Nagasaki Narishige

If you are not strong, then how will you ever survive in a wold like this?

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a character in “DB: Limitless”, as played by Nakesnake




Description: He is someone who you can rely on, but once he finds an oppertunity he'll instantly strikes rather he is a friend. He pratically doesn't partake in group activities, but if there is a good offer, and a decent reward he'll take a chance.


Age: 17


Weight: 156lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Body Type:Ectomorph

Voice Type:Baritone

Combat Style: Mix

Starting Power Level: 360

Personal Techniques:

ᎶᎬᏁᏆᎬᏞ sᏞᎥᏟᎬ - A move which he can lower his body weight, he would then deliver his hand in different angles he prefers, and strike his opponents pressure point, once hit perfectly that particular spot of which he hit, his opponent can't use them.

ᎠᎪshᎥᏁᎶ ᏞᎥᎶhᏆ ᎠᎪᎶᎶᎬᏒ ᏟᎾmbᎾ - Nagasaki leans forward, and would directly charge to his opponent, doing set's of combo's, once finished, and his opponent is off balance to do constant hits, nagasaki would then send one or two daggers at his opponent to finish his move.

fᎾᎶ ᎾuᏆ - A move that which nagasaki summons a think cloud of fog, only he can see through this, but not his opponent, which makes them vulnerable, not even a scouter can detect him through his thick fog.

hᎾᎳᏞᎥᏁᎶ fᏞᎪmᎬs - This can be activated once his move fog out is in play, as his fog contains heat, but is covered in warmth, once he inhales the fog, the flames would form from inside his mouth, and he would spit it out a wave of flames

Personality:Nagasaki is described as being rather depressing, showing dislike of many things with little interest in activities that he does enjoy, or even his own future. He has shown that he is a pessimist, believing that "heroes" do not exist; rather, he believes that surviving in the world would only come from an individual's own power. He is quite intelligent, being able to solve complex mathematical problems within moments, simply by knowing the equation. He appears to enjoy playing video games and shows a prominent distaste for vegetables or other compliments to his food's side dishes. he freely speaks his mind in any situation. He is also shown to have a sharp wit, being well-read and observant.

Likes: ᏟᎾmᏢuᏆᎬᏒs || fᎥᎶhᏆᎥᏁᎶ || ᏆᏒᎪᎥᏁᎥᏁᎶ ||

Dislikes: ᎳᎬᎪᏦᏞᎥᏁᎶs || sᏢᎥᏟᎬ ||

Training History: Nagasaki Narishige had paused his training once he had reached about a good 360 power level, there is no telling if he will continue or not, he does know that this isn't enough, and probably would continue, but it all depends on his mood. He is one of many saiyans in his family to obtain this power level, though his father is still stronger then him by 200, but that is because that he is much older, and cares about his training more then nagasaki does.

At the age of 14 he had the minimum of 150, back then he cared about himself, and always wanted to be one of the strongest in his family, infact the strongest in his family, even wanting to surpass his father sooner. His mother still teaches him other techniques that can cancel the opponent's movement. Though he still has that roughness in him, which makes his fighting style a mix instead of soft.

A year of training, and once he turned 17 he stopped, and starting to slack off a little bit, he still do countless missions here, and there.

Biography: Nagasaki Narishige was born on a different universe, similar to the one that people in real life live in which is known as earth, but everything is the opposite, well not really. He was born on a planet where all sorts of creatures, and different type of species had lived, some powerless, and other powerful. He was born under the Narishige clan, as the 50th child, his clan, and parents celibrates a big accomplish hoping him to have a big future awaiting him.

The head of the narishige clan was rather calm, and gentle person he is also a saiyan, just like nagasaki, and his fellow clansmen. Originally he had white hair when he was little, he was born in a very cold area before being transported to a different area with more life within it, once nagasaki turned 13 he had already began starting his training, and doing various missions around the galaxy. He was trained under his mother who was also a good fighter, and also partake in tournament's winning over three titles.

Nagasaki turned 15 a few years later, and began to do a rather dangerous, and responsible job which was patroling the his universe, stopping others from destroying it, which really nobody did, he had continued his job once he had turn 17, gaining strength, and partaking in tournaments, only winning one title. He wasn't into tournaments, but did so anyway, and became blood lusted, and a little bit evil, and crazy.

Nagasaki, and three of his men had secretly wiped out a small planet, once the people from his planet had found out he had blamed one of them, and covered up his mess, which resulted one of his men a life in prison. Few months later nagasaki had killed the remaining of his team, and beginning to work on his own.

So begins...

Nagasaki Narishige's Story