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Jay Bennett

"I will protect those I love with my life"

0 · 322 views · located in Noralisaniler City

a character in “Dead Hope”, as played by boultinator93


Character Name
Jay Bennett


Character Age


Used to be a security guard for a research facility. (Had only been in the job a week before the virus started to spread)

Jay is quite a quiet young man who lacks confidence, especially with women despite his reasonably good looks. He finds it hard to get to know people because of trust issues and it usually takes some time for him to really believe in someone. He got the job in security partly so that he could deal with his confidence. A lot of his friends will tell people that he is one of the nicest guys around and does anything to help people that he cares for and anyone in need.

Clothing And Weapon
Still wears his uniform because he had to quickly escape the bank when zombies attacked it. Has a security baton as a weapon from his job, doesn't have a gun but is trained to use one.

History Of Character
Jay hasn't had much given to him in life, he has had to work hard for everything he has. His family were always poor which meant he had to leave school at an early age just so that his family could pay there way. It was a shame that he had to leave school because he was a talented football (soccer) player but to him his family were far more important than anything that he wanted. Jay would do anything for his family because despite them having almost nothing they always cared for him unlike some other families in his situation. They tried to keep him in school but they couldn't stop him leaving. A couple of years after he left school he managed to get a job in security at a research facility. He was so happy and excited when he got the job, it was good pay and stable, he could finally help his family. But then everything went wrong. He was at his security desk one night just waiting for his shift to end and to go home when he started hearing groans and screams from down the hall. Jay went to check what the problem was but he never dreamed of what he saw. A man was ripping the body of a young scientist woman apart with his teeth. Jay hit him with his baton and checked if she was okay, but she was already dead. Then all of a sudden more groans could be heard and people were coming down the hallway covered in blood. Jay didn't know what was going on but he knew one thing, that the savages were workers in the facility. The man that he had hit got up from the floor and started trying to bite at Jay, but he managed to wrestle him off and backed away from the approaching horde. He quickly escaped the building chaining the glass doors behind him, but the size of the group pushing against the glass shattered it allowing them to escape. Jay ran, as fast as he could, he didn't know what to think, he just had to get away.

So begins...

Jay Bennett's Story