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Dawn & Dusk: For the Good of All


Hey, so my tablet's being retarded and not letting me copy-paste the plot, so I'll do it later. :/ Anyway, I'll post CS once you do, and I'm probably changing his name and pic, so yep. Now, enough of my rambling. cx

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((Sooo.... I guess we start on Aedus's first day of school... It's up to you whether it's the legitamate first day of school or if he's starting in the middle of the year, what the town's like, and all that pizzazz. Now, without further ado, my post...))

"EVEN THE DARKEST OF BEINGS know fear, sorrow, and pain..."

Aedus sits on the balcony jutting out from the glass-sliding doors that lead to his bedroom, blonde hair tousled in the gentle morning breeze, eyes closed in basking. His face remains expressionless; none who would gaze upon him would be able to decipher the calming he feels, the sheer pleasure of this day. Well, the idea of the day, he supposes meekly. The day itself isn't looking to be that wonderful, what with school...

A knock sounds on the glass doors behind him. Frowning, Aedus opens his eyes, turning to see his father poised to knock once more on the other side of the locked glass. He gathers himself to his feet with a sigh, unlocking the door and opening it so that Father may join him. The middle-aged man says nothing at first, merely stares off into space as he leans over the bannister.

Finally, he says a simple phrase. "Aedus, you should be leaving now. You have a decent walk ahead of you, you know."

Aedus shrugs, joining his father at the bannister. "What's the rush? You know I could just-"

"No," his father replies firmly. "Try to be a normal kid, okay? Just for this year. You could greatly benefit from normality, you know."

A sigh. "I'll never be normal. I don't even want to be. So what use is there in pretending?"

"You have to stay hidden, Aedus. You can't stick out or else-"

Aedus holds up a hand reluctantly. "Point taken," he mutters. "Where's Mother?"

A sad look crossed Mr. Valens's face. "I'm not sure. She just left last night... Again."

Aedus waves his hand dismissively. "I'm sure she's just taking care of business, you know? No worries."

"Yes," Mr. Valens mutters, more to himself than to his son. "No worries." He gives a smile towards Aedus. "Now, why don't you head out? Make a good first impression?"

Aedus nod, following his dad back into the house, into his second-story bedroom. He tosses his backpack onto hit shoulder a little too easily considering its contents.

So much for normal.

There it looms, the monstrosity. It stares over the horders children greedily, hungrily, wanting nothing more than to consume each and every one, to cause them pain, stress, and toil. Then... It happens. The clock strikes eight and opens its mouth, sucking in the youthful, helpless myriad mercilessly. And come eight-ten, it will close those jaws, not to open until the day's close.

Aedus smiles to himself, enjoying his unique little metaphor as he walks into the school, hood up and casting shadows over his gaunt face, causing students here and there to turn his way, only to recieve a sharp glare from he himself. Aedus smirks. The audacity of these mortals, that they dare to even glance his way. He'd show them. He'd show them all.

Stopping for only a few seconds to carelessly shove his entire backpack into his new locker without unpacking it, Aedus makes his way to Mrs. Conway's homeroom. (He had memorized his schedule beforehand. Experience shows that it saves time and annoyance in the long run.) The room is still fairly empty, so he finds a desk in the back coner, reclinging back on his chair, feet propped up on his desk.


Here we go again.

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#, as written by Dumisa
She smiled as she opened her eyes this morning, the sun gleaming through her curtains. She reached over and turned off her harp alarm then gracefully pulled the covers from over her body and placed her feet on the floor as she stood up, stretching with a smile while walking over to her curtains and pulling them apart. The sun kissed her face but she had to put her hands up to block the sun from her eyes. She felt a light and cheerful aura creep up behind her. "Hello father." She spoke while roaming through her closet. "Shoot! You always get me. How are you, sweetheart?" Her father brought her in for a hug as she nodded her head. "Doing great, just getting ready for school."

Her eyes then looked towards the woman figure that stood in her doorway. It was her step mother, Barbara, who was a mortal but they had no problem with it. "You guys want breakfast?" She asked them in a hushed tone of voice. Ashleigh nodded her head with yes then Barbara step away, going into the kitchen. Her eyes fluttered up towards her father as she punched him in the arm, playfully. "God, stare much?" She said while walking past him and back into her closet, finding the perfect outfit to wear. Her father snapped out of his daze and laughed. "Oh, sorry. But I'm fixing to let you get dressed and everything." He said while exiting the room.

It didn't really take her long to get ready as she showered, brushed her teeth and combed her hair, tying it up into a high ponytail.

She bounced down the stairs and the smell of breakfast hit her in the face and crept against her nose. "No time to eat. Want to get to school early." She said while grabbing herself a piece of toast and a bottle of orange juice, heading out the front door and closing it behind her. She was going to drive to school but the day was perfect walking weather and since she didn't have a long way to walk.

After a few minutes of walking, she finally made it to school, getting there a little early. She loved going to school as she smiled brightly while entering the palace of learning. Her eyes fluttered towards the library as she went in, waving at Miss Simpson with a smile. "Hey, do you still have those books for me?" Ashleigh asked with a smile. Miss Simpson nodded her head and handed her a stack of five books. "Thanks." She said while leaving the library.

The bell ranged out, signaling that it was time to get the day started. She stopped by her locker and grabbed her notebook, pencil and a book to read. She had everything in her locker labeled and stocked neatly.

While entering the classroom, she seen Aedus, a new student that Mrs. Conway had mentioned before. She sat her books down at the front of the class then eyed him. She was going to go back there and introduce herself to him but he seemed a little unapproachable and like he didn't want to be bothered so she just sat down in her desk and waited for class to begin.

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ashleigh Smith Character Portrait: Aedus Amir Valens
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Aedus allows himself to submerge into his own thoughts for a while as others start filing inside the classroom like cattle, truly mindless beasts. He smirks at this thought. Yes, yes, just another way mortals are comparable to the animals of this realm. Stupid, ignorant, and incompetent, they are indeed.

Unfortunately, he had never visited the only other of the Three Realms that he has desire to - the Realm of Sheoul. Why? He surpresses the urgue to snort at this thought. His mother had broken the Code, marrying his father and having a son, a hybrid known as a Darkling. A illegal hybrid, at that. But Aedus was infuriated by the thought. He has served Lord Lucifer as loyally as any other Fallen, so why can he not have the same privileges? It's not fair; he cannot help his parentage.

Frustrated, Aedus leans forward, propping his head up on his hands. Why does he feel so sick all of a sudden? Surely it wasn't just the mere thought, for that is certainly one he hosts often. This pain is embedded deep within his stomach, within his very being. It was almost as if...


The term pops into his head unexpectedly, and he sits up straight with a frown, pain painted across his face. Where did that word come from? Mother had always said about aura-detection, but he had never been around an angel before, so he has never experienced the feeling nor known for certain if he had even inheirted it.

Aedus scans the room, trying to deduce where the feeling is coming from. When his eyes fall upon a girl in the front row, the naseua is almost instantaneous. He lets out a short groan, and the teacher glances his way passively before turning back to her computer screen.

No doubt. That girl is the source.

That girl is an angel.

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Character Portrait: Ashleigh Smith
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Character Portrait: Aedus Amir Valens
Aedus Amir Valens

"I wouldn't expect you to understand."

Character Portrait: Ashleigh Smith
Ashleigh Smith

"I Maybe An Angel - But Don't Take My Kindness For A Weakness."


Character Portrait: Aedus Amir Valens
Aedus Amir Valens

"I wouldn't expect you to understand."

Character Portrait: Ashleigh Smith
Ashleigh Smith

"I Maybe An Angel - But Don't Take My Kindness For A Weakness."

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Character Portrait: Aedus Amir Valens
Aedus Amir Valens

"I wouldn't expect you to understand."

Character Portrait: Ashleigh Smith
Ashleigh Smith

"I Maybe An Angel - But Don't Take My Kindness For A Weakness."

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