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Karina Mellows

I can see that can you?

0 · 233 views · located in America (Flashbacks to 1930 Germany)

a character in “Dead Empty Cases 3”, as played by TheGoddessReborn


-Karina Mellows Age: 17-
Hey, my name is Karina Mellows I’ve always been interested in the unknown, the weird, the stuff you can’t quite explain, the all-important bump in the night. You hear but never see, and I only said that because I been blessed or cursed. Well I guess on how your view it? Good or bad or good and bad... But I’m babbling *she laughs sort of embarrassed like*
Being from a family who has always had some type of gift some type of power, for someone who doesn’t have it could never quite understand. Sensing, Prophetic Dreaming and medium –ship to name a few from the top of my well maintained head.
I have a gift; yes a gift in my mind at least. I am able to sense people’s emotional energies people both alive and dead and Psychometry and see the ghosts. which helps with sensing energy in objects. It helps to understand people and make better connections so yes, I’m weird and I couldn’t care less what you think.
As I said, my name is Karina Olivia Mellows and I’m 17 years old and well, I happen to be pregnant as well im not huge. *she looks down and rubs her stomach which shows no sign of change* I just found out actually and I’m hoping this trip will take my mind off of it, my pregnancy story? I was about to tell you about that actually well I was forcibly taken, yeah that’s how I rationalize it in my mind.. “Raped” just seems so… cruel. I’m sure if you heard this you’d think I was lying to myself but maybe I am, I’m just not ready to face it, no not yet…

So begins...

Karina Mellows's Story

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Dr. Hopkins smirked at the question. "Well, I think that perhaps after-class would be a better time to ask those types of questions. I mean we are concerned with myth and legend here, obviously such things do not exist in the real world."

The teachers remarks received a few laughs and snickers from some of the other students in the classroom. Its not that the doctor meant to sound dismissive of the young woman's question, he simply wasn't expecting that kind of question. The lecture was coming to an end, Dr. Hopkins immediately began to stuff his notes back into his briefcase even before he had finished speaking, taking the last gulp of water from the tall glass which had been laid out for him at the beginning of his talk.

The students were in the process of gathering together their personal belongings before moving on to their next class, several of them were now heading toward the door.

"Oh yes, before I forget."

The doctor's raised voice caused everyone to stop their exodus. "You are all to gather in front of the administration building the day after tomorrow....Thursday, for those of you who have been too busy with your classes to know what day it is. Remember you must all be outside before 5 am, the buses will not wait for the tardy."

What the professor had not been informed of was that hardly any of the students would be taking the trip to Bannerman castle, the class was not a requirement and so most of the students were simply not interested enough to wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to visit some old rundown building.

"I will be waiting there for you all to arrive. By that time the caretaker will have the gates unlocked. See you then."

The students returned to their efforts to exit the stuffy classroom en masse as the professor gathered up his briefcase and walked out of the room himself, from there he headed for the teachers lounge.