Jade rose

A short, shy girl with shoulder-length dark purple dyed hair and a slim figure. She's surprisingly good at keeping her head under pressure, though she doesn't generally enjoy violence in any way.

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Physical Description: A young, late-teenage girl that stands at about four foot ten, with shoulder-length, silky purple dyed hair that frames her face elegantly, despite hardly ever being as clean as it could be anymore. She has big, cute emerald eyes flecked with gold, framed by longish eyelashes and gently curved eyebrows. Her face is slim but soft, and she has a difficult to coax but friendly and genuinely kind smile, though her face is usually locked in an insecure and somewhat neutral expression since the beginning of all this. Her voice is soft and kind, though this can be detrimental if yelling is required. Her figure is slim, but not unappealing, though it's obvious she hasn't yet filled out all the way. She has a small black tribal-looking tattoo of a dragon curved around her collar bone, its mouth open and spewing red flames across her neck. She usually wears a heavy cloth bomber jacket over a black tank top accompanied by a knee-length black skater skirt. She usually also wears soft, warm purple-black striped thigh socks (they appear to have been stitched up in numerous places) and a pair of knee-high strapped leather boots. The ensemble is completed by a pair of fight goggles that she usually wears upon her head, though they're quite useful on especially sunny days or when she needs to keep stray particles or liquids out of her eyes.

Personality: Jade is usually shy, but friendly to anyone she meets, eager to please, and wholly a pleasure to be around. She is surprisingly good at keeping her cool in stressful situations, though she doesn't handle confrontation with others very well. She's not a very violent person, and it's hard to believe she's survived this long given that fact. She knows how to use relatively small bladed weapons fairly well, such as combat knives and machetes, but she tends to prefer taking a support role in combat, being quite proficient in first aid and the creation of homemade remedies.

Equipment and abilities: She's been trained up to the second degree black belt level in a form of mixed martial arts that incorporates many styles, including Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Judo, Jiujitsu, multiple forms of south and eastern Asian weaponry (which hasn't done a whole lot of good -- those types of weapons are a niche market) and even some Capoeira, though that she learned on her own. She usually carries around two long, sharp tribal-looking machetes given to her when she reached second degree, though they look as if they haven't gotten quite enough use since the apocalypse began. She uses them to deadly effect when she's forced to, though she'd rather not use them at all. Her main skill is her healing ability, and as such she carries a rusted military green metal first aid kit upon her lower back by way of a studded leather belt wherever she goes. She can also make her own basic remedies, having learned in the Girl Scouts from a young age which herbs do what, and how to make bandages. Side note -- she also carries quite a bit of purple hair dye and a bottle of bleach along with her other necessities in a purple leather satchel with a cute pink cat upon the face. Over the years, she's also acquired a military-grade monocular lens, a military compass, and a few concussion grenades, which she's completely afraid to use due to the risk of blowing herself up or going deaf. Despite being able to keep her head under stress, she's prone to anxiety attacks when under social pressure, or after a big fight. She'll run from battle nine times out of ten, as well, much preferring to keep her distance.

Historical Background: Not much is known about this girl, other than that she's somehow survived the apocalypse alone and seems to be fairly healthy for it. She was just promoted to a second degree black belt in her martial arts school right before disaster struck the world, but that's about all she's deigned to tell anyone as yet.

So begins...

Jade rose's Story


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It was mid afternoon when Conner heard the first shot. His ears perked up when he heard the shot, it was difficult for him to pinpoint where it had came from because of the tree's and hills that filled the forest but after the second shot rang out a few seconds later he was sure now that it had came from the north east. Conner had been skirting around the town of Durango walking only a few meters deep in the forest so that he could see the town clearly but it would be difficult for people to spot him. The shot's had come from deeper in the forest, looking back at the town he decided it was worth checking out what happened, taking one of his pistols from it's holster he chambered it and went in search of the shooter.

The forests of Colorado were different from anything Conner had fought in during his days in the army, the ground was covered in a thin layer of pine branches and needles that crackled underneath his boot's as he walked, the afternoon sun was mostly blocked out by the leafless tree's but thin rays of sunlight came through occasionally catching Conner's the polished chrome pistol. After 15 minutes of clambering over dead logs and through ditches that scarred the forest floor he came to a clearing, a young blonde girl lay at the base of a high cliff. Conner froze in place for a few minutes just outside the clearing his pistol aimed at the girls head, he had been in a situation like this before, that time he had rushed out to help and 6 of the girls buddies had jumped him, giving him a nasty bruise and a thin cut over his cheek. After a few minutes of the girl not moving or breathing Conner decided she must either had an amazing pair of lungs or was simply dead, Lowering his pistol he cautiously walked into the clearing.

The bullet hole an inch below her right eye and her contorted spine confirmed she was dead. Looking up the face of the cliff he deduced she must have been shot there and fallen over the edge, whether it was the bullet or the fall that killed her it didn't matter much at this point Conner thought to himself. Conner knelt down next to the girl's corpse and placed the back of his hand on her cheek, she was still warm. With her pale skin and unblinking eye's Conner couldn't help comparing her to a porcelain doll, Conner crossed her arms and laid her body out straight with a sad smile before closing her eye's a final time before looking up at the cliff.


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Six months ago, in the early days of the apocalypse

Jade Rose sits in the darkness in an apartment somewhere in the depths of New York, New York, wide-eyed as she reads the latest breaking news on Nine News' website.
There's been another attack today, reads the report, following the assault on several officers of the law in the city of Falls Church, Virginia. An unidentified individual with blood-stained teeth and crazed, bloodshot eyes charged an innocent passerby on the streets before the city sewage treatment plant, and reportedly scratched and bit at his victim before being detained by the local police force.
"The crazy mother---- bit me!" said the hysteric man who asked not to be named, speaking to Nine-News reporters on the scene yesterday, "I was just walking down the damn street on my way to my apartment, and he bit me!"
The man has been admitted to a local hospital, and is reported to have gained a fever and experienced severe muscular spasms in the past few hours. Doctors are skeptical about his recovery. More on this as it develops.

Jade shuts the computer down and rubs her eyes, sighing at the depressing news. She knew the world was going to shit, but this was ridiculous. People were attacking people on the streets, and as usual violence breeds violence, this time literally. Every day, more of the madness was sweeping the country, and none of the scientists or doctors knew why yet. Some had reported it as rabies, others as a flu, and the more fringe doctors had blamed it on a shared psychological breakdown. but none had a been able to give a definitive answer on /why/ it was happening. Most of the public didn't even know about the virus or whatever it was yet, but there were advantages to having a surgeon as a mother and a homeopathic doctor as a father, not the least of which was inside information on modern virology and alternative medicine, neither of which seemed to be able to explain precisely what was going on. She decided to take a stroll on the busy streets of her city, wanting...or rather, needing some fresh air, or as much as could be found in the city of New York.

The purple-haired, green-eyed girl already feels better as she exits the apartment, allowing herself to get lost in the sounds of the city with a great sigh. Even while all this crap was happening, people were still just going about their business in the city that never sleeps. She decides to take a walk down to Times Square to get a bite to eat or maybe just to hang around. She wonders what would come of this, but she knew she should just try and forget about it. It's probably just another "swine flu" scare, after all. As she walks down the street, however, screams begin to emanate from the direction of Times Square, and her heart nearly jumps from her chest. It sounded distinctly bad. She cautiously continues on, sticking to the shadows of the alleyways as she approaches the massive square. What she sees is not a pretty sight. The whole of Times Square is in a panic as a group of mad-looking men and women charge the fleeing crowd of New Yorkers, who unfortunately seem to be intent on all clustering into a massive group. Everyone who's tackled and mauled by the crazed folk get back up and do the same, chasing the others. As a rather large security guard type of African American descent falls to the ground near Jade with their throat ripped out, she nearly jumps out of her shoes. She trembles as she looks at the fallen body, knowing in her heart what's following but not wanting to believe it.

After several moments of silence, the fallen person's eyes suddenly explode open and, after several more moments of siezures, the body goes still again for less than a minute before it starts to rise, slowly and agonizingly. With that, Jade bolts toward the other end of the alleyway, which, of course, is blocked by a large chain fence. She sighs and spins around, only to see the dead person sprinting after her. She squeaks in fear and spins back around, scrambling over the fence as quickly as she can and bolting out the other side of the alley, where she's confronted by another group of the things. How did it spread so quickly? She hadn't time to think about this overmuch, however, as she begins sprinting back to her apartment, dodging the madmen left and right. She ducks down the alleyway right behind her apartment and, after scrambling over that fence as well, runs a few feet up the wall and propels herself upwards with toned legs to the retracted fire escape ladder. She scrambles up and jumps up the stairs two-by-two, never once looking back, but she hears the tearing of metal and the growls of the mad folk right as she slams the window to her apartment and almost tears the blinds shut, panting heavily. It was a good thing she usually foolishly left her window unlocked.

She slides down the wall and holds her head in her hands. No way. There was no way this was happening. It was impossible. She sits there for a long while before she's able to regain her composure. She slowly and shakily rises to her feet. It was times like these that she hated living alone. It was a bad move, moving away from her parents a month ago. But, there was nothing she could do about it now. She picks up her favourite cat backpack and loads it up with canned foods, first aid supplies, several pain killers, and, of course, plenty of bleach and purple hair dye. She's about to dash out the window again before she remembers one last thing and goes back to get her machetes, her prize for attaining the unattainable in such a short time, a gift from her Master for reaching what was almost the apex of the martial arts hierarchy.

She slowly and carefully opens the blinds, peeking out into the alley below. What she sees is not a pretty sight. A large group of those men from before wander aimlessly through the small space, having lost sight and scent of their prey which was, unfortunately for Jade, her. She decides to take the other, possibly safer route, moving carefully out of her door and stepping down the stairs slowly. The virus or whatever it was had taken the city by storm. Already the streets were positively deserted but for the mad folk. She slowly opens the door to her hot pink Mazda RX-8, wincing at the small amount of noise that the creaking of the door makes, and unfortunately such a sound isn't lost on the nearby madmen, who turn their heads quickly toward the sound and, once they see that it's possible prey, begin dashing in its direction. Jade lets out another squeak as she jumps into her car and slams the door, starting it up quickly and speeding off with a screech of burned rubber, accidentally slamming into several of the zombies, covering the new finish with their viscous red blood. Usually, she'd fret about that, but she has far too many things on her mind currently.

She speeds off as quickly as she can, putting every ounce of weight she has on the gas pedal, hardly even noticing when she hits another of the things. It's a clear day for the streets of New York, which is lucky for her since she has a nearly-clear path between cars, getting a few scratches on the vehicle but otherwise escaping the city unharmed. She speeds over the Brooklyn Bridge and drives southward as fast as she can, looking over her shoulder just in time to see her beloved city erupt into a massive mushroom cloud. Her eyes go wide at the realisation of everything she had known just going nuclear, and she has to stop on the side of the road as she's stricken by an anxiety attack, tears running down her face. This world really was fucked...


Present day

Jade sifts through the ruins of an abandoned pharmacy building in the city not far off from where Desiree and Joss start their search, scavenging for supplies. She'd almost run out of food and fresh water, and things were getting a bit desperate in other areas as well. The only thing she ever had a steady supply of was dye -- no one was looking for that in the apocalypse but her. She finally gives up and sits back against the wall right underneath the window, sighing and laying her head back against the hard stone surface. She can't help but think back to that fateful day when New York had been bombed. They had called it a "nuclear powerplant melt down", and had mentioned nothing of the madmen that had plagued its streets not hours before. She had come to learn over the past months that the madmen were being referred to as "Zombies", though she called them simply "Zeds" for short. Zombies. What a mess. This really was like an interactive horror film. It might even be fun, if it were possible to escape it. Alas, the only escape she found was in the morphine IVs she had jacked from a hospital about a month ago, though she tried to limit her taking of that as much as she could.

In any case, she figured it was time to get going, and she slowly rises, peering out the window to make sure the coast is clear before vaulting through the broken glass and dashing into the maze of streets, moving as silently as she can as she continues her search. What a mess, what a mess...

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