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I just want to enjoy life. Why's everyone trying to make it so complicated?

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【More Than Just A Pretty Face...】
“If Lincoln had lived in a time of peace no one would know his name.” –Theodore Roosevelt

Full Name
Leonidas Davian Andover

Leo, Dave.

Student. Technically.


July 13th, 1997


Sexual Orientation

Half-white, half-asian

Hereditary Half-Witch

【Be On The Lookout For...】
“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Height and Weight
5’9” (175 cm), 140 lb. (63.5 kg)

Eye and Hair Color
Earthy brown and chocolate brown, respectively

Body Type
Definitely athletic, with the toned build of one who does a lot of exercise and frequently engages in outdoor activity, but not the heavy musculature of a bodybuilder.

Special Markings
Four tattoo-like symbols on his neck, circling it like a choker; one each for the Chinese symbols representing four elements: Fire, water, earth and air. Also has a scar on his knee from a rock climbing accident.

Extras and Fashion
Favors T-shirts that show off his physique and simple jeans. He’s not the most fashion-conscious, despite being otherwise careful about his appearance.

【Behind The Mechanics】
“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” –Bruce Lee

Likes Dislikes

Outdoor activities Being cooped up
Sports Studying
Hanging out Depressing stuff (stories, songs, whatever really)
His powers Responsibility
Mandarins Fish
Most music (especially rock) Poorly done music
Cartoons Looking weak or frightened
Slacking off Being told what to do
Video games Bullies
Singing Spiders
Playing instruments Being sick or bedridden

Very expressive, frequently using gestures and pantomime to illustrate whatever he’s saying. Or just because. He also won’t walk if he can help it, preferring to hop, climb, free run or generally find a more agile way of getting wherever he’s going. If he’s walking with others, he’ll probably be on a fence instead of on the sidewalk.

Fears and Phobias

ImageFear of crippling injury
If there’s one thing Leo hates, it’s being stuck in one place, or bedridden, or generally unable to enjoy his sports and outdoor activities. Even the idea of some injury that could leave him permanently disabled or handicapped is enough to send chills down his spine.

Leo wasn’t always afraid of spiders. He thought eight legs was pretty cool, eight eyes kind of creepy but still cool, and webs and super-strength and so on upgrading it to outright awesome. Then someone told him more about spiders, specifically their way of digesting their prey before devouring it. He was six years old at the time and the nightmares took weeks to stop; even now he doesn’t like talking about them.


ImageProfessional athlete
Overall Leo feels he’s too young to bother thinking about any serious future aspirations (or anything serious at all, really) but if possible he would like to make a career off of his physical abilities. He’s not sure what sport exactly, just generally something outdoorsy.

Leo is not the kind of guy who likes people to know he’s afraid. Of anything. Ever. While this in and of itself is hardly a great secret, he does take great pains to ensure no one knows about his arachnophobia. His close family probably at least suspects, considering he avoids spiders like the plague, but to his knowledge it’s still a secret from everyone else.

While Leo takes sporting contests very seriously, anything that isn’t serious to him (such as exams at school) is just a boring slog that can be sped up with a bit of cheating. Obviously his mother and teachers can’t find out about this, but several of the other students (and his brother Jax, whose mind magics have been enlisted more than once) know he can’t be bothered to actually study when cheating is so much easier.

Something of an inversion, this isn’t a secret Leo’s keeping, but a secret his family keeps from him. He currently believes he had the same father Jax did, who mysteriously vanished when he was too young to remember. In point of fact he was adopted around that time, which his family has yet to tell him.

Leonidas is carefree and optimistic by nature, rarely dwelling on negatives for very long. He likes to see the bright side in life, at least as long as he doesn’t come off too sappy while doing so, and can usually be found smiling about something. He is especially fond of outdoor activities and exercise, from competitive sports to simply running and jumping for fun.

Because he enjoys physical activities and rarely bothers to study or pursue the intellectual he often gets labeled as a ‘dumb jock’ by others despite his outgoing, friendly personality and quick wit. In fact he can be quite thoughtful when the mood strikes him, but academics simply don’t interest him and he doesn’t have much of an attention span. When confronted on this he usually makes some evasive joke or comment or else insists he’s an artist (of no specific art) and works best when not boxed in.

None who know him would really describe Leo as unfriendly, as he loves spending time with just about anyone willing to crack a smile, but everyone has a darker side. Though it can take a lot to make him really angry, once Leonidas decides he really doesn’t like somebody then they can expect a long, active and stubborn grudge. Bullies and the particularly authoritarian make up the bulk of his black list.

Leo is rarely afraid to speak his mind unless it’s obviously a really, really bad idea. He usually doesn’t mean any offense when he says something untoward; to him, it’s simply an innocuous comment that for some reason gets taken completely the wrong way. On the bright side, he’s quick to apologize once he realizes this.

Discipline does not come naturally to him. While he has surprising self-discipline in matters that he considers interesting and important (such as his appearance or the state of his body) discipline in the sense of following orders or rules he doesn’t like rarely even occurs to him, never mind actually happening. He can quickly grow resentful of attempts to make him fall in line.

It must be said that Leonidas has a significant ego. He is well aware of the fact that he is handsome, athletic, powerful and generally well-liked, and while he usually turns his bragging into just another joke (something like a caricature of egotism) he truly is very confident – sometimes overconfident.

“Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.” - Katara

Leo’s abilities boil down simply to the manipulation of the four classical elements. Calling up fire from thin air, raising chunks of earth and stone, tossing streams of water skyward, blowing up skirts (he hasn’t done that in years, honest) all are well within his power. In general, if it can be done in the Avatar cartoons, he can do it too, though he’s not sure yet if that includes lightning, metal, blood or plants, as he’s never been able to pull those off.

This may be connected to his real parents and their heritage; since he was young he's had symbols on his neck, surrounding it like a choker; the four Chinese symbols for fire, water, earth and air. They appeared at the same time as his power manifested. Leo himself has never really questioned why Chinese symbols would appear on his body once he knew what they all meant, but it suggests the witching half of his heritage may be very old indeed. After all, Chinese sorcerors were said to wield the powers of the elements in ancient times.

Skills, Strengths, and Talents
Adaptable and quick-witted, what Leo lacks in patience and caution he makes up for in fluid thinking and fast reflexes. He’s highly athletic, engaging in a variety of physical exercises as a favorite hobby and a matter of course, including martial arts and free running.

Flaws, Weaknesses, and Disabilities
Impatient, reckless, cocky, brash, all are terms easily applied to Leonidas. While not really unintelligent, he has a habit of not thinking things through and can rarely be bothered to sit down and study or plan, preferring to charge in and rely on his gut and his powers to help him get through a situation. This extends to his magical studies; while he practices a lot with his own innate abilities he only knows a handful of other spells.

【A Glimpse Into The Past...】
“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” –Winston Churchill

Leo has had a pretty good life so far. As far back as he can remember he has had a loving family, plenty of friends, a good hometown to grow up in and of course the deep secret of his family’s continued practice of witchcraft. That last one made growing up especially interesting. He was never the most subtle of witches and has had his share of near misses regarding his innate abilities.

Leonidas has been told that his father (whom he mostly knows as ‘mine and Jax’s dad’) died when he was three years old under somewhat mysterious circumstances. Jax has additionally hinted that this is not necessarily a bad thing and that the man was a horrible father, so he’s never dug too deeply despite not remembering much of anything before he was four. The truth is somewhat different: He was adopted not long after that death at the age of three.

Whether it was chance or design that he turned out to be from a long line of witches on one side of his family is something only his mother likely knows. Regardless, he was raised as one of the Andovers’ own. His life was mostly average after that, or at least average for a witch hiding his budding innate abilities from the world. At least up until now.

Lorena Andover, adoptive mother
Jaxon Andover, adoptive brother
Kelsey Andover, adoptive aunt
Arianna Andover, adoptive cousin
Real parents unknown (possibly deceased)

【Just A Little Extra...】
“Wait, we’re not done yet?” –Leonidas Andover

Play-by-post, obviously, and I tend to prefer the fantastic or larger-than-life, cinematic types. Sci-fi can be fun, but at the first mention of the words ‘hard sci-fi’ I just run. Also, yes we have.

How often can I expect you to post?
I usually don’t have a lot holding me up, but when school and work pick up (usually at the same time, because the universe is a jerk) I can be a while. I’ll try to inform you beforehand of this.

Do you swear to adhere to the rules of this RolePlay?
I solemnly swear to do that thing you just said.

Anything Else
Anything that didn't fit into the above categories.

Bright Lights in Paradise ♦ Heroes for Hire
Turn it up, head for the bright lights.
We'll take a chance with no regrets.
We're gonna drive straight through this sunrise
Just in time to watch it set.
And as we look down from these rooftops,
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We'll take a second to remind ourselves we're on our own.

We're the soundtrack to the nights we don't remember
With the friends that we'll never forget.
And it's times like these we wish would last forever,
But all good things must end.

Take me back to the bright lights
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Someone please take me away...

And as we layed back by the ocean,
And disappeared into the tide
And watched the streets light up
Like a million stars into the darkest sky.

We're the soundtrack to the nights we don't remember
With the friends that we'll never forget.
And it's times like these we wish would last forever,
But all good things must end.

Take me back to the bright lights
Somewhere just past the sunrise
Someone please take me away
Whoa-oah whoa-oh-oh-woah [repeat]
Someone please take me away...

It's gonna be a long drive home,
And now it's all over but the memories remain
(How could we ever forget),
As darkness falls, we're tired and worn
But we'll do it all again

Take me back to the bright lights
Somewhere just past the sunrise
Someone please take me away
Whoa-oah whoa-oh-oh-woah
Whoa-oah whoa-oh-oh-woah

Take me back to the bright lights
Somewhere just past the sunrise
Someone please take me away

So begins...

Leonidas Davian Andover's Story

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Leonidas Davian Andover - or just Leo, if you didn't like 300 quotes - leaned back on a branch near the top of a tree just a few paces out from the lakeshore party, eyes closed and listening to the music as the bass pounded through the ground and the tree roots, into his bones. Okay, said like that it sounded majorly creepy, but it felt awesome. He fully intended to return to the party of course (how could he not?) but he may have had just a tiny bit too much to drink and was now waiting on a lot of water he'd washed it down with to finish sobering him up. Not his idea, but hell, he was in too good a mood to argue. Besides, there was something soothing about the night sky above and the vibrating wood below.

And then the soothing atmosphere was shattered by the arrival of a car and the annoucement of refills. Yes! Beer run accomplished! Okay, enough napping, time to get wasted again! With that happy thought in mind Leo slid down from branch to branch, dropped out of the tree and landed on the soft earth below. And he didn't even need a cushion of air to soften the fall, which was good because it might have been noticed. He was occasionally accused of being reckless with the secret, but he never pulled anything he thought would get caught while there were people around. Almost never. Certainly not around sober people.

Leo popped his headout from the forest where it met the lakeshore, grinning broadly. "Did someone say refills?" He asked, certain that at least some of them would insist he'd had too much already. Pff, yeah right, he could hold his liquour. He just maybe shouldn't have gotten in the drinking contest with that guy twice his size. He'd be more careful this time. Honest. At least that was his planned speech for the argument. As for the question of whether sixteen was too young to be drinking himself stupid, well, so was nineteen, legally. But who cared about those details?

Probably the decision would be with Jaxon. If he decided to be the fun, relaxed older brother, then tonight was definitely gonna be a good night. If he decided to be the responsible, reasonable older brother, then he was gonna have to take the rest of the evening on only a mild buzz. Unless, of course, Leo waited to really ask until Jax was drunk too? Dishonest, but on the other hand, there was beer and a party... He'd figure it out if and when he had to.

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Summer found herself giggling madly as she was hoisted up onto the shoulders of one the linebackers, being carted on to the deck. She caught sight of her friends Ari and Robert, giving the cousins a wave and a bright smile as she struggled to keep herself from squirming too much in the arms of the drunken and strapping young man. As soon as she hit the water her thoughts were invaded by a familiar voice that made her shake her head as she returned the thought to the intruder. “Hey! Amanda, Rowan, and I are staying at the Trinity Cabin for the weekend. Witches only — Interested?” Her thoughts ended abruptly as she kicked her legs, her head breaking the surface quickly only for her to see a number of others following her into the lake with loud and drunken cries of euphoria. She swam away from them, submerging herself once again to dive deeper. Her eyes opened in the murky waters, bubbles escaping from her nose as she attempt to hold back a giggle, spotting a boy struggling to keep the others from pantsing him. She resurfaced and swam further away from the others, enjoying some time alone to listen to the music, floating on her back and watching as fireworks exploded in the sky. Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of a woman she hadn't seen before but who still looked familiar. The blonde woman was quite gorgeous, leading two young men out of the lake and into the forest with an impish smile on her lips. Summer watched them for a while, not noticing that her name had been called.

She had a bad feeling about it...

MONDAY - JULY 9, 2012

The weekend had been an excellent one and now it was time to begin the week anew. Summer rose before the sun did, glancing to see most of the friends that had been invited to stay in the big cabin all sprawled out with junk food and beer in their hands and around their bodies. Gross. She snapped her fingers and focused her will, watching as the potted plants in the room began to grow, extending their stems and leaves to curl around the trash and dropping them into the trash bin before retracting back to normal. Giving a side of satisfaction, Summer began to get dressed for her morning exercise routine. She didn't take long and was soon out the door, sprinting towards a large pine tree. Agile and flexible, the young woman jumped at the tree, gripping the trunk tightly with her nails and feet before scaling it quickly to the center where she found a sturdy branch and crawled across it before leaping onto the next branch in the tree nearby. Summer was excellent when it came to traveling through woodlands whether by tree, land, or water. Her instincts and senses were heightened to almost animalistic in nature when she put herself in the mindset, letting herself become primal. She was like Catwoman, replacing the skyscrapers and rooftops with trees and terra firma.

She didn't seem to notice the various scratches she got from the branches and thorns, her thoughts centered only on stretching her limbs and basking in the nature around her. She dropped from the trees, landing in a crouched position on the ground with a feral growl. Her clothes fell away from her body and the air around her gave a light shimmer as she shrank down and was replaced by a black fox. She ran around for another hour before pausing to sit atop a hill, greeting the sun with yoga and her naked form. As the sun came to a high point in the sky just before noon, she shifted back into a fox to seek out her clothes, redressing herself and jogging back to the cabin. By the time she returned to the cabin everyone was gone. Either for work or just to get back home. Even her animal companions seemed to have returned home. She shook her head with a smile as she made her way out to the stable and pulled out one of the horses. She would just put stallion up in the stables at home. Saddling up Nigel, she was soon on her way home, riding on the side of the road to make sure that he stayed in the grass whenever they could. He didn't like the concrete on this hooves. She got a few strange looks as people saw her talking to him as though carrying out conversation with a human being. Though maybe the looks were because he would whinny and nicker back at her.

Almost home, a car slowed down beside her and a woman rolled down the window, leaning over to talk to her. “Summer, dear. You haven't seen Matthew and Jensen have you? I can't find them. I haven't heard from them since yesterday.” She pulled over and put her hazard lights on, concern riddling her face and voice. “No, I haven't. I saw them Saturday at the lake party but I didn't get the chance to speak with them. I'll ask everyone else to keep an eye out and you'll know as soon as we find them.” She offered a comforting smile as she thought back to the two brothers walking into the forest with the blonde stranger. She made a mental note to seek the woman out later and see what she could find out from her. Gloria Hanover gave Summer a faint smile before turning off her hazard lights and going on about her way. Summer continued on her way where she sought out her father, knowing her mother was already at work. “Papa, I don't suppose you've seen anyone new around town have you?” She picked up an apple and tossed it up before catching it and taking a bite from the juicy and rather delicious Granny Smith, its sour tang delighting her. Her father turned around, wiping his hands on his apron, his face taking on a thoughtful expression. “I do recall a new shop opening up. Hot Buns. Great pies.”

“Blonde hair, probably blue eyes and really fit? Really modelesque?” She raised a brow before polishing off her apple. Her father nodded and leaned in towards her over the marble island. “Yeah...Something on your mind, n'nitschaan?” Her father's deeply accented voice was filled with concern and curiosity as he looked her in the eyes and she quickly shook her head. “Nothing, really. I just saw her at the party on Saturday and was wondering who she was....And the Hanover boys are missing since yesterday.” She quickly averted her gaze from his. Her parents were of the few people she found it difficult to lie too. They did that thing that parents do, staring at you with that look that pierces your soul until you cough up what you're hiding. It freaked her out. She quickly excused herself and disappeared upstairs, leaving her father puzzled. Chief Salem rubbed his chin before deciding to don his uniform and pay the Hanover home a visit. Summer, however, was busy pulling out her books. Three in particular. She opened up the three books, one to a map of Easton, another to a map of Massachusetts, and another to a world map just in case. Setting them down on her desk, she pulled out an uncut emerald on a string from one of her drawers and closed her eyes. Focusing her will and thoughts on Matthew Hanover, she held it inches above the books and slowly let it rotate. This went on for five minutes before it simply fell to the desk. She tried again, this time with Jensen on her mind. Again, she got nothing and began to worry. Fearing the worst, she pulled out her phone and texted everyone in her contact list and even threw up a post on Facebook. Anyone seen the Hanover boys today? She then sent a more exclusive text to the more...witchy of her friends. Huge problem guys. We need to find Mat and Jensen right now.

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One foot on the arm. Hup! Swing to the left. Let go for a split-second, then catch the head. Stone and metal inside, it was strong enough. Press one foot against the crook of the elbow, shift the opposite hand to the neck. Kick off the elbow and pull. And just like that, Leo was sitting on top of the biggest of the five mermaid statues that made up the fountain in Easton park. Despite water spouts everywhere, he wasn't even wet - and not a drop of magic used. Yeah, sometimes it was pretty good to be him.

His mildly egotistical musings were interrupted by a friend of his, Dean Howard, calling from the side of the fountain. "Yo, hanging out with your girlfriend, Leo?"

Leo grinned, waving down at him. "She's hot and doesn't complain when I talk about her boobs. What more could a guy want?" He laughed and Dean soon joined in, leaning on one of the smaller statues and shaking his head. "So what're you doing in the park?" Leo asked once the laughter died down. "And without a Vita in your hand? Hell, are you even Dean?" Dean was, to put it mildly, not an outdoorsy kinda guy. He preferred to be indoors pwning noobs or rescuing princesses or punching Zeus in the face. Did a bitchin' Dante cosplay, though, which is hard to do when you're black.

"It's such a nice day, I thought I'd take a walk," Dean said with a perfectly straight face. The look he got back was a lot more animated, and he cracked up again almost immediately. "Your face, man! You should see that look. Naw, Vita's in my pocket. My mom's sending me out for groceries. Hey, you seen the Hanovers?"

Leo, who had laughed too after he got over his shock, shook his head. "Mat and Jensen? Don't think so. We're not in the same year, so I usually don't. Why?"

"You didn't get the text?" Dean asked. "Summer's been sending'em around. Then people don't know and text their friends, then they text their friends- Half the school's heard by now, it's like an information network or something. I figured she'd go to you first."

Leo started to say something, then stopped. He pulled out his cellphone, which he had been completely ignoring all day, and sure enough there it was: Two texts from Summer, sent at about the same time. One just asked the question, seemed pretty normal. The other looked more urgent. Huge problem? Well, if nobody'd seen them all day it did sound like it might be kind of a problem. He sighed and shot her a quick reply: Havent seen em. Be at ur place soon. "Sorry, babe, we'll pick this up another time," He told the stone mermaid, patting her on the head, then he slid down her back to land briefly on the fin before hopping off to the edge of the fountain. "I better go see why she's asking. Thanks, man. Tell your moms I said hi."

After parting ways with Dean Leo began the walk to the Salem house. And when walking proved too boring, he climbed a nearby rooftop (this was a suburban neighborhood) and began the free run instead. Technically this wasn't illegal in Easton, but he could still get knocked for disturbing the peace, and almost had been a few times. These days he made a point of getting across a roof quickly and quietly (quiet-ish, at least) to keep that from happening. It wasn't long before he reached Summer's place and knocked on the door, calling out "Yo! It's Leo!"

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“Leonidas Andover! Who the fuck you think you are bangin' on my door like you fuckin' own the place?!” John cried out in an angry tone, running to the door and yanking it open. Just over six feet tall, wider than a fridge (figuratively speaking), he towered over the athletic adopted Andover, lifting his chin some with a light snarl before slapping him on the back with a cheesy and brilliantly white smile that contrasted against his dark skin. “Bah! You know I'm just fuckin' with you. C'mon in boy! You're letting the heat out!” He pulled the boy inside and was about to call down Summer, but she already made her way downstairs and was just behind him. “C'mon!” No pleasantries were exchanged as she whisked him away with her father calling behind her. “Use a condom! Or don't! I'm kind of in the mood for grandkids!” A grin still plastered on his face, he whistled to himself as he made his way upstairs as well though taking a turn down the eastern corridor where his and Luna's bedroom happened to be. He wasted no time getting dressed and didn't bother giving Leo "the speech", as was customary for overprotective fathers to do before they allowed a young man to be alone in a home with their baby girl. It wasn't that he trusted the two — Not that he didn't trust them, because he trusted them very much. But he truly just didn't give two fucks if Leo tried to make a move. He knew his daughter better than anyone else. The last boy that tried to make a move on her too quickly ended up in the hospital after it seemed as though the insides of all of his clothing items had been rubbed down with poison oak. He taught his daughter well and she wasn't one to play games. So. Yeah. Let the boy make a move. He was eager to see what she would pull out of her proverbial hat next.

He was soon into his squad car and on his way downtown to question Miss Kolmykova. lt wouldn't hurt to grab a pie while he was there. Maybe a few dozen donuts and some cinnamon buns. He was drooling at the mere thought of the delicious sweets that would be obtained at the bakery with the rather funny and perverse pun of a name. He powered on his phone only to see it blown up with a number of text messages and voicemails and missed calls. There was no doubt in his mind that over half of these were pertaining to the Hanover boys. He could see why his daughter suspected the new woman in town — She didn't really trust newcomers. Or at least not the ones settling. A large town it may be, it was still one of those places where so very few moved in or out without family or friends being nearby. As far as he knew, Miss Kolmykova had neither in town. Still, he thought her to be a rather innocent woman. She seemed sweet enough and he hated that he might have to sully her new move by making her an immediate suspect in what could turn out to be a missing persons case. He kept his mind on the optimistic thoughts and simply put on a smile as he pushed the thought of the Hanover boys being in any danger far from his mind. They were probably suffering from a hangover and wandering around out in the woods somewhere. Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all. Adjusting his belt and making sure his gun was secure, he parked just outside of the new bakery and grabbed his wallet before walking in. He was greeted by a small ringing bell and a few waves from the patrons already inside. “Sheriff Salem! It's good to see you again! Come to get some more key lime pie?” Tatiana glanced away from a customer who had just bought a large box of cookies.

Beauty didn't even begin to describe the woman. Sex rolled off of her in waves, obvious from the way the males in the place couldn't tear their eyes away from her curves. She tucked a few blonde strands out of her face as she gave the Sheriff a coy smile to which he felt himself simply melt under. He loved his wife more than anything in the world and was crazy faithful to Luna. But there was nothing wrong with admiring another beauty, was there? “I did, actually. I also came to ask you if you know Matthew and Jensen Hanover.” He moved to the counter and leaned against it and watched as her cheeks filled with red. “Oh...Well. You see...” John gave an understanding smile before motioning towards the back. “Perhaps you'd like to take this conversation somewhere more private?” She gave a soft nod and made his way to the back with her, exiting into the alley behind the bakery where she leaned against a wall and buried her face in her hands. “They invited me to some party over the weekend and at first I wasn't really sure. But college boys are a guilty pleasure of mine. Oh, Christ! I swear, those lDs looked real!” John listened to her with a light smile, uncrossing his arms from his chest before placing his hands on hers and removing them from her face. “Hey, it's alright. They were both of age and l'm sure that they aren't complaining that a beautiful woman such as yourself decided to take a shining to them.” She cracked a small timid smile as he brushed a tear from her cheek with his index finger. “I'm only asking because you're the last person anyone saw them with and they haven't been seen since Saturday or heard from them since Sunday. I was wondering if you could tell me where they went after you saw them.” He took a step back from her as, she gave a light sniffle and a nod.

“Oh. After we finished up we headed back towards the party. They went ahead of me — I took a little bit longer for clean up.” She gave an impish grin before giving a shrug. “I didn't see them after that. I got back to the party and it looked like everyone was either passing out or clearing out, so I went ahead and left for home. I hope they're okay. Maybe they were just drunk and got lost in the woods? They could be passed out from a hangover somewhere in the woods. I could help look if you'd like. I sort of feel like it's my fault for letting them wander out alone while they were drunk.” John was having none of that. “It's alright. We're going to wait until tomorrow morning. If they don't turn up by then, we'll declare them missing persons and start looking for them. No need to trouble yourself."
He gave a tip of his hat before motioning towards the door. “If there's anything else I can do for you. Anything at all.” She gave a soft smile and placed a small hand against his arm. For a moment he felt...something. A flare in his hormones as he stared into her gorgeous blue eyes. He quickly shook his head and pulled his arm back gently, resisting the sudden urge to simply ravage her in the filthy alley. “I'd actually like to come back later tonight and pick up some of those delicious organic raspberry cheesecake cookies you make. I'm sure my wife and daughter would love them.” Confusion flickered pver her expression for a nanosecond before disappearing and becoming a soft laugh. “Of course! I'll make a couple dozen. On the house.” The two bade each other farewell, though she remained behind with a dark expression taking over her visage. How dare he defy her...

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Leo liked Mr. Salem. He was pretty cool for an older dude, never afraid of some ribbing. And he didn't tell horrible jokes and make (ugh) puns all the time like some parents. "That sounded like an order to me," he joked. "Don't want to disappoint him." He chuckled as he turned left on the staircase, halfway up.

Then he turned around entirely, facing the way he'd just come, and jumped forward, grabbing onto the floor above to pull himself up. He planted his feet at the base, where the bannister ended, and pushed up again, grabbing the top of the bannister at the last moment to propel himself into flipping over it. Legs tucked to avoid kicking the ceiling, then out for the landing. As he straightened up, he made a show of pulling the hem of his shirt down over his abs from his collar, where it had dropped while he was upside down. Showing off? Him? Perish the thought.

"So, I got your text," he said eventually as they walked down the hallway. That was the problem with hallways, walking was all you could do. Give him some monkey bars any day. "Both of'em, I mean. What's got you so riled? You think something happened to Matt and Jensen?" Leo didn't know either of them very well, but he did know Summer. She wouldn't get worked up over nothing. This was more than just two guys making themselves scarce, and whatever it was had her worried.