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Jarrob Montelli

"What's so bad about being bad?"

0 · 109 views · located in Dorvel Rock, Florida

a character in “Dawn & Dusk : The Immortal War”, as played by Makenna Young


Jarrob Aramon Montelli
Intelligent | Destructive | Furious | Rebellious | Demonic ;)

So begins...

Jarrob Montelli's Story

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Jarrob shoves his hands in his sweatshirt pockets roughly, his hood shielding his bright red hair from view as h approaches the scool. (And normal redheads are embarrassed! Jarrob would trade them for his unearthly firetruck red hair any day. Well, perhaps not.) Another year, another school. At least it's hs senior year. He may only be seventeen, but that's only because his birthday isn't until December and i's only October. Early October, at that. All the same, he's tarting at a new school well into the school year. But then,he supposes he ought be used to this by now. His family has never stayed in one place for longer than a year, for the sake of keeping him safe from Sholians and Heaven-dwellers alike.

All the same,as Jarrob approaches the school's glass doors, he cannot deny the forebding,ominous feeling that he grows submerged in. The monster's jaws open, threatening to swallow him whole, to submerge him in the acidic stew of the contents of its stomach. With a deep breath,he gives in to the best, and its jaws close greedily behind him with a ghastly grin.

Jarrob glances don at the papers that had been mailed to him the previous week, since he declined the school's offer of a tour. He had done this nough times. He can quite manage. Glncing to the top of his schedule,Jarrob reads off his locker number silently. 2-94. Ah. A second floor locker. Shouldn't be too hard to find.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Jarrob is standing in front of a deep blue locker with a lock embedded in it. Swearing under his breath, he glances around as to make sure no one's watching. When he's satisfied, Jarrob lets out a low phrase in demon tongue. "Open." The door springs open at his command and he smirks. Take that incompetwnt Mortals. You are foolish, ever so foolish.

Jarrob walks swiftly into homeroom, choosing a desk in the far corner. He leans the chair back on two legs, propping his feet up on the desk. Might as well make himself comfortable.