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Loralei Van Hook

Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.

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a character in “De' Seil Carnival”, as played by TheDoctorsAssistant


Full Name ||
Loralei Van Hook
Appearance(Real Pictures Only) ||
Loralei isn't a very big girl, intact she's rather tiny though not as tiny as some of the faeries in the circus. She does, however, only stand at 5'2 and weighs merely 100lbs, but all that weight is pure muscle. It has to be pure muscle because what she does as a job requires it. Her hair is naturally red and also has natural wavy curl to it, but she mostly keeps it up out of her face so she doesn't injure herself while performing. The only time you'll see her hair down is at night before she goes to bed. Her skin is very pale, but is covered in many freckles that she absolutely hates. She can't do anything about them, however. Her eyes are a pretty blue color that reminds a lot of peopled the sky. She's definitely not the prettiest girl in the circus, but she isn't dispersing to the eyes either.
Age ||
Gender ||
Species ||
Human Mutant
Power ||
Empathetic Manipulation
She can feel the emotions of other people and can easily manipulate them to what she wants them to feel. Some emotions are easier to manipulate over others, for example, causing a state of calm and serenity is easier to get someone to feel then getting them to feel love. Sometimes, though, she has a hard time controlling her powers and will often make others feel the exact same thing she is feeling at the time. This is especially true when she is sad, depressed, or filled with anger and rage.
Control over Power ||
Relatively good control over her powers as long as she has control over her own emotions.
How you got your power ||
Her powers came about from an experiment done on her while she was in the womb. It was an experiment to make a happier, mild-tempered baby that backfired in a sense and caused her to be able to manipulate the emotions of others.
Significant/Special Belongings||
Her only special belonging is her [url]violin[/url]
Fighting Skills/Techniques ||
She has some martial arts training of various types.
Weapon of Choice (if any) ||
She's never used a weapon, but if she had to choose something she'd have to say using her own body as a weapon.
Job Title & Description (within the Carnival) ||
Number of Souls You Have to Collect ||
Number of Years You Have to Collect Souls||
What Was Your Wish||
Her wish is to have complete control over her powers so she'll never hurt anyone on accident again.
How Many Souls Have You Collected ||
How Long Have You Been at the Carnival ||
How the Collection of Souls has Affected your Character (Negatively or Positively) ||
She's been negatively affected in the sense where she's become more apathetic of peoples lives and feelings. She used to care deeply for others, now she could care less about how they feel. She only cares about collecting the souls she needs in order to get her wish.
Personality ||
Loralei is a slightly complicated person to describe. She is constantly trying to keep a cool head on her shoulders, knowing that if she doesn't things can go downhill very quickly. When she let's her emotions run wild then she doesn't generally have any control over her powers and she'll cause people to feel what she feels. Since that's the case she tries to keep her emotions in check which causes people to think she's either antisocial or stuck up.

When you get her to loosen up some you'll find she's a kind and friendly girl. Despite collecting souls you'll find that she still has some innocence about her. She is fully capable of seducing men with her powers, but she has no idea how or what to do otherwise and so she doesn't generally do that. Instead she likes to fill people with joy and excitement in order to collect her souls.

Now there is a dark side to Loralei. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes she'll lose her temper and that's when things get scary. If she's angry enough and has enough control over her power then she won't hesitate to fill you with feelings of despair to the point where she's caused people to kill themselves. Of course she feels guilt afterwards, but apparently not enough to keep her from doing it again.
Biography ||
Loralei is a daughter of science, nothing more. Sure she does have a real mother and father, but she was created for the sake of science alone. She grew up in a lab and was constantly watched and studied as she grew. They did teach her to speak and read and everything only because they wanted to see how she would develop if she lived a normal life. Her life was far from normal, though. She would do he's school lessons during the day, then at the end of the day she would sit in a room with needles in her as they injected stuff to see how she would react.

As she grew in the lab nobody noticed her powers until she was around 7 or 8. The people that worked there found that they began feeling the same things she did. When she was 10 was when the first bad thing happened. She threw a tantrum one day and got so angry others began getting angry. It ended with one person killing three of their coworkers. When the government got word of the murders is when they shut down the lab, leaving Loralei in foster care.

Throughout foster care more bad things began happening with kids hurting each other whenever she got mad or upset. She didn't realize it was her causing all this until she was about 12 years old. That's when she began to learn how to control it. By the time she was 16 she could have most anybody wrapped around her finger and she was favored by most of her foster parents. She could even get them to give her what she wanted and due to this she was able to learn many things. For awhile she was interested in martial arts and took a class on that. Soon she became bored with that and took up gymnastics/acrobatics. She excelled in this and definitely enjoyed it. Next she took up dancing, pretty much any dance she could get into, and at the same time learned to play the violin.

At 17 is when she heard about the circus, or more specifically the fact that she could have a wish come true. She wanted that so badly so she ran away from her foster home at the time in order to get her wish and she's been with De' Seil for the last five years.

sugary poison

So begins...

Loralei Van Hook's Story


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A small girl sat in front of a mirror in a tiny room applying makeup to to her face in an intricate design. She was practicing a new creative design that she was considering using today for her performance. She enjoyed doing this often because it kept life interesting. She also loved figuring out new and creative ways to put her hair up and at the same time keep it out of her face. As an acrobat and dancer, any stray stands of hair could be dangerous. They could get in her face and cause her to mess up, which becomes extremely dangerous when she's 100 ft in the air doing aerial acrobatics.

Finally she finished the design and smiled in satisfaction. Then the girl, who went by the name of Loralei, proceeded to jump up and flit around her small abode. It really was small, barely being able to fit her bed, a dresser, mirror, and small chair in it. She figured she didn't need much more anyways since more stuff meant more of a hassle hauling it around as they traveled.

After minutes, the red haired girl had gotten dressed in something easy to move around in. It was what she typically wore if she was going to practice acrobatics or dancing and that is just what she intended to do. So, being satisfied with her attire and makeup, she quickly threw her hair up into a simple bin and headed outside.

Once outside, Loralei began stretching and warming up in order not to injure herself. She had learned from experience that if she didn't do this, even though it was a tedious process, then she would year a muscle or ligament which put her out of her job for awhile. This had happened back when she first came to the circus. Loralei was overly excited to be performing for others and to start her souls collecting so she decided to skip her warm up. So she went on to perform and went into a split and tore a muscle. This resulted in a scolding from numerous people including Mr. Seil and her not being able to perform again for two weeks. She learned her lesson after that.

After awhile she ended up sitting in the splits and slowly stretching her body by teaching for her toes. As Loralei did this, she watched Andracos, Pachid, and Arina walk in front of her and head toward Mr. Seil's place. She had a good view from where she was at and could hear everything if she stayed real quiet. So Loralei decided to listen in as she continued to stretch. Andracos bothered her, though she couldn't honestly say she feared him. In fact he irritated her, but at the same time fascinated her. Actually all that weren't human fascinated her and she couldn't quite explain why.

As she scene unfolded in front of Loralei and ended with Mr. Seil mocking Andracos, she couldn't help but laugh. She also allowed her power to skip out of control slightly and so anyone nearby could feel her humor, but weren't forced to display humor themselves. It would almost feel as if someone was tickling those mind. They would also realize, if they knew her and her powers, that it was her that caused this mind tickling sensation.

Loralei then realized that Mogue had shown up. She actually didn't mind the dwarf at all and held a little respect for him. She then heated what he said about the meeting and made a little note of it in the back of her mind.