De Morte Animam Natus

De Morte Animam Natus


In a world where fear and hatred of the unknown runs rampant, a string of mysterious deaths has sparked outrage among many communities. If only they knew the truth behind these tragedies.

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Within the village of Borapest lies a dusty tavern named The Wandering Fox. The tavern is usually filled with the drunken buzz of excited chatter, and the occasional brawl is known to break loose over childish insults, however on this night in particular the conversation is a quiet hum of despair and grief as news of another child's death has spread through out the city. "This is the thirteenth person to have passed away within the last month. The poor Fischer's...." A man speaks softly as he sets his mug of ail down on the table awaiting a response from his companion. "Aye. This was the youngest one yet. Only twelve years old. The poor lad. I heard they found him hangin from his bedroom window. I still think this is the doing of witches. Killing us off for some demented ritual." The two men continued to speak quietly among themselves as a woman shrouded by a black cloak in the corner of the room slowly stood from her table and left a few silver coins on the wooden surface. She made her way to the doors of the tavern, keeping her features hidden. With each table she passed, the quiet hum of conversation fell dead silent as the tavern's guests watched her with clear expressions of curiosity and disgust, few people went as far as to spit at her feet as she passed them. The word witch could be heard muttered under their breaths as they did so. The woman payed no heed to them though as she continued to make her exit.

Once outside the woman drew a sigh of relief as she made her way down the torch lit paths through the village. Onlookers moved aside as she walked and once again the lul of conversation quieted leaving nothing but the tune of chirping crickets to fill the night around them. Their silence did little to phase her as she took each step further from the city towards the towering forests that surrounded them like a barrier. It wasn't until she was deep within these forests that she removed the hood from her head and began humming, and the tension that had been building up within the village seemed to dissipate. It was here within the forests that she felt at home. She weaved her way through the moonlit trees with confidence as she began to hum. Each step she took seemed like a part of a graceful dance until she reached a worn gate overrun by vines. Resting just beyond the gate was a stone castle like building known to her as Valdera, School of the Unseen Arts.


This story takes place in a time that is comparable to the mid 1600's. The main setting shifts between two places, Valdera and the village of Borapest, although there will be other settings that are featured throughout the roleplay as well, they are not part of the main settings. Within Borapest and several surrounding villages a large number of people have died due to tragic circumstances. This string of tragedies as sparked outrage among the people, leading to the accusations of witches being among them. Little do they know they are right. There are witches among them. The witches are comprised of two factions. Those who have vowed to protect the humans and those who view the existence of humans as a tool to further their magic and give little value to their mortal lives. While Valdera serves as a neutral zone for both factions, the tensions between the two runs thick through the halls with each tragedy that strikes in the human villages. Are the witches responsible for these deaths and where exactly do you fit into this equation? Enter the mystery and find your place within the story as either a human residing within Borapest, or a which at home deep in the forests.


Alright here is the basic character skeleton that is required for creating your character. You may edit this skeleton in any way you would like, so long as the basic information I ask for is included. If you read my rules before getting to this point you may have noticed that somewhere within them there is a randomly placed made up word. This was not a typo, and it will be required in your character skeleton to assure me you have actually read the rules.

Character Name:
Race: (Human or witch/warlock)
Allignment: (Witches/warlocks only, Light or Dark)
Abilities: (Witches/warlocks only, Please remember rule #1!)
Tools/Weapons of choice:
Proof that you have read the rules: (That key word I mentioned earlier goes here!)

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Rule #1: No godmoding! Your character should have flaws and moments of weakness. Be open to character injury as it keeps the roleplay fair to others who are participating.

Rule #2: No killing off someone else's character without explicit permission to do so! If this is the route you wish to take then please make sure it is discussed with both members participation and a moderator or myself.

Rule #3: Try to keep explicit content to a minimum! Swearing and gore are permitted, however I will not allow any sexual content beyond characters making out, so please keep that limited to private content.

Rule #4: No offensive words or phrases will be permitted and will result in a permanent ban from the roleplay. This roleplay is open to everyone, and I would like it to stay a welcoming and accepting environment.

Rule #5: No drama outside of the roleplay! If you are having an issue with another member, please bring it up to me or a moderator and it will be dealt with accordingly.

Rule #6: No major story altering drama! I have worked very hard to bring this universe to life, and while the story line holds plenty of room for adaptation based on it's characters and participation, I would appreciate it if any ideas you have that may dramatically effect the general direction of the story be discussed with me or a moderator that is aware of the general story arc first.

Rule #7: Keep your posts detailed! While I accept and adapt to all forms of roleplay responses, I do not want to see simply one - two sentence replies! You by all means do not have to post multiple paragraphs to participate, though that is also permitted, but at least attempt to make it a few sentences long.

Rule #8: All character's submitted for approval must have their character skeleton's filled out in full before they will be accepted. If you wish to submit an unfinished character please contact me first and we can discuss the matter of getting your character approved.

Any violation of these rules will result in a warning for the first offense. The second offense will result in a temporary ban from the roleplay, in which the length will be decided after discussion among myself and the moderators. Wibbles. The third and final offense will result in permanent removal from the roleplay. Please be aware that certain offenses may result in immediate removal depending on their severity.

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Valdera our primary setting

Welcome to Valdera, school of the unseen arts!

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Valdera by Draruto

Welcome to Valdera, school of the unseen arts!

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Valdera by Draruto

Welcome to Valdera, school of the unseen arts!


Welcome to Valdera, school of the unseen arts!

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Hi there, I have a few questions before I decide if I want to join.

1. Can I play more then one char?

2. What ages are you hoping the chars to be? Like High school to early 20s?

3. What abilities are allowed? Like Elemental powers?

4. For the Description part, do you just want a written one or will a picture suffice? I can do either. And if a picture, does it matter if it's anime or real life?

5. This world is purely fictional right?

Thank you.

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