Son Goten

Waitaminute. What if I did a Rogahameha Fu Fu Ken? :O that'd be TOTES awesome!

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a character in “DBZ: Son Goten Vs The Dragon Balls”, as played by JayZeroSnake


I'm 16 year old Son Goten~! :O I'm quite awesome, if I say so myself. I'm the second son of one of the strongest warriors EVAH: Son Goku, my daddy. :3

I come in short hair, and long, awesome hair, if you'll pay for my haircut. :D




I'm totally Not a slacker. a paragon of light, who emphasizes good virtues and I pledge my life to be a total saint, like my dad. :D

Theme: Moeru Champion



Cell Phone, Keyring, etc etc…

I use Turtle and Wolf Martial Arts Styles combined. Its apart of my plan to make an ultimate martial arts style. Neo Kenpou!


Signature Moves:

Kamehameha (Turtle Destruction Wave)

Roga Fu Fu Ken (Wolf Fang Fist)


The Son of the famous warrior Goku. Goten has been taking it rather easily since his father ditched traveled off into infinity, leaving him and Gohan to protect the Earth. In that time, he's trained primarily under a much stronger Yamcha, who, despite his new strength, is still the same personality wise. This personality was given to Goten unfortunately…

Goten is also apart of the 'New Z-Fighters,' Both the actual team of martial artists who protect the Earth, AND as a small-time rock group with Trunks, Gohan, and Maron. He's usually bitched at kept from being too irresponsible by Pan, who only let Goten join the band because she was dating Trunks.

Recently though, he's finally come into contact with Bra, despite her father Vegeta's attempts to keep 'that horny little bastard away from my daughter.' In addition, he's also got to help fight the new threat, as well as those stupid Dragon Men.

But GAWD~ He's dating Bra! :D

So begins...

Son Goten's Story