber Wall, Magma Claw

Inferno Style
Flame Control, Flame Control Blade, Black Creation, Black Void Pinwheel

Twin-Palm Gate of Heaven Seal, Reverse Star-Tetrahedron Seal


Ninjutsu- 80%

Taijutsu- 75%

Genjutsu- 50%

Kenjutsu- 65%

Senjutsu- 15%

Tools- 50%


Sukino Uchiha was born in the Hidden Leaf Village under unmiraculous circumstances. His father was a store owner in the village and was well liked, but his mother was an outcast Uchiha who was stripped of her status in the clan because of her marriage to a non-Uchiha. Both of her sons were there for not considered true Uchiha, including Sukino. As he grew up he learned the way of the ninja from his mother and older brother who was already a genin by the time Sukino started learning. Eventually the day of Sukino's own entrance into the ninja academy came and he passed the initiative exam without a problem. In celebration of the event Sukino's older brother performed his newly perfected fire style jutsu with the whole family watching. The fire style jutsu however got out of control and Sukino only remembered the bright flames around him and his family. Waking up later in the hospital he is told that the fire consumed his father and older brother completely, and gave him major burn scars on his left arm and chest. Furthermore Sukino was now mute, as superheated air had burnt his vocal cords. Sukino became shy after the incident and his grades dropped. He barely passed the exam to become a genin some time later and only had the horrible news of his mother's suicide to come home to. These two events unlocked the single and double tomoe sharingan for Sukino as he moved onto his years as a genin. They moved by quickly until it was time for the Chunnin Exams. Sukino and his squad moved through the first stage easily but the survival test was much tougher on them. In the end Sukino had to watch one of his team mates die at the hands of an enemy squad. He and his remaining team mate managed to get to round three and waited for their one on one battles. For Sukino he had to fight the very shinobi who killed his team member, and lost his control. His third tomoe sharingan activated during the fight and he killed the shinobi without mercy. After the battle he only became more confused and did not want to talk to anyone. Only when the main combat rounds were already under way did Sukino come out of hiding and fought his last battle against a local ninja. He won the fight and later on became a Chunnin even though he did not want the position. He quickly became known as the shyest ninja in the village but also was watched closely by the Foundation. They coveted his sharingan power and as soon as he was a Jounin they made a recommendation for him to become an Anbu Black Ops. Now in the secret forces, Sukino does his duty and ignors his past. He lives only to protect his village and never for himself.

So begins...

Sukino Uchiha (Anbu)'s Story