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(Warning: HIgh levels of action, adventure, and more action) As the world's technology has advanced and the internet evolved, so have the viruses. To combat the new threat, a new occupation is born to enter the internet itself...a Datadiver.

2,192 readers have visited Datadive since LookingAtPerks created it.


Before I go into it further, here is an exert of an adventure from one of the Datadivers.


"Ahhhh...a good view and a juice, is there anything better in this world?"

"You know, if you say things like that, excluding the juice, you sound like an old man Yuyan".

This dialogue started as a boy of twelve or thirteen years old sat on the edge of a skyscrapper, what might be the tallest one in the entire city he was in, Runo City. One of the most advanced cities in the world, the metal buildings looked nice to Yuyan as he watched. If anyone else was around, such as an adult, and saw him like this, they would probably tell him that it was far too dangerous to be where he was now.

Yuyan was wearing army green cargo shorts, a deep blue jacket, white T shirt and socks socks, blue sneakers, and a pair of red goggles that were currently resting on his head and not actually on. He also had a device on his left forearm, it was definently larger then a large watch but did not fully cover up the forearm and was not too bulky. The voice he was talking to came from the device, a type of portable computer, and was called Ace.

"So, Ace, how has your morning been so far?"

"You got three emails with some nasty viruses in them, but I destroyed them. However, I should warn you that it seems virus activity has increased today. You may be experiencing high levels of activity today".

"Got then..."

"Wait! I just got word! A powerful virus has just infected a subnetwork of the city's transit system! It looks like...its traffic control! High priority alert!"

Yuyan just gave a smile with a tiny bit of ferocity in it as he looked down.

"Alright then! Activate the access point! Here we go!"

"Wait wait, let me generate it before you..."

And then, Yuyan grabbed his bag that lay next to him as he pushed himself off the edge and began falling down from his spot over one hundred stories in the air. He was in freefall now, but he was not worried.

"Alright! Gate Program Activated! Use the Access Card!"

"Alright! Access Point: Digital Gate!"

Yuyan took out a card from his back pocket and inserted it into a small slot by the screen of the device on his arm. Suddenly, what appeared to be a pixalated hole appeared under him and he fell through. This was just one of the new technologies of the world. Although it was currently limited and took skill, people could materialize data into the physical world.

And now, Yuyan was no longer in freefall in the real world, but the digital world. A holographic screen was deployed in front of him, and he quickly selected one of the functions made available. On his feet, a hoverboard appeared and allowed him to get his bearings while heading towards what appeared to be a sort of digital city. It was large and massive, far larger then the normal city, and there were other regions around it as well. A digital forest, desert, mountain, tundra, volcano, and other areas. Towns too, villages, factories, and so on.

But what Yuyan was looking for would be in Digital Runo City, or D-Runo for short. And that was the traffic control system. He was one of the few people who had a mind who could withstand entering the digital world, there were plenty who could not directly enter it. They had to use some sort of interface technology, which was expensive unless you built your own from scratch somehow.

Yuyan put on his goggles, which now put up a Heads Up Display, or HUD.

"Beginning track!"

"Good thing this thing is not programmed for discretion! However, it is starting to cause various issues with the traffic! No deaths so far, but its only a matter of time!"

"Then lets steal that time! Accel Burst!"

Hitting the throttle, Yuyan accelerated even further and headed towards the target location.

"Alright, we are full on data and ready for combat! Engaging Virus in five seconds! Its around the corner!"

"Prepare an Isolation Field B from my exe files!"

"UNderstood! Prepped and ready!"

As he and Ace conversed, he turned the corner, only to see what appeared to be a bipedal Dragon like creature tearing into this one building labeled "Traffic Controls". The Firewall Fence that was normally around it had been ripped to shreds, likely some sort of Mass Spam attack. It looked like it was an intense attack the Virus had been given before it hit the Traffic Controls itself.

Sensing someone approach though, the Dragon turned around, but its tail plugged itself into the building and turned it from blue to purple.

"Looks like he just set up something infectious. Please be careful Yuyan, this virus can likely also affect human beings and turn them into monsters like what happened in Chicago".

"Understood. Now, deploy Isolation Field B and Personal Firewall 5".

Suddenly, a field of energy covered this entire region as well as a smaller one sticking skin tight to Yuyan. Yuyan also went through the holo interface, and brought out a spear, doing a few warm up moves while the Dragon scanned him. It wouldn't do much good, as Yuyan's firewalls would prevent such an easy data access.

Realizing this too, the dragon appeared to be enraged and immediately launched a breath of fire at them. Yuyan kicked the ground and jumped over it, as his physical abilities were greatly increased in the digital world. He also summoned several cube like objects around him, which he remove controlled with his mind to surround the Dragon. It managed to swipe one of them down, but the others began firing lasers, although in truth they were beams loaded with Anti-Virus software, and auto-attacked the Dragon Virus.

"It appears those scales are not just for show. It also has a high vitality, and several firewalls".

"Does it have a central core?"

"Yes. Inside its body, protected by the scales".

"So, we have to get past the scales to actually hit the weakpoint? No workaround?"

"Searching. Please stand by and dont die".

"You don't need to tell me that! Shield!"

It launched another breath attack at Yuyan, but he deployed an extra, more powerful shield to block it. At the same time, Yuyan deployed what appeared to be a soccerball and kicked it right at the Virus. Of course, the virus sensed it was not normal and tried to block it...but when it made contact, while it was deflected it shattered what it hit. In this case, the claw of the dragon.

"Now! Focus there!"

The cubes followed their instructions and began to target the opening left by the destruction of the claw. Unfortunately, the core was at the center, and the arm was...well, it was an arm, it was not straight. As a result, they could only inflict non-critical injuries. However, this still seemed to irritate it at the least.

"We need an opening...what the?!"

Suddenly, a "tremor" could be felt across the area.

"Uh oh! It just breached into a school bus and took over the automated controls! Traffic Control Office is currently trying to deal with it as best they can, keep other cars away from the roads its heading down, but its only a matter of time!"

"Alright, guess we will have to use even more data then. Run Program, Dual Giga Cannons!"

Running the program, two large cannons appeared on either side of Yuyan which he now held, and pointed them right at the Dragon. This weapon was fairly data usage costly, but right now they didn't have much choice. After aiming, he began to charge the cannons up while the cubes covered him and his shield blocked the direct attacks that hit.


And once they were done, he unleashed two powerful blasts right at the Dragon Virus, blasting right through it and destroying the armor that protected it. The cannons immediately dematerialized, and Yuyan practically collapsed onto all fours in an instant, panting.

"Well now...that was..."

"Wait, its not over! Something is coming, fast!"

Yuyan heard the warning and just managed to move his spear to block as a more humanoid Dragon appeared, smaller then the first. It was about the size of an adult human male.

"Seriously? A secondary virus hidden inside the first!?"

"Yuyan! Bad news! In one minute, the bus will get into an unavoidable accident! It is heading towards a railway with a train incoming, collision confirmed! The train cant stop either, or be contacted! It looks like the virus damaged that in its rampage!"

"Understood! Run the clock!"

"55 Seconds!"

Yuyan dodged the next two swipes of the claws as he brought his spear around and cut through its arm. It was not severed, but it confirmed this thing was not as strong as the first. Likely, this was more of a speed attack type, while the first form was more defensive to buy time for the virus to spread. It appeared that the virus could no longer spread, but until this thing was destroyed the infected systems would remain corrupted.

Yuyan ducked under its claws and slid down through its legs, before doing a one eighty with his spear and cutting through its back. However, Yuyan had forgotten about the tail and was impacted into a nearby wall.

"45 seconds!"

Yuyan quickly rolled to the side as it lunged at him and tried to drill its claws into Yuyan. Yuyan meanwhile jumped up to the ground, and made a mischievous smile. "Run Boost.exe!"

"Running Boost.exe....I hope you know what you are doing".

Suddenly, an aura appeared around Yuyan as he kicked off the ground right in the direction of the Dragon. However, now he was much much faster, and when he slashed with his spear it created an airforce that even though the Dragon dodged the attack, he was still hit with the air force and was launched backward into a wall.

"30 seconds".

Yuyan proceeded to chase after it as two more cubes appeared behind him and provided covering fire. The Dragon might have tried to escape, but Yuyan had created an isolation field earlier that would prevent it from doing so.

So Yuyan slashed his spear around before giving it a good thrust where he predicted the Dragon would go. However, the Dragon Virus made use of its wings and flew around the attacks to dodge. Yuyan tried to slash at it again, and while he missed a direct hit he did manage to get the wing and forced it to land onto the ground again.

"20 seconds!"

Yuyan then rushed towards it, but the Dragon launched a counter attack, moving around to Yuyan's side and slashing at him. Although Yuyan was protected by the firewall and was not infected, he still recieved some damage in his right arm. And yet, during this action, three cubes had flown around the dragon to prevent its escape and began firing, dealing some damage to it.

"10 seconds!"

Yuyan felt the pressure, and he increased the ferocity of his attacks even more by running two Boost.exe programs at once. His abilities pushed even further, his body was overwhelmed with more power then it should be taking and yet he pressed forward. He launched himself right at the dragon with his spear, but the Dragon seemed to be expending all of its energy now, whatever data it had left, to enhance its dodging ability.

"5 seconds!"

Yuyan pushed further though, and kept attacking.

"4 seconds!"

The dragon continued to run back and dodge however.

"3 seconds".



He let loose a powerful thrust, but the Dragon dodged this too and went to slash at his head.

"Two seconds!"

That was, until he saw the boy's face was still smiling...and he had left one hand go of the spear and taken out a dagger.

"One second!"

And so Yuyan plunged it right into it's core, and destroyed the Virus with his surprise attack. The virus pixalated and dissolved into bits of remnant data, while Yuyan collapsed to the ground on the spot and rolled onto his back while undoing the dual Boost.exe programs.

"...collision averted. The bus stopped right before the tracks".

Ace reported the success to Yuyan, however the response was...snoring.

"Oi...oi...Yuyan?! Seriously?! Come on, wake up! I...I cant just leave you here! Please? Wake up? I am a program built for intelligence, not strength! You are really heavy for me! Please dont make me carry you home! Yuyan?! Yuyan?!?!"

Unfortunately, Ace's pleas were met with only more snoring as Yuyan took a nice, well deserved nap on the digtal grass. It was his luck there was a small digital park in front of the Traffic Control Digital Building.


A Datadiver is as you saw, someone who enters the Digital World to deal with the increasing Virus threat. When a Datadiver enters, either through an interface machine or directly as Yuyan did, they may use all sorts of programs to their advantage to battle the virus horde. The amount of programs they can deploy is determined by the data they have available to them, as well as their skill and affinity for them. Some brains are wired to handle certain programs and not others, and other brains might be the reverse in terms of affinity.

Its a brave new world of science, so much so that the lines between science and magic are becoming more and more skewed. Although there are certainly still limits, including what even a digitized human body can take, with these advances the world is becoming a new and even more amazing place. And in Runo City, darkness swirls as forces plan to use this technology for their own nefarious goals and gains.

The real question is though, who will you be in this?

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[b]Noticable Marks/Physical Traits:[/b]


[b].exe files and special abilties:[/b]

[b]Personality Traits:[/b]



[b]Opinions on other Datadivers:[/b]


[b]Battle Song:[/b]  Choose a song that you would want to play during an epic battle your character has.


[b]Epic Battle Moment:[/b] Just write some epic action moment like I did on the intro page, so I can see how you write.

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Also, remember to be respectful, use common sense, and have fun!

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In the end Dolce had to tap out just before the repairs were done, having less than 4% of her Data Capacity left, which was about what she'd need to get back to base. After having informed the Omnitech Industrials about her leaving, and going through the dance of waiting for them to get their own back up security online in the area she had been covering, she promptly used Keypoint.exe, to teleport to a random landmark roughly in the direction of the Organization's servers.

After that she used it a few more times, in conjunction with Ghost.exe sprinkled in here and there, to lose any possible followers.

A ping was send out by Iris, and a Deep Dive later, she was finally within safe territory.

She decided to postpone going to the real world, until her Data had recovered a bit more.

This would have been needed to report what had happened, but, unaware of the nature of the culprit behind the virus, and the urgency it had, had she known, Dolce decided it could wait.

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After a good bit of web surfing, mostly being stuck at the computer for nearly the whole day. Catarina soon woke up in her chair with a yawn. Guess a combination of fighting virus’s and web surfing wore her out earlier than usual...Wait...Oh! That’s right today she could buy some books for college! She got paid for helping out on that server defense, so maybe she had enough for a few neccecities!

With a nod to start the day, she cleaned up, washed up and got dressed once more before slipping out of her room. "I’m heading out to buy some books mom! I’ll be back in a few hours, you need anything?" She called out as she walked to her front door and slipped on some shoes.

“Oh thank you, be a dear and buy some steak. Your father is coming coming home today and no doubt your old man forgets to eat right! Why if he forgets to eat he is going to look like a skeleton! I’ll flatten him up when he comes home!” Her mother called from the living room, no doubt plotting something.

Catarina let out a laugh. "Of course mom, I’ll grab it on the way home. Try not to go overboard on the dinner this time!” She laughed as she stepped out of her home and locked the door behind her before walking through the city once more. Now...To get to that book store...

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In his deep slumber he heard a low rumble, the inside of his helmet flickering with some life as data readings begin to flash before him, as if trying to wake him up. Then another muffled rumble was heard, slightly shaking the foundation of the building, causing him to crack his eyes open slightly. It appeared that the wall before him was panning away on its own. It took him only a few seconds to finally realize that he and the couch were sliding! The whole building was tilted to the side! This building wasn't marked for demolition yet! Popping to his feet he rushes to the window and looks out over to see what was going on. Several vehicles, 5 of them, were ramming into the side of the building, their grills dented, some hanging off. The old structure, already compromised by cheap materials and age, wasn't able to handle this kind of abuse and a large portion of it had already collapsed below.

He looked around his apartment for Monkey, but the only traces he could find of that darn cat was spilled water and wet paw prints leading to the window. Probably had the right mind to scram upon the first few slams. Following Monkey, he leapt from the window and landed on the hood of one of the cars, denting it in as he did so. Looking into the window he could see there was no driver.

What..? Who'd target me with such blatant sabotage..?

D10's HUD flickered and displayed some strange symbols.

Good question~! But I don't think they're in a talkative moooood!

The vehicle he landed on's wheels screech loudly as smoke rises from behind, before making another crazed run at the building, forcing D10 to jump to the side and roll onto the parking lot, skidding a bit before getting back onto his feet. The vehicle he was on crashed into the building, leaving a gaping hole, and after a moment, a fiery explosion erupts from it, signaling a gas line was ruptured, and the entire building came crumbling down, taking out the vehicle, and flooding the surroundings with dust and debris. The remaining ones turn to D10, who stood up weighing his options carefully, but quickly. He realized if he ran and took this to any road, or around any place in the neighborhood for that matter, he'd possibly be risking the lives of others, an outcome that was unfavorable. He had to contain this.

Looking down he spotted a large manhole cover to the sewers, and with the approach of one of the vehicles, he took a quick moment to stomp onto the lid, flipping it up, before rolling to the side. The ensuing effect, with the speed of the vehicle, caused it to flip over on its side and slide, across the cement upside down with an ear-splitting shriek, before crashing into a garbage dumpster. Another vehicle charged towards the cyborg, who quickly took the sewer cover into hand, and, like an Olympian athlete, spun and threw it like a discus, straight into the front end of the vehicle, embedding it in and causing the front end to grind against the asphalt coming to an abrupt halt. Unfortunately, this still left two others, as one came in from the side, and only managing to not be hit standing, he topples against the window and is taken along with the lunatic vehicle as he tries to regain his footing. He finds himself speeding away from the ruins of the old abandoned apartment to a more populated area of the city and towards the park.


In a frenzy, he began to use his nails to dig into the hood of the car, peeling back the metal. The vehicle swerved trying to rock him off, but he held firm, as he got into the guts of the car, and began to rip out the battery and various tubes and wires, whatever he could dig into flew out, causing the vehicle to sputter and die. He sighed in relief when the vehicle stopped, as onlookers watched in shock, steam billowing out from the torn hood of the vehicle.

"Situation is contained, there is no need to w-," he began to say, but the park goers scattered, screaming for some reason. Before he could try to calm them, the remaining vehicle slammed into the side of the one he stood on, causing him to roll off and to the side, toppling into the park. The last vehicle sputtering steaming and sputtering to a stop, as hubcap rolls over to D10's feet as she stands back up. "There is no need to worry... now."

As people looked on in shock and confusion at the vehicular carnage, and the tall silver-haired figure before them the situation seems to calm down considerably. D10 then hears a familiar meow, causing him to shift his attention over by the arcade. A very familiar black-and-white cat was walking alongside the building.


"Did he just say monkey..?" one of the park goers ask, as a few child are heard giggling at such a seemingly random thing the tall cyborg would say. He then rushed over to his cat who would slip around into the arcade, as a patron was holding the door open to see what was going on. D10 followed suite, pushing past the man and heading inside. After heading inside, he clearly attracted some attention. Some of the players murmer amongst themselves that he looks a lot like various protagonists and start thinking he's some kind of publicity stunt, several say it is a pretty cool cosplay he has going on, and a few wonder how the suit is probably hot and how he can see without eye holes. He stood awkwardly, before nervously dusting himself off. As he did so, some laughed as a black-and-white cat crawled up his back and nested in his white hair.

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(The next day)

"And so, reports indicate that after suffering from a massive attack, Omnitech Servers were finally able to repel the virus with the help of Datadivers present. But one has to wonder, could such an attack actually come from her long known rival, Yuyan Izuyin, in some plot of corporate sabotage or just angry rivalry?"

"Well I dont know, their ratings tend to be neck and neck. Right now Yuyan has a higher Datadiver rating, but last month is was Lilith Rhorer, and then the moth before that it was Yuyan again".

" could have always been a self inflicted virus to frame him. Stay tuned, as we learn more facts and details here on the Station 7 News".

This was the news on the radio as Yuyan rode on the morning bus. Since he didn't drive, this was one of his main ways of getting around town when not Datadiving.

He was actually thinking of showing up to school, even though he already graduated college (only enrolled for friends and yearbook photos, and fun field trips), since he heard some rumor of a Datadiving club and thought he would sponsor and lead it. Of course, he was keeping vigilant on the cyber world today, in case the attacker from before tried again, but he really, really wanted to also find where that news station was and punch some people in the face.

That said, any amount of vigilance wouldnt have likely detected what was going on around him right now. In fact, little did anyone know, millions of stealth data probes, seemingly coded in a way no one would have ever seen before, had spread out across the net, linking in to cameras, network relays, the microphones of cellphones, radios, robots, and anything else. Of course, in exchange for such a wide blanket and infecting pretty much every system that could monitor, all they could do was monitor. Monitor every single little thing in the city, and report back to their master. Silently watching and observing everyone, that was what they were meant to do.

Although, they did have some priority targets at the moment.

[Target: Yuyan Izuyin on Bus 44, passing by Arcadia Park and Daemo's Arcade]

[Target: Wolf Entity identified as D10, near same area]

[Note: Target Yuyan seems agitated by radio. Intel leak and manipulation appears to be working successfully]

[Reporting to Central Mind]

[Update: Remaining Concealed as Central Mind begins Operation 4]

Yuyan looked out the window, wondering what he would do afterwards. He thought about doing another "investigation", if investigations typically were Yuyan going into the dark web, finding people who look like they might know something, and beating it out of them. It was a bit brutal, even for Yuyan, but these people tended to ruin people's lives, steal their money, cover for human traffickers, and hide murderers running from the law. Some of them even commit murder. So Yuyan felt it was pretty okay. Especially when they put up a good fight.

"Yuyan, something weird just happened with..."

Ace started to tell him something, but before he could finish the bus suddenly went crazy. All the windows suddenly had heavy shutters close on them, as well as the door. Indeed, if a bus driver sees armed gunmen trying to get on and take over the bus, new buses had a lockdown system that would shutter and armor the bus to make that impossible.

However, not only did it look like the bus driver didn't do it, it looked like his bus was infected with some sort of virus. It looked like a basic kind, but it seemed to have gotten into something dangerous.




"The Virus is the Bunny Virus!"

The Bunny Virus, a rather annoying virus. Not difficult in any way, but annoying. Essentially, it looked like bunnys in the Cyberworld, but it also had their ability to multiply. The damage was low, but it could take awhile to get rid of the whole virus, essentially a time waster. Yuyan could actually take care of it in a few minutes at least if not sooner, but...the bus, instead of stopping, began to drive out of control.

What Yuyan had no idea about was that it was being driven right at D10, as well as the civilians behind him.

"Ace, use Arsenal.exe and use the heaviest thing there that we can use as an anchor! Now!"


Ace complied, and quickly materialized an actual anchor to stop the bus. Whether it would be enough to stop the whole momentum was a good question, but Yuyan quickly began working on things at his end to disable the Bunny Virus...and beat the world record to disable it that he set as well.


[Releasing highly sensitive Hunter Killer programs to hunt down anyone still hiding and in cyberspace. All Watchers, continue Ultimate Stealth and Observation and report any additional data finds].

It seemed that something had decided to stir today, and it would not let today be any less eventful.

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#, as written by Sepokku
"I dont think you understand the urgency of this situation!" A hasty board meeting had been called, to discuss the aftermath of the attack on Omnitech Industrial's server, and Lilith was growing increasingly flustered with how nonchalant everyone seemed to be about it. "Something like this takes ALOT of effort. The question is what the actual crap they were looking for. I refuse to believe it was just here to cause wholesale destruction. They had worms looking for something."

In hindsight, she should have kept one of the worms to be analyzed, alas.... Hindsight is 20/20. "Close the public domain on all servers, I want a team analyzing server one and figuring out if all the sensitive data is intact." When no one immediately moved, her temper flared slightly. "Now people!" Though last to leave the room, Lilith wasted no time heading up to her office and getting ready to jack back into the internet.

Truth be told she was still pretty exhausted from the incident, but she didn't have the time to relax; not when someone was actively trying to ruin her livelihood. Before she even had a chance to enter the internet her PDA let her know that there were MANY viruses suddenly cropping up in the city. George's voice came out of the earpiece she was wearing, "Lily, you're not going to believe this... The ILOVEYOU virus is out there, and spreading... Fast."

Without answering, she sprinted up to her office and got ready to log-in. The ILOVEYOU virus was terrifying, capable of converting programs, structures, even datadivers into mindless zombies. A veritable hoard of zombies, crying out "I love you!" would no doubt already be starting on the internet. Lilith just hoped no datadivers were eaten by it already, and if they had been, that they were using an older interface. The first time it happened, she saw firsthand as the virus fried someone's brain and rendered them comatose, forever.

Suppressing a shudder, she dove into the internet and started heading in the location of the hoard. "Lily, the real world is going crazy."

"I can imagine, send out a warning. Have everyone log off the internet ASAP. Make sure only Datadivers with the requisite rating are allowed in." Had the world gone mad?

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Seated in the floor of the arcade, legs crossed, D10 had attracted a bit of a crowd who had gathered around to pet the cat on his head, and he was content to just allow it as he meditated, it seemed to make the children happy. But then they stopped, something else garnering their attention. Confused muttering turns to a panicked uproar, breaking the swordsman's zen. He stood up and looked outside to see what was the cause of alarm, to find a vehicle dragging an anchor, speeding down the road as fast as it could. His hud lights up with data, an escalating infection rating emanating from that vehicle. He pushes open the door and rushes out into the road.

"Wait... where the hell are you doing!?" the owner cries out. "You'll get killed!"

D10 didn't heed the man's warning, he had one thing running through his head: to prevent any and all casualties. Sliding into the road, D10 stood before the path of the runaway bus, fearless in his stance. Drawing back his hand as like a samurai reaching for his sword.

"Surge!" he cries out, as his gigistruct sword materialized, even outside the internet.

"The hell, is that a sword!?" a man cries out. "He's that rogue datadiver!"

"You can't, my kids are in there! If you..." a woman cries out. At this he glances back and gives a thumbs up.

"Don't worry... I... will accept nothing less than 100%+..." he responds.

"What... what does that mean?"

Without responding, D10 leapt into the air diagnally, kicking towards the bus with both feet, and impacting against the front of it. With a loud clunk he could feel the impact run through his body, even the cybernetic enhancements couldn't prevent that initial shock, but he clung firm to the rampaging vehicle, his feet anchored into its front. Huffing from the air being knocked out of him, he regained his breath and knocked against one of the shudders.

"Listen, no matter what, I'm going to make sure you survive! So do not panic!"

"W-who are you!? Wait, was it you we hit!? How are you even..!?" the onboard driver yelled.

Without giving time to respond, D10 drew out his sword and slammed it down into the asphalt, spitting rocks and green sparks everywhere as it grinded into the road, applying additional anchorage for the vehicle. Looking out he could see it approaching another vehicle driving out from an intersection, and twisting his blade, he maneuvered the bus aware, barely missing a collision. With this, at the least, he could prevent a tragedy, but if this bus came in contact with a station the infection may spread!

Looking back to the anchor still dragging on the bus, he surmised another Datadiver was already at work on the virus, he just had to buy precious time. But if that fails... if this escalates...

"Look at you." A voice is heard, as the world around him distorts into a dark warped gray datascape that formed before him. Standing only on floating blocks, the only thing around him was a twisting storm.

"It's futile, you know that, right?" the voice continued, prompting D10 to spin around meeting a figure with red eyes and cracked mask decorated in triangles inside triangles for a face, but there was no mouth. Around the figure were distorted bits of his body, broken away into blocks, figure glitching, body covered in a black coat. The swordsman draws his sword on the figure and points it at them.

"Even if you save these people today, chances are a disaster tomorrow will kill them." The figure continues, glaring deep into D10 with its hollow eyes. It then extended out a gloved hand and pushes down the blade. "Or do you think you'll save them then as well, oh White Knight?"

"Who... what are you? A virus?" D10 asked, still holding blade at ready.

"What do they mean to you? What drives you? Are you sure there is even a you? For all you know, everything you know, everything you feel, could be a program."

D10 hesitated for a moment, his body shook. Looking down at his hand he sees it visibly flicker as well. Gripping his hand into his fist he glares up at the figure, who now was almost literally face-to-face with the swordsman, leaned over, afloat, upside-down not even standing on the ground, hands behind his back. D10 was shaken, but stands his ground regardless.

"What if I told you, you weren't even real? That everything you are is an elaborate fabrication? What if, I reached into your chest..." the figure says, reaching out and pressing against his chestplate, then with a rippling effect he began to reach into his chest. "And pulled out, instead of a heart, you found a core?" The figured chuckled coldly.

"It doesn't really matter, does it?"

"Hahaha! Exac-" he began to say, only for D10 to grab his arm and hold it with a tight grip. "O-oh?" The figure looked back up to the face of the swordsman only to be struck across the face by his fist from the other hand, dislodging him and sending him backwards. The figure held its face with both hands, peeking out from the fingers, seeing D10 standing before him.

"What I am, it doesn't matter now," D10 says calmly turning away from the figure and began to walk away, as the datascape began to fade away.

"My my, so this is that ambitious force... this is... beyond exquisite," the figure muttered, chuckling under its breath.

D10 broke into the net from the datascape and found himself standing before a vast multitude of rabbits. With a sigh, he dropped his sword, and it faded into particles of data.

"Accept nothing less than 100%+," he muttered to himself, looking down for a moment, then glared directly ahead, his body tensing up. "Fade into oblivion... UNFORGIVEN!"

In the real world a surge of data was released, streaming out and blanketing over the bus was a kind of a darkening green aura, an omen of what was to come.

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In the middle of town, a woman with a white sweater and a pair of black shorts was busy looking around for some supplies. “Let’s see here...Programming...” She muttered to herself as she skimmed the massive store of books until eventually grabbing the book she was looking for. Computer programming! Finally! She could now afford a bit more stuff thanks to that payment. Math books...Reading books...Pencils and pens...Binders...Books...More books...

Eventually after filling her basket full of much needed supplies for school, she paid for her items and carried her bags outside into the morning sun. It was a great day it looked like, she could easily go for some quick food. After all, she kinda missed breakfast. However the screams of pedestrians caught her attention as she looked around and saw a rogue bus flying down the streets all armored.

Unbelievable...Was it a virus? Attacking a server was one thing, but infecting a bus and causing it to go out of control? With people no doubt inside it!? Whatever was going on, even innocent people were not safe from these cyber attacks. And that was just despicable. However one thing surprised her, a armored figure had stepped in front of the bus and stopped it with his strength? And that sword...He created a sword in the real world! And that figure was that figure she saw while Datadiving!

Wow, in real life he was still as good. She decided to remain there for a bit on the sidewalk, putting her bags down and took a few photos of the basically real life Superman. If he was not here, she was not sure what could stop a rampaging out of control bus in time...Things were getting dangerious now that vehicles could be hacked...It just showed that Whatever was going on, hackers were attacking people...Like cyber terrorists!

She just hoped things end well for the people in the bus.

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"Yuyan, did that sound like..."

"Yeah, it the way, the changes in speed?"

"The bus has not stopped, but the anchor is slowing it down. However, there is a distortion...we cannot form a Gate here, and these are adults, not children. Unless compatible, there would be serious side effects from trying to have them enter the Digital World directly. So moving the entire bus..."

"Yeah, I know".

Yuyan replied to that while he worked as hard as he could to get the bus de-virused. Unfortunately, whoever was on the outside trying to help probably didn't know it was the Bunny Virus, which meant it was not an issue of difficulty but time. Furthermore, this one was multiplying even faster then the one Yuyan had fought before.

"Its trying to infect our systems now, but firewalls are holding. That said, this is becoming a DDoS attack..."

"Tell me something I don't know".

"I have no idea about the situation outside".

"Well...none at all?"

Its blocking Ace's connections? Hold on...this is bad, but...if I make use of that...spread it across...

Suddenly, Yuyan activated another program and began typing two different codes at once, one with each hand. Dual handed programming, which helped with Yuyan being ambidexterous. With this, he was able to launch multiple advanced programs custom written at the same time.

The Bunny Virus. It would attack and spam everything that was not itself, and replicated like crazy. However, its replication and abilities had both been boosted. Yet, that still made there be a flaw with this attack program. And just like that, in the Digital World, something happened that no one could have predicted.


A large army of armor wearing bunnies suddenly appeared on the bus server, and began replicating at a rapid rate as well and charged at the larger bunny swarm. Yuyan had defeated a lesser version once, and while it was lesser, it meant Yuyan saw the code. Even if it was modified, if it ran like that, then Yuyan could make use of it.

That said, anyone who loved cute adorable creatures would be extremely disturbed and angry at Yuyan. Yuyan's counter virus essentially only had two goals, one was to replicate which was the same as the Bunny Virus, but the other...was to erradicate all other Bunnys. But since it used similar coding, those rapidly spreading, dangerous but still adorable and cute looking bunnys would be unable to fight back as they got digitally slaughtered by the Bunny Warriors, which when done would begin slaughtering each other till one was left, and then he would self destruct.

It was a bit in poor taste, but the bunnys would not attack themselves, so they would not attack the bunny warriors either. Yuyan had to do it this way.

That said, he didn't have to tell anyone about it either.

With that, Yuyan did his own work to hasten retaking control of the bus...

"Everyone on the ground!"

But ducked as a digital sword materialized and swung across the inside of the bus, almost taking Yuyan's head off.

"It looks wasn't just the bunny virus after all".

"By the way, I analyzed the voice from outside...I think its that Wolfy guy".

"Not the time! Arsenal.exe, materialize swords!"

Yuyan managed to materialize a few swords in time. One in his hand, the other scattered around him, and blocked the next slash from the floating sword with one hand while the other finished with the program to retake control.

"Disabled Person Assist Program, Online".


Yuyan heard a strange announcement, but then had to dodge as multiple robotic arms came out of panels inside the bus. They were meant to help people in wheelchairs and such get in and out of bus seats to sit comfortably or to hold onto them so they would not fall, but right now they were trying to restrain Yuyan, grabbing at his neck, wrists, and ankles to lock him in place.

Yuyan managed to dodge them, but it was going to be an issue if they got in the way too much. Still...he had a smile on his face.

"Dont think that this challenge would stop you got me fired up is all..."

Saying those fairly dangerous words, even though Yuyan had already been typing so fast somehow he was able to push himself further and type even faster while defending against multiple different attacks in an enclosed envirornment.

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Inside a surge of data floods the network, a loud howl is heard over the digital battlefield, sounding like an animal and human combined. A figure stood at the back of the server space, darkened armor covering its body, littered in green cracks, especially on its helmet, where once was featureless, a jagged crack was, opening up into a crooked mouth as it has turned into a maw. The hands had elongated and twisted into claws, rigged with nails of a glowing green datastruct energy. Long silvery hair juts out wildly in the air from the back of the helmet, looking like an animal's mane. D10, or what was D10, was now literally like some kind of... hybrid, between a datastruct being, and human.

The bunnies had little to react to, already dealing with the warrior bunnies, as the beast leapt and dropped into the battlefield, its savage dark green aura looking like a series of tails ending in snapping jaws. Eyes were now visible through the helmet, featureless blanks as they were. With another howl, it sent out a wave of distortions across the entire network, paralyzing the viruses in the immediate vicinity, and then, with claws and teeth, mercilessly slashing through massive hordes of the little creatures, before the jaws of his aura started consuming them before they can fade away. In turn, the cracks in his body radiate brighter, and aura becomes more savage, as more data is consumed, spreading out and begins to eat the viruses in the multitude, just snapping them up and swallowing them whole.

However something snuck upon him, a digital sword swung down, but, as if instinctual the fierce teeth of his aura clamped down holding the blade. Then another swung over him, as the digital aura began to focus around the transformed D10, trying to protect him. After a moment, D10 let out another savage blast of HOWL, stunning the blades briefly, as they are sent back. Following up, he slams a fist against the ground, the floor becoming riddled with expanding green cracks, damaged data leaking up into the air.

"Ḧ̷̦͖́͆͊͑̽̎̇̏͂́̅́͝͠͝Ơ̷̢̭̻͍͉͚̹͕̠̪̏̃̈́̎̃̃̐̆̐ͅĻ̶̛͇̟̣̲̥̳̘͕͕̌̄̕͠ͅD̷̡̯͙̩͕͇͖̭͉̰͈̩͊̎̏̈́͌̒̿̽͆͑͐̐̍͠!" he bellowed, his voice distorted into a digital growl. Unlike his normal iteration of HOLD.exe, this one was... corrupted, instead of chains, shooting out as thorny black briars, entangling and piercing into each of the swords, and bringing them crashing into the ground below with a loud bang.

The blades that were back from the battle focused on D10 now, spinning in, cutting the others loose. It was this moment that the swords began to congregate together into a digital mass, forming into one massive blade. It swing down at D10, who, with his claws began deflecting each swing, the nails etching into the blade with each connection, explosions of sparks with each connected swing, a small shockwave each time pushing away all lesser viruses. The floor under D10 gets pushed in, cracks forming everywhere as the datascape becomes warped and unstable, barely holding up against the onslaught of data. The blade draws back again, spinning around, charging up loudly as more data joins together with it, gaining momentum and power for one final swing, D10 himself, huffing, a green tongue visible in his digital maw, draws back his claw, becoming less human with each charge, getting ready for his own, a surge of data radiating from his body.

And then, both swung, blade down against D10, and D10's nails up against the blade, a massive shockwave rushes across the datascape, followed by what at first seemed like a stalemate. A loud groan was heard, all across the field, sparks spewing from four cuts forming in the blade as the nails began to dig into it, eating away at even its reinforced form, glowing cracks began to form all across it, D10 snaps through it, its splintered form scattering into the air, as an upward surge of force pierces the sky of the datascape, opening a claw scrated shaped gaping fissure.

D10 let out an unearthly scream as he howled towards the skies, his aura beginning to voraciously eat away at the datascape itself as his vision became warped, and his senses blurred with rage.

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#, as written by Sepokku
"I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you." The mindless packets of data were shambling through the financial district, eyes blank and eager to infect anything they could get their hands on. It looked like a few datadivers was even among their ranks, using corrupted versions of their weaponry to blast their way through the server.

"The problem's worse than we thought, this horde is massive, and a few datadivers are among the casualties. Run a check, see if their physical bodies survived the shock. Otherwise send out condolences to their families."

"Right away Lily, be careful out there."

"Careful's my middle name." The first Datadiver zombie took notice of her, firing off some sort of energy beam from his hand in a crackle of sickly green light. Using one of her wings as a shield, Lilith began firing into the crowd with the others, slowly descending as to be on ground level when they could no longer sustain flight.

No matter how much data was purged, it just kept coming. The virus had been allowed too much time to propagate. "Hmm.... I need a new plan. Maybe corral them for now and wipe the server once I'm out. George, ask for permission to wipe the server, inform them of the magnitude of their problem and potential security risks."

"Will do Lily, will you be alright until then?"

"It's me we're talking about, I'll be fine." Identifying a few choke points, she flitted from one to the next re-writing nearby data in an attempt to erect an emergency blockade. It was admittedly shoddy work, but it would probably hold long enough.

"What's the word George? ....George?" Her line of communication was being jammed. This had been set up very purposefully, she grit her teeth and began to assess her options.

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Yuyan was experiencing a rather annoying issue right now. The rabbit virus was safely being pacified, that was for sure, however...

"Let go of me!"

His wrists and ankles were currently grabbed by that stupid new Disabled Automatic Assistance Program. The robotic arms, though it might be more accurate to call them clamps or claws, and managed to overwhelm him and grab all of his limbs. After all, there were a large amount built in all over to help anyone around the bus who was disabled and needed it. They were originally supposed to store and unstore wheelchairs, help people into them, help those with crutches get on and around the bus without falling over, prevent falls that would break one's neck, and so on.

They were not designed to take some hostage, but still someone made them do just that. When he saw one of the mechanisms coming towards him, he was sure it would stab him.

it would seem that while the virus that made everything go haywire was being dealt with, everything was still going haywire with its original intent, and of course the floating blade was coming towards him.

"Options Ace?!"

"This thing has been set to only take hostile actions against you! We cant do anything except give it hostile options for you!"

"And the program?"

"Only 66% uploaded! This is a big file!"

"Well then, I guess I will just have to force my way"

And the moment the claw lunged for him, aiming to pierce its adjusted trajectory and did something Yuyan was not happy with. It pulled down his pants.

"Really?! You couldn't come up with a better alternative?!"

"It was pain free! And I tried a lot of commands, like tickle you. I was worried slapping might result in a slap with enough force to break your neck, asking for a small cut on your hand risked the likely situation of your hand, and maybe arm, being cut off, and..."

"I get it! I get it! Was there really nothing better?"

"The next safest option would have been something far worse, unless you dont like sit....oh, its done".

Suddenly, everything seemed to stop operating on the bus, the shutters slammed open and the emergency breaks engaged...stopping them right before a set of train tracks...which a train then sped by in front of their very eyes. Yuyan fixed his wardrobe issue, and then considered something.

"This situation feels vaguely familiar".

"You saved a bus at the last second from being hit by a train about a week ago".


"What is with that?"

"Trains make up a large part of peoples commute to school and work. Incidentally, being on a runaway train can be a lot safer then a runaway bus".

"Okay, I get it, I will take the train, anything on the origin of the virus?"

Ace seemed to do an indepth analysis while Yuyan looked through code at a rate that could not be called normal.

"Thats weird...was this random?"

"INdeed, this was deployed at this site, but there is no sign it was hunting you specifically. It was just hunting any Datadiver in the area, which was you...wait, I am detecting activity in cyberspace".

"Alright! Start charging up the gate!" Yuyan said into his computer as he opened a window and began to climb up to the roof. "By the way, for all of you still in shock, yes you are all alive and all safe. Thank you for riding the Datadiver circuit, operated today by Yuyan Izuyin!"


Yuyan was still getting this weird feeling though, like something was being spread around the area.

Something did not sit right with him. As if he was missing something important, but could not remember what it was...

"Yuyan, we got trouble! Someone shut down all the local network points! I dont know who is on the other side of this bus, but at this rate...someone might be planning to isolate them inside that network, and erase them from existence!"

Normally, Yuyan could get around this, create his own network point....wait,yeah, he could.


"Ace, open a Gate!"

"There is a bit of an issue! Something has..."

Almost immediately, a gun appeared in Yuyan's hand as he shot...himself?

And he woke back up. It was not in the point he had passed out trying to go to, nor the bus or the bus' servers. He was inthe Digital World though. His mind also felt like someone had joggled it up.


"Hello, son. Your father has..."

A man appeared behind Yuyan as he sat up, and tried to talk to Yuyan, but Yuyan seemed to stand up quickly and then clocked the guy right in the face. He saw D10, going berserk over there, which raised his concern due to the fact there were various risks if what he was seeing really was a lack of control. That said, it looked like Yuyan's brain was no longer jumbled either, so whatever D10 was suffering from it was not directly connected to his weirdness just now.

"How did..."

"I am not sure what you are up to, but that was quite stupid. If you were my real dad, I would punch you anyways for abandoning me. But since you are probably not, I am punching you for a poor attempt to manipulate me. Now, would you mind telling me who you are?"

"Well you see, it would be a spoiler to say th..."

"Also, why the hell was pantsing considered as a hostile action!"

"...not my fault, but it seems I need to talk with someone..."

"So then, if you wont tell me...I guess I will have to beat it out of you!"

Yuyan jumped at him while activating Boost, but the man seemed to just disappear. Normally, Yuyan could trace it, but mysteriously enough there was not even a trace.

"Moron. In what universe did he ever think turning into my father was a good idea? He deserves at least a few more punches!"

(Sorry for the delay, classes started last week. Managed to get this out, though I think I need more sugar since my brain started to malfunction through it)

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As a spectator, all Catarina could do was simply watch. She could not simply just run out, bring out a sword and cut open the bus to save the day. She was a young woman carrying college supplies, Besides there was already someone helping. And no doubt there were people in the digital world trying to solve the situation.

She should leave this to them. No use thinking about it now. She simply continued to watch this scene to see the aftermath.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Sepokku
The makeshift barriers weren't holding, and her line of communication was still severed.

"Fuck it then..."

While Lilith would have liked to run, she was in too deep now. So she used one of her Ace-in-the-holes.

"Running a new process of Technocratic_Angel.exe, simultaneously activate Technocratic_Demon.exe."

Lilith doesn't remember what happened after that, a full minute passed before she came back to her senses and when she did the virus had been squashed in its entirety, also most of the server she was on. Claw marks were gouged into most surfaces and others were littered with thousand of tiny holes caused by her feathers. The Virus had been destroyed to a point where she couldn't even scan it to investigate.

Had someone been watching they would've seen a most horrific scene. Lilith on a veritable rampage, flitting from one victim to the next, ripping them to ribbons in a cruelly methodical manner. A kick removed one of their heads, a slash disemboweled another, a bite made another limbless, the carnage was quite visceral. It was made all the worse by her ability to fly, launch thousands of tiny missiles, and recall them with equally devastating efficacy. The entire horde was deleted in a quick minute, corrupted Datadivers and all.

Lilith fell to her knees and began to vomit. Better to do it here than in the real world. Her id was a terrifying place and repressed to the best of her abilities. Childhood hadn't exactly been kind to her and the resulting trauma became quite evident when her id was allowed to run amok, all the worse for repressing it.

She became vaguely aware of George freaking out via her earpiece, but she couldn't bring herself to respond. Muting his voice, she curled into a ball and laid there for awhile, trying to forget memories she rather wouldn't have. Though she'd never admit it, she began to cry.

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  1. Apologies, my roommate has 10-hour version of the song on, and doesn't want to use headphones. I need to share the misery.

    by Revenant Sorrow

0.00 INK


Dolce was furious at his superiors. He rationally knew that Secrecy was a large part of why they worked so well at shutting down attempts to make the virtual into reality, he really did know that. He also realized that going by the pattern so far he'd be a target too. That, did not, in any way make it alright to hold back any and all agents from supporting the other datadivers targeted.


He glared at the screen showing him what was going on with the others that showed up to defend Omnitech Industrials's servers last time. It was a travesty to not aid these KIDS in what might very well be attempts at their lives by the very people they were supposed to fight.


Just a few minutes into watching he had been planning to go in, ramification be damned, just...


He looked around in the 'prison' his superiors had had the other agents put him in, when it became clear he wasn't going to back down, if it even could be called that.


His virtual body had been pierced by glowing white pillars, which continually sapped his data to the point he couldn't even go Ghost. Around him was a spherical barrier, that not only anchored said pillars and halted what capabilities of movement he had left, but would also disintegrate him if he were to try a Deep Dive to escape. The sphere was being held in the middle of a virtual room by chains coming from the walls. The floor was, fucking literally LAVA.


To add insult to injury, they were playing 'This is the song that doesn't end' on loop in the background.


He would almost have been impressed by the lengths they were going through to keep him here, had he not been this royally pissed off.


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0.00 INK

Everything was a blur of code to D10 as his body seemed to go on autopilot, target indicators light up everywhere, just about everything distorts into glitchy numbers and images. Some kind of primal urge to destroy had overtaken him, his mind screaming: "delete, consume, purify." While it had been bad before, each time he used this program, he felt something slip a little more into the maelstrom of code. Now? He looked like a partially digistruct monster, and the data he consumed merely perpetuated it further, twisted it further.

The burn-out was inevitable, the virus was dwindling in numbers rapidly between his voracious onslaught, and the counter-virus issued by Yuyan. Speaking of whom, D10 became aware to some degree that he was now no longer alone. The part of him that was still human was surprised, the part of him that wasn't immediately started assessing his threat level.

"End task: UNFORGIVEN!"

"Administrative access required to end this p̶̞͍̲̀͂̂̔̈́͒̎̂̄̀̈́͊̊̄͘r̴̻̙̓̔͛͆̒͆͆͆͝͠ǫ̵̛̛̯̬̲̯͉̤̼͉͗̒̾̏̕͝͠ͅc̷̛͔̩̑͒̅̏̄̿̑́̏̾͋̎͒̚e̵̬̹͚̥̗̮̬̍̄̿̅̂̈́̆͜͝š̴̜͉̗̹̾̇s̴̾̈́̀̈́̈̋̀͠. Resuming a̸̝͎̳͙͐̍ś̸̯̈́̋̏̿͛͐͠͝s̵̛̛̬̝̣͊̈́̉̋̆́̀̇̌͠è̶̡̳̙̰͇̭̹̤̺͈̻̼̭̌̐̅͘̚͜͝s̴̢̛̯̼̜̪͍̞̹̩̹͎̊̋̈́́̕͜͝ͅś̷̨͉͇̰͔̥̟̘̣m̴̩̗͇̹͇͕̟̥̫̜̣͕͔͔̻͗̊͂͝͝ę̵̡̧̼̬͔͓̞̱̳̪̜̱͉̉̅ń̶̻̳̠̟͛̀̓̽͌̀̀͝t̶̫̲͎͙̳̯̩̼̜̠͔͇͔̝͓̏̊̑̀̓̂."

D10 turns to Yuyan.

"This is my own mind, I am the admin!"

"V̷͔̲̟̩̱͉̗͔̯͕̝̊̿e̴̡̗̱̟̮̻̼̟̻͖̐͐͊̈́͝r̸̨̨̧̪͖͚̞̩͉̊̈́̀͊̿͜į̵̧̨̨̧̛̳̥͔̻͕̻̘̺̾̃̿͛̊͂̐̍f̸̖̺̲̣͈̦͔̤̣̩̔̀̀̋̒̏͂̂ͅͅy̶̢͎̬͉̟͓͆̓͌̌̿́͋̓̕̚. User identification: Yuyan Izuyin, Datadiver, vice-president of Izuyin Industries, assessment... v̷̛͔̘̰̮̘͂̓̉̈́̑̄͐́͜͠i̵̧̜̤̫͙͍̝̣̘̣̯̽̽̅͛͗̓͂̂̂̕͘̚͠͠͠r̶̢̝̤̘̙͈̳͚̦͈̹̾͛̑͐̅̀̊͘͜ͅȁ̸̢̤̣͓̣̺̭̩̙̜̺͊ḽ̸̖̜͙͇̩͈̲̱͖̜̹̑̍̾̈́͋̿̊̏̒̆͋̕͠.̷̙̗͎̼̹̗̫̝̙͙̀̑͐"

D10 stands up and his claws ignite with green energy, and lets out a growl.

"What..? No, you can clearly see that he's a user! A human! Verify again! Deep scan."

"Scrutinizing data... 5%... 10%..."

While it was distracted, D10 tried to reassert control of his body from the program, but maybe he needed to just... communicate something.

"Yuyan Izuyin! I don't have much time! Something is anomalous with one of my programs and I cannot end it! It... has determined you to be a virus, some virus may have rewrote the scanner. I've forced it into a deep scan routine, so... you have some time to flee. The program should still automatically stop once I hit my limit or all threats are neutralized. Understan-"

"85%... 90%... 100%... processing results... v̷̛͔̘̰̮̘͂̓̉̈́̑̄͐́͜͠i̵̧̜̤̫͙͍̝̣̘̣̯̽̽̅͛͗̓͂̂̂̕͘̚͠͠͠r̶̢̝̤̘̙͈̳͚̦͈̹̾͛̑͐̅̀̊͘͜ͅȁ̸̢̤̣͓̣̺̭̩̙̜̺͊ḽ̸̖̜͙͇̩͈̲̱͖̜̹̑̍̾̈́͋̿̊̏̒̆͋̕͠.̷̙̗͎̼̹̗̫̝̙͙̀̑͐"

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0.00 INK

After listening, and playing back in his mind, everything that he just heard and witnessed....Yuyan had no idea of what to make of all this. Was this Wolfy guy...just insane? No, it seemed more like a bug. And some parts he couldn't make sense of....but when he heard the whole last part, he roughly understood the situation just got unbelievable dangerous.

"You really think it will be that simple, huh?"

Yuyan replied with a mischeivous grin, only for the scene to be semi interrupted....a message to all the Datadivers involved with yesterdays incident to come down to the local Network Police Station indicated by the coordinates, since it seemed they wanted to talk about something.

"Let them know, I am a bit occupied...and make sure that this guy follows the lure".

Yuyan was not going to run away from a fight, even with D10. It was not really his style, so unless he was pretty much forced to, he wouldn't. But also, the situation itself didn't allow for it. If he did, and somehow someone else ended up getting targeted, then it could lead to a lot of casualties. However, fighting here was also a bad idea, since it risked the people in the area.

"Ace! Open the gate now, and let me know of his progress!" Yuyan said, jumping backwards as a Gate was opened. Yuyan would be very easy for D10 to follow, but he moved at a speed to make sure if they did fight, it would be far away from anyone and anything important.

It seemed that he was going to be late to this meeting that came out all of a sudden.

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0.00 INK

As Catarina was watching, her phone suddenly buzzed with a notification. Opening up the notification as she was acting as a photographer at the moment so her phone was already in her hands, she noticed that the Network Ploice Station require her to go. Oh boy, she had to appear in person!? That could ruin her supposedly invisible and not on the radar status...Oh, she had the greatest plan.

She decided to stroll inside a store and looked around for some clothing to disguise herself with. Baseball cap, fake gas mask to cover her face. And it looked stylish! Sure...This may cost a bit of money that could be used for other things but protecting her identity was important. Who knows who would be watching, and there is a very important saying: A gun in real life is far deadlier than a digital tank in the internet. If her true identity got out then she would be crawling under a box to get breakfast everyday.

So as such, after buying her new getup. She tucked her hair in her hood. Put the cap backwards of her head and proceeded to put the fake gas mask on to perfectly hide her face. Too bad it was not Halloween yet, this would be a good costume. In fact she would wear it when it arrived! Early Halloween shopping!

With a firm nod, Caterina decided to quickly head back home to quietly deposit her bag of supplies before heading out and heading to the location that was given to her. Hopefully she would not be shot wearing this by the people she was supposed to meet. Now that would be very bad!...Now that she thought of it, she really hoped it would not be the case.

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#, as written by Sepokku
"How long are you going to sit there crying?"

Lilith suddenly became aware of another's presence, only a few feet from her. Looking up she realized, whatever it was, it was only Vaguely Humanoid. It looked like nothing she'd ever seen before and she couldn't help but stare at it, mouth agape. "W-what are you?"

"I am fear itself."

"No, but like... What are you? Datadiver? Human? Software?"

"I suppose you could call me a virus."

Immediately upon hearing the word virus, fear returned to her and she tried to Recall home. "I have blocked the outside world, you can't retreat nor contact it." "W-why?" "We need to talk." "So you're holding me hostage?" "Did you not just try to run?" The creature had a point.

"I saw you take care of the virus horde. That was admirable, viruses such as them can't be allowed to propagate."

"But you can?"

"I am not a virus such as them. Calling me a virus at all is dubious, but the label is accurate enough for now... You're pretty famous among Datadivers. Face of Omnitech Industrials, a real rags to riches story."

"Yeah so? Anyone who bought a copy of my biography knows that."

"Do they all know what happened to your birth parents? Or powerful companies that oppose you? About what happened in Bolivia?" She narrowed his eyes at him, not responding to his goading, but also realizing that the creature had been gathering data on her, perhaps even stalking her. "Cause I know these things, and much more."

"What do you want from me?" "I told you... I wanted to talk." "What about?" "Where to start..?"

Once their conversation concluded, the creature simply disappeared, warping to Lord knows where. Lilith instantly began receiving thousands of pings, texts, requests to make appearances, and people trying to ascertain her condition. She was exhausted, in no mood to put up with them. Recalling to her private server, she sent a forward to George telling him of her safety and requesting that he pass the message on.

He tried to inquire further, but was flatly denied by Lilith with a "I'm going to bed." Returning to the real world, she opted to sleep in a small cot in her office, rather than make the trek home. Whatever the Police Station needed her for, it could wait.

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0.00 INK

D10, or rather, what now controlled him pursued Yuyan, like a wolf stalking its prey. His mind was still able to process his surroundings, but he was not the one at the wheel, and he knew it must have been that virus he encountered that did it. He felt powerless, as much as he struggled, he couldn't find a toggle or switch. Making matters worse, it no longer recognized him as the administrative user! What did the virus do to him?

He felt it though, that datastruct life-form part of him, ravenous, cunning, vindictive, it desired only to destroy and consume all viral data around it, like a digital antiviral monstrosity. It was such a strain, mentally and physically. He just had to hope whatever the kid had in mind would at least end in the leash being reapplied.

"Why do you try so hard to hold onto your humanity..? To fight for humanity? It is time to accept that they will soon no longer the lords of this world... and to give up on it would be a blessing for you. There is far more of us than there ever be of them."

Shut up, shut up, shut up..!

D10 now found himself facing down Yuyan, letting out an awful howl, before attacking with mawed tails. He hoped that he could at least keep out of its grip, long enough to starve the thing out.

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Character Portrait: Catarina Wolfensohn
Catarina Wolfensohn

"Everyone hates a virus...I hate a virus...They really get in the way when your web surfing." W.I.P

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Dolce Reinhart

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Character Portrait: D10


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Lilith "Lily" Rhorer

"What kind of person programs an eight foot long snake that wipes your hard drive?"

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Yuyan Izuyin

"My quote is 'There is a time to wait, and that has passed!'"


Character Portrait: Lilith "Lily" Rhorer
Lilith "Lily" Rhorer

"What kind of person programs an eight foot long snake that wipes your hard drive?"

Character Portrait: Catarina Wolfensohn
Catarina Wolfensohn

"Everyone hates a virus...I hate a virus...They really get in the way when your web surfing." W.I.P

Character Portrait: Yuyan Izuyin
Yuyan Izuyin

"My quote is 'There is a time to wait, and that has passed!'"

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Dolce Reinhart

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Dolce Reinhart

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Character Portrait: Lilith "Lily" Rhorer
Lilith "Lily" Rhorer

"What kind of person programs an eight foot long snake that wipes your hard drive?"

Character Portrait: Yuyan Izuyin
Yuyan Izuyin

"My quote is 'There is a time to wait, and that has passed!'"

Character Portrait: D10


Character Portrait: Catarina Wolfensohn
Catarina Wolfensohn

"Everyone hates a virus...I hate a virus...They really get in the way when your web surfing." W.I.P

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