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Days of the Storm

Washington State


a part of Days of the Storm, by Geschichtenerzähler.

the not so evergreen state

Geschichtenerzähler holds sovereignty over Washington State, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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This is the northwestern most state in the contiguous united states. it is divided into two regions by the cascade range, a mountain range of glaciated valleys and ridges dotted with two mile high volcanos. The eastern two thirds is a "shrub steppe," a glorified name for a desert, one covered in sagebrush, and is often cold. It is somewhere in between the great plains and the mojave. West of the cascades is a lush temperate rainforest; whose trees are segregated by height in every acre, thanks to forestry. And the westside is home to one of the most invasive pests in the world: the suburban subspecies of humans.
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Washington State

the not so evergreen state


Washington State is a part of Days of the Storm.

2 Places in Washington State:

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Evergreenpoliticsandtech [1] welcome back Mytubers!
Vinia Corner [1] Be prepared, you never know...

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"Welcome back, Mytubers! As those of you that live in the great state of washington know, our governor is dead. now all of you anti government hicks can party all you want, but it should still scare you. this guy took his head off! how can you justify that!? I can't. Whoever this guy is, he needs to be brought in, and immediately. I personally live two blocks from a politician. I didn't vote for him, but I still don't want a murderer out on the loose near my house! Please, if you see anything unusual like this, report it to the police. Its not only for the greater good, its for survival too, you conservatives!"

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#, as written by Turbocs
Vinia flipped through the television channels. She was still in her scrubs from work earlier that day, and was already nodding of. However, when a certain news cast came on, she perked up.

"REPENT AND SURVIVE! This act of violence will not be forgotten, and suspects will be treated as terrorists under the Patriot Act."

"Patriot Act, that's a bit unsettling...." She murmured to herself. Standing, she walked over to the telephone. She kept a home phone and a cell. Quickly, she unplugged the wall phone and switched off her cell, slipping it into the drawer in front of her. If the government was actually coming out about the Patriot act, things were serious. Not to mention the fact that suspects were being treated as terrorists - whatever happened to 'innocent until proven guilty'? If the government was treating this like some kind of emergency, the smart people would to...

Walking into her room, she changed out of her scrubs and into something not quite as attention drawing as the uniform. In a few moments she was grabbing her keys and coat and walking out the door. Before she started all-out channeling her admittedly paranoid self, she needed to get more information on what was happening. The only question was where.