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Walter Henderson

back to you, Mike

0 · 262 views · located in Seattle, WA

a character in “Days of the Storm”, as played by Geschichtenerzähler


(Minor character)
An arrogant, liberal reporter who consistently biases the news. lives and works in seattle, wa.

So begins...

Walter Henderson's Story


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"Good evning. This is Walter Henderson with the KENY TV 6:00 news. Last night, Governor Edward Rochester was killed in the Goverors Residence, in Olympia, WA. The crime took place about 2:00, sources say. The police have relucted to tell any details until late afternoon. Commissioner Fires spoke on behalf of both the FBI and the Olympia Police Department," The young announcer proclaimed. The screen then switched to an earlier recording of the legislative building.
"Today's incident is undeniably an incedent of domestic terror. Whatever may be the cause, this investigaton cannot be treated as a criminal case. The perpetrator, or perpetrators, managed to behead the late Governor, incapacitate all of his guards, and damage the security system. They then proceded to etch a message into the wall: 'THE STORM HAS COME! HE WILL NOT BE THE LAST! REPENT AND SURVIVE!'
This act of violence will not be forgotten, and suspects will be treated as terrorists under the Patriot Act and the NDAA. The people of Olympia, and Seattle too, will not stand for such barbaric behaviour," ranted the enraged commissioner.
"Also covered tonight..." Henderson changed the subject.