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The Mad Hatter of the Kingdom of Spades. You didn't think that there was only the Hearts, did you?

0 · 267 views · located in Kingdom Hearts Multiverse (DO NOT POST HERE)

a character in “Dawn of Hearts 2.0”, as played by Aixulram


Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human

World (of origin): Wonderland

Appearance: Jack has a very elegant image to others, even those in the four kingdoms of Wonderland. She walks with pride and grace. She has long, flowing blond hair that's straight as a ruler. She may have red eyes, but the hot pink around them give them a certain gentle look. The most elegant thing about her, though, are her clothes and accessories. She always carries a cane with her, making her look very elegant all on it's own. She doesn't wear a tailcoat, but her clothes look fit for a gay prince. The hidden thing about her is that she always has a fancy revolver stored in her hat and the can she holds is actually a thin sword disguised. All-in-all, she's a very elegant girl that comes from the bloody land of the Kingdom of Spades.


General: Jack is a very quirky and playful girl. She loves to hang around others, especially when that 'other' is a cat. Even in battle, she's playful. She dance around and confuse the person, then come up behind them, knock them out with her cane, then kill them if necessary. She is overall kind, though if you were to get in her way or hurt someone she knows, you would most certainly meet your demise or a world of pain.

Personality quirks: Jack usually compares others to the people of the four kingdoms of Wonderland.

Likes & dislikes: Jack loves to sit and read while drinking tea, though she hates it when she can't beat someone.

Fears or phobias: Agliophobia- Fear of pain. Mental or physical.

Emotional weaknesses: Jack can become very weak and afraid when someone threatens to kill someone from Wonderland because she loves them all. She can become very emotional/'mad as a hatter' while reading a book or if someone takes her hat.


Abilites or Powers:
Jack has a special ability that allows her to make even the smallest items lethal, though she most often uses cards. She can also find her way out of any problem.

Weaknesses (power and ability-wise):
If someone were to have major strength and get close to her, they would probably be able to grab and restrain her without any problems.

Weapons and Armor:
Jack carries five decks of cards with her at all times. She has a revolver and her cane is actually a disguised sheathed sword. Her clothes are made from the lightest and toughest material she could find, so don't expect a bullet to be able to go through them on the first try.


Jack is one of the four prestigious hatters of Wonderland. If you go beyond the Kingdom of Hearts in Wonderland, you'll find three other kingdoms. The first is the Kingdom of Cloves. This kingdom is very peaceful and has no problems at all except how confusing it is. Then there is the Kingdom of Diamonds. This kingdom is kind of like the Kingdom of Hearts, but the queen is more violent. All three of these kingdoms are preparing you for the final one, where you can become the queen if you get through it. Alice didn't move on because she couldn't even handle the first kingdom. Since there are four kingdoms there are four of everyone, though they're all a little different.

Finally, there is Jack's kingdom, the Kingdom of Spades. In her kingdom, the queen will behead you if you even look at her the wrong way, not to mention the executioner will make the cut as painful as possible. Everyone in the Kingdom of Spades is violent in their role. The Cheshire Cat will make you let him bite you for a hinting riddle, the March Hare has spikes set up in almost all of the chairs, the Dormouse will have the teapot explode in your face, etc etc. All in all, the kingdom is the most violent of the four. Even Jack is violent when it comes to certain things. Anyway, she has been growing up in that place and has always been the least violent of them all. The other kingdoms even let her visit, plus the Kingdom of Spades can't kill her because she is part of them. She was the first in Wonderland to notice the stars going out. She has always hoped it didn't get to Wonderland, though she doesn't want to leave to help take care of it.

So begins...

Jack's Story

Jack crossed her arms, having heard the creature. It hadn't spoken with a mouth directly, but she had known what it said. "You're stranger than the strangest Alice. No name? What kind of traveler has no name?" She then smiled and lightly sighed. "Well, I can give you a place to rest. Spades has a lot of room, plus I have a large plot of land to myself."

Jack then gave a sharp whistle, calling the Jabberwocky to her once again. She mounted the creature and had it fly into the air. "Come, little one, we will give you a place to rest. Follow me. A normal visitor wouldn't be able to stay for even a night, but a normal visitor wouldn't have met me first." She then turned the Jabberwocky and had it fly towards her estate so that the creature could follow.

She thought it was a very strange creature, but Wonderland had been through stranger. She smiled to herself, glad that she had been able to help it before anyone had tried to destroy it.