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Ophelia Kellaway

"I'm just not the marrying type...but it's somthing a "proper" lady must do..." *sighs*

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a character in “Daughters of Rosewater”, as played by toysolider


Lady Ophelia Kellaway


Face Claim:
Katie Mcgrath

Lady Ophelia


Full Name:
Ophelia Margret Kellaway



Ophelia is very pale and her dark jet black hair makes her appear even more fair then she actually is. She is quite a rare type of beauty. Her hair is long, touching the small of her back and most the time hangs in loose natural curls.

Ophelia is a strong willed girl. She doesn’t exactly fit the description of a proper lady of her time, in fact she is quite the opposite, where most girls her age are already married with at least two kids, she doesn’t even want to be married. She hates wearing dresses and she’d rather drink with the guys then, sip tea with the girls. She’s always felt out of place and a bit different. She was never one to have many friends, she would fight with girls, her sister was the only girl she ever really got along with. She has a hard time accepting the fact that whether she likes it or not she is to be married.

She is the furthest thing from a damsel in distress, she loves adventure and she loves a good thrill. She is very mischievous and cunning, there isn’t much that she is afraid of, she has fought guys and won. There is one thing that scares her more than anything, it is that when she is married, her adventures life running with her gang of thief’s will come to an end and she will live the rest of her live doing the same daily activities and having to dress in fancy dresses and be a rich socialite. Despite how rough and tough she acts she is still a girl with a heart of gold and deep down she does want to find true love.

She is extremely protective of her younger sister, due to the fact she feels she's the only family she has ever had. She would literally do anything her sister asked of her. She loves her to death. She often sticks up for her sister to the girl her age. Most of the girls tend to talk about the Kellaway as if their a disease, Ophelia, espessially when it comes to her has always been the type to start a fight with them and get severally punished for it sister. She would give her life for her sister without a second thought.

+Reading Books
+Riding her horse
+Her Great Dane, Mercutio
+Her Sister
+Doing her own thing

-Rich people, who flaunt their wealth
-Judgmental People
-Not having control of a situation
-Having to marry for money
-Having to act like a “proper” lady all the time.

Love Interest:
She doesn't exactly...believe in love. But she's never been in love...

The oldest daughter of the Kellaway family, she has always tried to set and example for her younger sister, though she hasn't been the best at it. She blames herself for her sister having the same mentality about marriage as well as many other things. She is very protective of her sister, because she is the only true family she has left. When she was sixteen she was out riding alone and spotted a gang of bandits. A few weeks later she was being initiated in, though they didn't know she was a women, when they found out they were completely surprised, but thought it might be good to keep her around, now she is high up in rankings and works along side the leader of the group.

-She is a “Bastard” child, her mother had an affair with another man. Her mother had told her and she promised never to tell anyone. She hates her mother for what she did, she could never tell her sister, nor her family, they would more than likely disown her.

-She is the only girl that runs with a group of bandits. Most of the time she is mistaken for a male due to her face and hair always being hidden, she is hardly a damsel in distress. She joined the notorious group, initially they all though she was a male, but when they found out she was female they were extremely surprised, due to her skills with a sword and fighting.


Theme Song: Within Temptation||Stand My Ground

Mercutio, Her dog

Midnight, Her Horse


So begins...

Ophelia Kellaway's Story


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Jack had arrived in London last night, meeting his party to a rather unpleasant reunion. His mother, whom always doted on him, swept him into her arms as if she hadn’t seen him in years. Although he had been missing for some time she had only left his company a fortnight beforehand. She’s beginning to become too attached he thought as he remembered his mission, as to why he came back to London in the first place.

A Rose that Burns

Those words made his body ache in pain, his mind burned with memoires of the past. What he had gone through for twelve months of his life, the hell God forced onto him. He clutched the side of his stomach as he tossed and turned in his bed that night. “No, no” he muttered in his sleep, a cry of pain escaped his lips “You know not who I am!” he screamed, “You know not what you are doing!” he cried in his sleep, the dream was vivid and detailed, he could remember every second of the torcher he submitted to for twelve months.

My heart, My soul

He awoke the next morning in a cold and uneasy sweat. He hated feeling scared, but he couldn't help it that woman caused him so much pain in such a little amount of time, he just wants to end this quest for revenge before it takes over his life. He got dressed and headed down for breakfast, His mother as always sat unmoved at the table with his young ward Lucy perched next to her. "Good morning John." she said as she tapped her spoon agents her egg.

"Morning mother," he said sitting at the head of the table, patting Lucy's head as he passed her. "What marvelous are you attaining to today?" he asked, as a girl placed a plate in front of him.

"I've invited Lady Reginald, and her nieces to Dinner this evening." she spoke gently, "Your cousin Lachlan is also in London at the moment, I fear you should invite him as well."

Aw, mother how I missed your match maker ways. He thought to himself as he nodded gently. "I will see Lachlan after breakfast." he said as he cut a piece of bread, and set it on his plate. He wasn't too thrilled about seeing his cousin, but family was family after all.


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It has been the fourth month since Helene woke up earlier than the cry of the rooster. The dark circles beneath her eyes are the very witnesses of her mourning. It might have been easier on Ophelia- her sister has always been known to be the tougher Kellaway.

Helene continued to hug her knees as she was almost unrecognizable behind the thick white lace curtains that covered the window seats inside her room. The weather was a mix of chill and warm, an early sign of impending summer in London. She was still in her night gown, but she need not worry of prying eyes when her room has been greatly concealed behind a century old oak tree.

One would expect for tears to flow from her eyes but somehow the turn of crying every night since her parents' disappearance has dried her tear ducts. She could only cry so much, other's believed but for Helene it was because she knew deep inside her that they are alive and is probably stranded in a place where no one could see them. Alive but perhaps unwell. She knows it. She knows her Papa and Mama are alive.

She laid the right side of her head onto her curled knees and continued to look outside her window. The wind was blowing and creating a hollow sound, very same as a ghosts but she was not afraid. But just then, her eyes caught a shadow moving amidst the dried leaves and hay behind their mansion. She immediately sat straight, trying to see if she could familiarize herself of the shadow's owner. But even before she could crawl towards the edge of partition between her seat and her window, the shadow was gone. It might have been one of the house help, Helene tried to convince herself but deep inside it made her curious. Usually the cook goes out for the market after the rooster cries and it was just an hour after midnight.

"Helene, it might have been a neighbor," she spoke to herself as she stood up from the window seat. She dragged the edges of her night gown as she walked across her lantern lit room. She loved how the faint glow lights up her room, she never slept without a small source of light. She was simply afraid to sleep in the dark.

"Might as well pick out the gown for dinner or Aunt will give me another lecture," She decided to walk to her closet and started choosing which gown would best suit her Aunt's unobtrusive taste for the season's fashion. It was a choice between a black and conservative dress that best suits her sadness and a rust colored dress that uplifts her brown doe eyes, paired with a pair of heeled shoes that would somehow lift her height.

She laid them on the ottoman in her bedroom and decided to return to bed, she might as well get a bit more sleep. She doesn't want to disappoint her aunt and looking like a dazed raccoon for that evening- even is she knows that it is one of her aunt's match making scheme of having them married off to some rich old man. She sighed and shut her eyes and soon her thoughts tired her and she was off to dreamland.


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"Ophelia..." Helene hissed. Her sister's door was shut closed, a reason for her not to get in. "Ophelia! Wake up!" She spoke a bit louder this time but it was more of a loud whisper. The warm morning rays were beaming through the glass windows, illuminating the dark path inside the mansion.

They must not be late for breakfast, they were expected to be at the dining table before Aunt gets there or they will surely get a lot of bashing. She knocked softly, careful not to let the sound echo through the empty halls of the Kellaway Mansion. "Ohh! Wake up," She groaned. It has been a common thing for her to wake her sister up, she is always the first one to up and somehow Ophelia seemed to be making love to her bed every morning.

She was dressed in a powder blue day gown, light enough for the warm morning but covered enough not to let the breeze to freeze her. She was also careful not to let the her skin touch the cold stone walls, her hair instantly gets prickled when she gets cold that even her nipples start to portrude from her thin gown.

Helene has already noticed the physical changes she is going through, ever since she releases the dirty blood from her private part every month, she has noticed that her breasts are starting to grow as her hips starts to curve, she gets that swelling sensation. Very much like the ladies who love to giggle and batt their eyelashes at the men who pass by.

Thoughts of a man's touch greatly scares Helene. The only man who has touched her hand was her Papa and that wasn't even that often. She has never been kissed nor has any man paid her any attention but often times Cook tells her to be careful when she plays by the beach. Cook told her that there might be some individual fisherman who roams the beach and it is not safe for her to be caught on her own, let alone with a wet gown. She never understood why but it was the same words Mama told her. Never let Papa see her in her under garments. Naive as she maybe, Helene does know that men often stretch their necks to see a woman's chest or a grip of their behind. She had seen men does it a dozen of time during balls.

"Ophelia! Get your butt up! Aunt would be in the dining any moment now!" She thumped her fist in one loud bang hoping that her sister would finally hear it and rush.


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Helene breathed a sigh of relief as soon as Ophelia opened her door, it was like a sign of hope for her and hopefully they are not yet too late and can still make it to the dining before Aunt does. She hurried after her sister who lead the way towards the flight of stairs. The soles of their shoes clacked against the heavy oak wood stairs as it echoed through the hard stone walls. The mansion wasn't as gloomy and scary when their Papa and Mama were around, in fact every time they arrive home from a trip, their parents are sure to have every window opened to let the shine in.

Just as they were about to round the corner towards the dining, Helene's nose got a whiff of a familiar scent that made her cringe and thought, Oooohhhh! I knew it! We're late! And her guess couldn't have been more right, as the servants opened the door, Helene had to bow her head down to avoid Aunt's gaze.

“Nice of you two to join me, no doubt Ophelia’s late homecoming last night had something to do with that.” The older women said irritated. Helene hurried to her seat with her head still bowed as she sat motionless while the maid placed some Marmalade in front of her. She meekly reached for a piece of toast and did her best to scrape some of the marmie on it.

“Care to explain what had you out so late my dear child.” So her instincts were right, it was Ophelia's shadow last night but she didn't dare speak and instead she heard her sister say, “Well I thought about running away but decided against it seeing as I didn’t want to leave Helene alone with…” She was in the middle of silently chewing on her toast when her sister's remarks made her jaw drop.

“It won’t happen again.”

She quickly downed her tea to clear her mouth and did her best to fix the trouble her sister got herself into, "I- I'm sorry Aunt, Ophelia was merely joking. Weren't you sister?" She widened her eyes towards her sister as she continued, "Ophelia was just- she was just getting some fresh air by the gardens. Yes- she uh- I saw her sitting there, so it is impossible that she went away too far," She was stammering. Hoping that Aunt would buy her lies.

"Very well, I'll have Simon lock the doors before midnight from now on. If any of you wanted some breeze, well you'll just have to make use of your windows then," Her aunt returned her attention to her boiled egg, scooping the insides with her small spoon.

"Yes Aunt," Helene returned her gaze down to her plate, that means she would also have less time to spend by the shore if they continue threatening their Aunt.

"I suppose the two of you will be ready for tonight?" Aunt asked but sounded more of a confirmation rather than a question.

Helene nodded and tried to see her sisters reaction from the corner of her right eye.


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Jack found himself leaving the house in haste as his mother went on about the party this evening. He had other plans of his own. He needed to find her the woman who caused him this pain in his chest. The dread pirate was no long in Rosewater control, and they had certainly made an enemy out of him. As he walked down the busy London street he bumped into his cousin.

"Jack" Lachlann said with a small smile, "I was coming to see you."

"Were you now?" he said half believing his dear cousin. He knew his cousin wanted his title and lands, butack was sure as hell not going to let him take them.

"Of course, I herd about the party and I..."

"Of course you are invited dear cousin, mother's mind isn't how it should be." Jack interrupted. "No if you don't mind I have a meeting with a certain woman. He said and headed of, bloody fool he thought to himself as he hurried down the street.