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Power Ranger Pets

A group of teenaged superheroes turned into good, obedient rangers.

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a character in “DD's High Flyers”, as played by Jas1547



Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, a group of regular high school teenagers who live in the city of Angel Grove. One day they were living normal lives like any other teenager, going to school, hanging out at the local hangout for the kids, Ernie's Juice Bar, and on more than one occasion, being the targets of the school's local bullies, Bulk & Skull. However, one day an earthquake struck Angel Grove and the juice bar where the gang was hanging out.

Suddenly they were teleported to a secured location within a large structure. As they were unaware of their surroundings, everything inside looked futuristic as it were all created by machines. They would soon discover that it was a command center, operated by a powerful galactic being named Zordon and his trusted friend and loyal robotic assistant, Alpha 5. Zordon would to come to explain the cause of bringing the teens to the Command Center.

He would go onto to tell them that the evil empress, Rita Ripulsa has been awoken from her eternal slumber on the moon and has decided to invade Earth to wreak havoc. Not alone, Rita brought with her, her loyal henchmen, Goldar, Baboo, Squatt, and Finster, who was the master creator of all of Rita's monsters. Zordon would gift the teens with special powers that would turn them into the group of heroes, the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers! With these powers, weapons, and zords, they would be able to defeat the forces of evil, and protect Earth.

Jason (Red Ranger) - Being the strong, loyal, leader of the group, Jason would control the power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex Megazord. Displaying great strength, and the power of fire, the t-rex megazord proved to be the true king of the prehistoric jungle. With the power saber as his chosen weapon, Jason would be able to cut enemies down to size.

Zack (Black Ranger) - The cool, laid-back, and more relaxed member of the group, Zack would be in control of the King of the Arctic, the Mastadon Megazord. With the ability to put a freeze on the forces of evil, Zack and his trusted zord always made the battle seem more cool. However, Zack proved to be cool and battle ready with the power of his trusted Power Axe.

Billy (Blue Ranger) - The stereotypical nerd of the group, Billy is the brains behind the Power Rangers, but also a brilliant inventor as he has helped his fellow rangers in many situations with his gadgets and improvements. With the same knowledge and thought, no wonder why the Triceratops was the perfect fit for Billy as his megazord. Able to dish out double the pain, Billy was given the weapon of the lance. With the appearance of a trident, he was able to separate it and use both ends.

Trini (Yellow Ranger) - If there is a fight or argument among the group or between anyone, the best one to call on is Trini. As the calm, tranquil one of the group, she has always been able to bring peace among the group and be a mediator. And that is why she matched perfectly with the Sabre Toothed Tiger as her zord. Ferocious yet cunning, the Saber Toothed Tiger along with Trini made a fearsome duo. Using her power daggers, Trini really showed that although she is calm, she can kick butt.

Kimberly (Pink Ranger) - Probably the most agile, spunky, and girly one of the group, Kimberly loves her friends, being a power ranger, but an equally big passion is gymnastics. So it wouldn't be too hard why Zordon paired her up with the Pterodactyl Megazord, for it is agile with it's flight, and graceful. Also, Robin Hood better look out, because with her bow and arrow, Kimberly can kick serious butt.

After some time of becoming the Power Rangers, the team would soon gain a new member, Tommy Oliver. Of course Rita had Tommy under a spell that turned him into the Evil Green Ranger who battled the rangers in a fierce rivalry ,but with determination, the strength of friendship, and with heart, they were able to bring Tommy out of the curse and onto the good side. Tommy would join the group as the co-leader and would become one of the most legendary power rangers of all time.

So with Angel Grove with it's heroes, Rita attempted on so many occasions to try and defeat the rangers, but would always come up short. Always Good would triumph over Evil!

Rita's New Plan

After continuous attempts of trying to defeat the rangers, but always failing in the end, Rita came up with a new plan. Instead of defeating the rangers with cruel, cold hearted, vengeful monsters, what about having the rangers face monsters they have never faced before. What if the rangers came across monsters that were more of the motherly or fatherly demeanor. A sinister thought came to her mind as she thought, if she can't defeat the rangers, why don't she treat them with care. So came the plan for her to reach into one of her spell books to look for a size reducing spell.

With the rangers at their regular height of teenagers, the are physically imposing, but what about keeping them in their teenage forms, but make them smaller in height so the new breed of monsters could think of them as little ones. So searching through one of her spell books, she casted a curse on the rangers that would cause them to shrink down to just waist height of others, and with the yearning to be held, cuddled, snuggled, and cared for.

Now with the rangers just the size of actual children, how will they fare against monsters of the more caring and parental demeanor?

So begins...

Power Ranger Pets's Story