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Kaylie Thorton

Look alive, sunshine

0 · 215 views · located in Modern-day zombie apocalypse.

a character in “Dead Morning America”, originally authored by ChaosxChild13, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Kaylie Thorton
Goes By: Phoenix [She's from Phoenix, Arizona]
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual

She always wears a Led Zepplin t-shirt -- or Fender, something that resembles the golden ages of Rock N Roll [Guns N Roses, ACDC, Led Z, Motorhead etc], or a flannel shirt, she gets a lot of hand-me-down t's from her brothers. She wears worn out vans and ripped jeans. She has her cartilage pierced, and a piercing on her bottom lip on the right side, she has her belly button pierced and she has a wolf pawprint on her hip [tattoo] and also a music note on her wrist.

Height: 5'3''
Weight: 115

Occupation: Running from zombies and killing homicidal villagers? "Need I explain?"


Kaylie grew up with four older brothers. Living off DC and Marvel comics -- her favorite superhero always being Batman. She loved him because he was human, original and wasn't in any way supernaturally changed by something. She grew up loving Buffy, skateboarding and playing sports. Around her high school years she got into motorcycles, eventually getting her first one when she was seventeen and she named it Zoe. She loves to play guitar, sing, read and write and her favorite color is orange. She has a pitbull named Bosco who she loves more than anything in the world.

Kaylie is a pistol, loaded with sarcasm and dry humor. She is pretty open minded though once you get past the hard shell. She is a sweet girl, but it's tough to get her to crack. Some people think she's crazy because of some of the ideas that pop into her head. She is one track minded with a sailor tongue and she is more than stubborn.

Her father was a cop for a long time, he taught her a lot on guns, how to use them, how to reload and everything.

Likes: Using pistols, finding new throwing knives. Her dog Bosco. She loves the heat and the thrill of the kill.

Dislikes: People getting in her way, or slowing her down.


Uses pistols, baseball bat, her truck, and throwing knives. Her backpack, which she carries all this stuff in.


Kaylie grew up with four older brothers [as stated earlier], she had a good life. Her mother and father divorced when she was around 6 months old and her relationship with her dad has been shaky ever since. On her sixteenth birthday, Kaylie spent some time in a mental hospital for about a year due to her depression and anger problems. She was always put in the middle of her parents problems and she was angered by her parents acting so immature and her mother and her would argue a lot about almost every little thing. She was sent to therapy because her grades were declining and she began to get into a lot of fights at school. She stayed there for a year and was put on medication. She found comfort in music and writing songs. She know doesn't let drama phase her too much anymore. She is a calm person, but will begin worrying when the time is right. She cares a lot for her family and her friends and would do anything to help them in times of need.

Once the virus spread, well... She doesn't like to talk about that.

So begins...

Kaylie Thorton's Story

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Kaylie glowered at the TV as the reporter spluttered out bad news. Everyone was watching intently, shaking in their boots. Kaylie?

Well, she was just baffled how Oprah got out of the US so fast. She was pretty convinced Oprah had some serious bank left over from those shows and probably had enough money to buy out NASA so she could live happily on Mars. Kaylie takes the last swig of her drink, sighing as she leans back, the crinkling of her movement against torn rubber stool made a harsh squeak. The bartender stares at her for a moment.

"Care for another?" He asks and Kaylie sighs with a shake of her head. She pulls out a cigarette and pops it in her mouth, then puts one behind her ear for later. Whipping out a white lighter she lights her cigarette, taking a long drag and chuckles.

Poor sucker, she had stolen this pack of Newports off a dead biker who's head was viciously ripped off by zombies.

She heard the whir of helicopters overhead and sudden screaming of people on the street and her head whips towards the sound.

"What the..." She grumbles as a zombie comes stumbling towards the bar. She takes out her pistol and shoots it right in the face.

"No one's gonna ruin my cigarette break."

"Everyone evacuate! We need the area cleared!"

Kaylie walked outside, squinting up at the helicopters for a moment then she saw what they were referring to. A hoard of homicidal villagers coming towards the bar and Kaylie begins to make a run for it.

She throws the cigarette down in gasoline residue pooled on the side of the street and a small wall of flames burst through, burning some Zombies that were running after her.

Kaylie turns her head as more zombies come in from the alleyways and she shoots a few down and then turns her head, almost running into a much larger zombie.

Without much thought she takes the gun and pulls the trigger, hitting right in between his eyes. He falls down and she keeps running, bursting into a worn down warehouse and she takes a breather. She looks up slowly after catching her breath, realizing she wasn't the only one who had this idea.

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Kaylie sighs, looking at some people huddling in the corners. Now she'd seen a lot of things, from men who had grown dread locks out of their top lips, to children who look like cigarettes. Nothing seemed to phase her much anymore. With a sigh she hears the helicopters outside and the whir of guns.

"Please... Help us!" A begging hand reaches out and Kaylie slaps it away, there was no time to be falling to other people's needs. It was an extreme Darwin world, only the best survive. She walks towards the back and heard a whimper.

"..Bosco?" She asks, turning slowly and he wags his tail, she knew that face anywhere.

"BOSCO!" She lets the 75 pound pitbull jump up on her and she tears up a bit, "I thought I lost you..." She had thought she lost Bosco one night because he ran off. She lets out a sigh of relief and checks him for any bites or scratches. A sigh of relief escapes her lips and she ruffles his ears.

"No more running away." She scolds and he whimpers. But she couldn't be mad.

"Come." She says, standing and reloading her pistol, holding it up as she pushes open the door.

She comes out to a girl with a bow and arrow and a man who seemed too flirty. She points the gun and Bosco growls next to Kaylie.

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"Well let's just say that I won't shoot if you guys don't want me as a mid afternoon snack." Kaylie frowns at both of them and she clicks her tongue on the roof of her mouth, slowly putting the gun back in the holster and she tilts her head to the side.

"Can't trust much of anyone." She gives a shrug and places a hand on Bosco's neck and he sits down, his eyes never leaving the two others. WIth a small moment she chuckles a bit, running a hand through her hair, pushing the bangs from her eyes.

"Strange seeing people actually alive and kicking." Her eyes flicker across the street, taking a instinctive 360 of the place.

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Jericho pulled out his 1911 with his left hand, now dual wielding Jericho used his tomahawk as the offensive weapon and the 1911 for mopping up any survivors. As he witnessed Ava get knocked to the ground he couldn't help but gasp at the sight of the creature. Until this point the only things he's seen were slow walking monsters. Not this agile... thing! Jericho stopped caring about accuracy and started lighting the hunter up. Both with his surefire light and with hollow point .45s. His first round struck its arm and the second in its torso but it hopped off somewhere as two bullets were wasted and hit the store counter sending splinters into the air.

"Ava! Get back outside!" He fired the remainder of his magazine into the horde in the back of the room as he moved backwards. "Phoenix! Go with her! Move! move!"

Jericho made it back out to the street as he holstered the Springfield and unslung his ACR. He lined up his holographic sight with the first walker or runner or whatever the heck it was and squeezed the trigger. The head popped and the body dropped. Jericho kept moving backwards as he let loose controlled single shots from his ACR. Empty brass casings littered the ground as fire erupted from the barrel of his beloved ACR.

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Avalon Goldwin

Avalon finished her can of fruit and took off the chain from around her neck looking at it. "Where are you Nyx? God I hope your even still alive." She whispered to herself as she slipped the chain and ring into her pocket. She leaned her head back on the chair and watched Jericho sit down next to her. She smiled and shifted herself on the chairs to where she was laying down across them with her head gently resting on his lap. Everything that had happened today had drained her complete of all energy and she found herself slowly drifting to sleep. "Your welcome, for saving you today. To be honest I was scared I wouldn't get to you on time." Her eyes flicked to the guy that had just entered. "Yes we know. We're safe her for now."

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#, as written by Acer-Ro
Justin's face took a very curious look to it. Locking eyes with the man who pointed his weapon at him. he lowered his weapon and thought about what was going on. He could not, however wrap his mind around it. He choose his words carefully. A full thirty seconds had past before he spoke even a word.

"So.... You guys are fully aware of whats going on out there." Justin paused for moment and looked they guy over. His face took an even more dumbfounded look when he realized that this guy clearly some sort of prior service. Justin pointed at the guy with his gun, his finger off the trigger. "You're prior service, and you just didn't bother to check the back door? I could have been one of those four legged stalking thingys and at the very lest gotten on of you guys." Justin said in a slightly mocking tone with a look that drove his point just a little bit more into the outfield .

Justin held out his hand and shook Ava's. "Nice to meet you Ava." He said with a smile before looking back and pointing at Tim. "You're my boy Tim. A scholar beyond your years."He waste little time getting into his real reason for being there. "It's been about two days since I had any sleep at all, about that long for food as well. I just need a remotely safe place to get some shut eye." Justin's tone was calm. A little calm for having a weapon with a laser sight aimed at his chest.

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#, as written by Acer-Ro
Justin downed the drink handed to him. He kinda like it, not one he would ever order first but he's had much worse than that in his life. Placing the glass on the nearest table. Justin put away his over the top knife. In truth it was to dull to be used as a weapon against a human but against a zombie it was near perfect. Justin did however pull out his Recon 1 folding knife. It was hands down, the better of the two. The blade was much stronger and sharper. His knife in left and his handgun in his right he took a seat in to a chair before ever saying a word. He was starting to worry about the brunnett that had yet to say anything. If anyone was going to try anything it was going to be her.

"Night ladies. Tim, try and get some rest. If you want to get out on a search party you'll need it. More than likely we're going to have a decent trek to find anyone."

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As everyone else was sound asleep Jericho kept watch, he already got his hour of sleep. That would keep him running for at least a day or two. Just like in the Sierra Leon... The Warlords over there were ruthless but Legion had left a mighty big boot imprint on their faces before they left. Legion showed them that there is more to the world than children and women to be bullied, there were sheepdogs willing to protect them. Even if the only money he made there was 20 bucks him and his squad felt like they were paid too much for taking out sorry excuses for men. But that was his first mission with his newly acquired Bushmaster ACR. Jericho had been following this rifle since it was known as the Magpul Masada way back in 2005. The ACR gained its popularity when it was featured in the Modern Warfare series but because of that most people thought they knew everything about the ACR. Jericho would laugh when he heard about the myths of the gun but he would keep to himself and just smile and nod. On this mission alone he clocked in over 40 kills at a Warlord camp in less than an hour with his newfound love. He overthrew Warlord Mohad Assem and in his place was put a young teenager who was willing to put his life on the line for democracy and equality. Good kid, Jericho hoped his people wasnt affected by these things. Of course Jericho wasn't alone when all of this was accomplished. He had all or Reaper Squad behind him, they were considered the best but they would never acknowledge this. They were just humble.

Reaper Squad...
Spartan, Irish, Iceman then finally Jericho as Frostbite.

A greek immigrant to the US Spartan always carried around that stupid Kel-Tec shotgun. Slide action and bull pup with over 14 rounds of ammo it was actually a nice shotgun. The reason why he thought it was stupid was cause it was still a slide action aka pump. Why would the guys at Kel-Tec not make this thing semi auto? The KSG matched his personality though. Spartan was loud and had many different skill sets. From breaching to close quarters combat Spartan was the guy you'd turn to for help in CQB.

Irish was... Well... Irish. Jericho hated to be stereotypical but he was a loud drunk that liked to fight. He chuckled thinking about him. He carried around "The Highlander." it was essentially an M249 SAW with the best parts money could buy. Irish increased the firing rate, threw in a LE stock with a recoil reducing pad, attached a specialized RIS unit on the front, a holographic sight on top and a very unique 40mm grenade launcher on front. Highlander was as heavy as a Civic but Irish ate Civics for late night snacks. 6'4 and 240 lbs Jericho never wanted to fight the large SOB.

Finally Iceman, a Navy SEAL that like Jericho was not satisfied with what the government was doing and thus joined Legion. Men and women who wanted to make a real difference. He had a very impressive resume, he was actually part of the team that took out the infamous Bin Laden. Cool, collected, quiet, Iceman was much like Jericho. He just simply lost faith in the human race but he always told Jericho to find a reason worth fighting for. He said he lost his reason a long time ago and he would hate to see Jericho wind up like him. But Jericho had a deep respect for the man, he was after all his mentor. Over 4 and a half decades old, Iceman was a force to be reckoned with. He liked his SCAR-L he carried back in ST6 so he decided to buy it. He always had a suppressor on it as well as a 4x Trijicon ACOG sight.

Jericho had to stop thinking about Reaper Squad and focus on his current group. Two badass females, one very different male and one hot shot. He'd get along with all of them but he may have problems with the hot shot. He seemed to be military but he also seemed to be the type of guy that went and got hammered every weekend at a sports bar. A shame to have talent but not use them in life to help others. So far it looked like he was in this for himself but Jericho wasn't going to turn away anyone needing help. That's why he didn't oppose to letting him stay the night. If he wanted to stay with the group he could. Jericho would never turn down any opportunity to help someone. If his group reached 50 people he would defend them until his heart stopped beating.

Everyone knew how he felt about Ava, he felt like a manwhore cause he only knew her name for maybe five hours before they kissed.

Phoenix seemed like one tough cookie, especially with her dog. Seemed like she could take on anything.

Then there was Tim, good man.

Jericho noticed the new guy waking up and drinking from his canteen and said a morning greeting. Which only confirmed what Jericho thought of the man. "Foods in the back like Tim said. You might want to stock up. I'm not sure if you want to join us in getting out or not but we just want you to know you're welcome to. And we may not have a lot of supplies but please help yourself to em!" Jericho smiled " The names Jericho Winters by the way. I'd shake your hand but I'm a little tied up at the moment." he looked down at the bundle of blue hair still on his lap. " Please excuse our first encounter the other day, we were all on edge. "

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Avalon Goldwin

Ava moaned hearing Jericho and the new guy talk. "What time is it?" She asked slowly as she sat up looking around and rubbing her eyes. She yawned and grabbed her backpack not waiting for an answer before walking into the back bathroom and changing out of her bloody mess of clothing. She walked up to one of the sinks and looked in the mirror. She had specs of blood all over her face and her makeup was smeared. Not like that was a major problem, but her appearance was below ecxepting even for a zombie apocalypse. She frowned and ran some water, splashing it on her face and whipping away the splatters with a paper towel and touching up her makeup the best she could without having to add more. She yawned again and turned leaving the bathroom and sitting down. "So what's the plan? We gonna just walk around until we get attacked again out there or are we gonna stay holed up? Cuz the red head out there seems to be having a fun time." She said pointing out the window to the girl that was smoking her cigarette on the hood of a car.

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In her dream, Nyx was happy and laughing. She was laying on the large, four-post bed in her parents room, the velvet of the rarely used covers soft against her stomach. Around her rose the four wooden posts of the bed holding up a sheer white canopy. Beside her lay her sister Avalon. Everything was bathed in a surreal beauty, colors brighter than she remembered them, Avalon's skin practically luminescent, the sheer white canopy enveloping them in their own little world of childish laughter and secrets.

Yet somehow the two blond girls seemed far away. Nyx watched herself lean over and giggle something secret in Avalon's ear who reacted by throwing her blond head back in laughter. She had had so many bad memories in her life that standing here at the edge of this world, observing this happy one now hurt. She shouldn't feel like an outsider. The happy girl on the bed with her sister was
her this was her memory and yet she felt as though she was watching a movie. Only able to watch the scene, not feel the emotions.

The two girls before her rolled onto their backs in laughter and stared up at the wispy white canopy as their giggles slowly died away breathlessly. This room had always been where Nyx and Avalon had shared their secrets and come to laugh, talk, do homework, or read. Her parents were nearly never home so their room was often unused, but sitting on the bed, the two of them had almost felt their presence. As if the white canopy walls were a good enough substitute for their mothers arms.

The scene before her made her smile as well as yearn to be there. To be them.

Seconds later, the scene changed as dreams do, yet Nyx was still in the same room. The two girls on the bed were a little older now, but this time they weren't happy and giggling. This time they were wickedly whispering back and forth in angry tones about what they were going to do to the new nanny. How they were going to drive her away.

Again the scene changed and the girls were older still, sitting together under the canopy. Nyx's heart wrenched as she watched Avalon break down into sobs, throwing her arms around her dream-self. She watched as the two girls held each other for a long time, and now Nyx truly connected with the picture before her. The emotions flooded her and she closed her eyes. These were emotions she was familiar with, things she knew how to handle.

The scene then changed one last time, and this time, Nyx was no longer viewing her life from the outside. And she was no longer in the safety if her parents bedroom. Now she stood outdoors. Trees stretched up around her, but not in the wild way of the forest, in a trim, precise way. Like a garden or something. The smells of Autumn drifted towards her on a cool breeze and Nyx took a few steps. What was she supposed to be seeing here? Another few steps, and she tripped over a rock, falling flat on her face.

On the ground, Nyx turned to find that what she thought had been a rock at first, was actually a headstone. Looking down among the trees, she realized that others stretched in long rows between the trunks. This particular one was small and grown over with roots of a large maple. Hands shaking, Nyx reached forward to yank away the roots, fearing what she would find there.

One final tug and the name was clearly visible. A slight shriek exploded from her as she fell back into the dirt in startled surprise, staring at the engraved letters in disbelief: "Avalon Goldwin" She shook her head frantically and stood. This no longer felt like a dream. Afterall, how could a dream be so detailed? Right down to the smell of the Autumn leaves.

Fearfully, she stood and took off running only to be tripped by another gravestone. This one was blank, but as she watched, letters began to etch themselves into the stone: N.
Oh God. Y. Oh God. X. Nyx closed her eyes, unable to watch.

When she opened them again, they were still there, clear as day: "Nyx Goldwin."


Celeste woke to a continual banging at her door. Her heart jumped into her throat and she had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming. Blood trickled from the cut and suddenly the pounding grew more frantic. Whatever was on the other side had smelled her blood. Fuck. Running her fingers through her long brown hair, Celeste shrank back into the corner of the room, wrapping her arms tight around her knees. Maybe it was better if she died. Then this would all be over anyway right?

She had barely gotten an hour of sleep in three days when she came to the building she was in now. It was seemingly empty and Celeste had needed a serious recharge so she'd decided to stay the night in one of the rooms. Unfortunately, there was neither electricity nor running water in any of the rooms. She knew how to cook from her days on the farm, but without food that would be impossible and without running water, so was a shower. She was still dressed in the checked yellow sundress she'd put on two days ago. The lace edges were torn and one of the straps was broken, hanging limply on her shoulder.

The only form of supplies Celeste had left home with was a metal bat she'd found in a truck and her pills. She knew how to swing the bat at least. She'd been on a softball team back in Alabama, but that was all the self defense she knew. The beating at the door grew louder and a growl rumbled on the other side.

Celeste couldn't help it. She let out a squeak and squeezed herself tighter, closing her eyes and burying her face in her knees a moment before lifting her head. She was going to die here in an alien city in someone else's apartment and no one would ever know or care. But it would all end. She would finally be free of this hell.

No. She couldn't think like that. Why was she thinking so morbidly? Celeste glanced at the window. It was late afternoon. She'd been asleep for hours, meaning it'd been hours since she'd taken her medication. Pinching her eyes shut tight, she tried to steady her breathing as she reached into the small pocket in her sundress and pulled out a baggie of white pills.

Not wanting to think about what would happen when she ran out, Celeste took one and put them away without bothering to see how many were left.

Looking back to the door again, she found that the creature was almost finished breaking it down. It could have simply pushed it open by now for sure, but it seemed absorbed in fully breaking off the door before it got to her. Stupid creatures. Apparently they were only able to focus on one thing at a time. Shaking, Celeste rose, bat hanging at her side.

She pressed her shoulder blades into the corner and closed her eyes as she raised her bat and placed it tenetively on her shoulder. The creature on the other side of the door was a hunter. How long had if been stalking her? From what she'd seen, they could move incredibly fast. She better take it out while it was still preoccupied.

Cautiously, grip on the bat firm, Celeste crossed the room to the feral thing beating on the door. It saw her and grew frantic, reaching out a hand to grab at her. She squeaked and jumped back avoiding a scratch, but it managed to grab hold of her dress, tearing a clean chunk out of the bottom.

Celeste took a second to compose herself before stepping back up to the thing. This time she didn't hesitate. Instead, she slammed her bat down on the zombie's neck with a sickening crack. It fell with a thud. Just to be sure, she hit it again in the skull with another crack before deciding that, without a door, the apartment was no longer safe.

Celeste made her way down to the ground floor and slipped out a side door that opened up into an alley. She stopped to press her back against the wall and slide to the ground, breathing heavily, trying to get a grip on herself. She'd just killed a person. It may have been out for her blood and infected, but it had been a living, breathing, human once.

Slowly, the panic drained away and Celeste focused on her surroundings. Were those... voices? As far as she knew, the infected couldn't talk. They had to be people. But would they kill her instantly? Celeste shook that off. What reason would they have? She had nothing but her medication, the clothes on her back, and the bat in her hand. Maybe these people were okay.

Standing, she followed the voices down the alley to a door, hanging slightly open on it's hinges. The door seemed to be the back door of a bar. She peeked in without quite stepping in. Yes. Definitely people. All standing in the bar talking with their backs to her. Celeste pulled her head from the doorway and pressed herself to the alley wall to breathe a second. Okay, you can do this. Just don't look threatening and they might spare you. She glanced down at herself in her torn dress, holding nothing but a bat, her small delicate form. Well at least she didn't have to worry about intimidating them. The only reason they'd have to kill her is because they didn't want her slowing them down. She'd just hand over her bat if they wanted it that bad. No need to die over it.

Once she reassured herself, Celeste let the bat hang at her side, making it obvious that she had no intention of using it before slowly pushing the door open and stepping inside. The ground was cold on her bare feet and the people still had their backs to her. She took the second to look them over. A girl with a dog smoking a cigarette, a girl with blue hair, and three boys.

Again she moved across the vast space between them slowly, cautiously, and stepping so light and delicately she made no noise for she'd had to ditch the heels she'd had on the first day. "Don't kill me." She spoke tentatively, fear evident on her face as she crept forward, every muscle in her body ready to flee in an instant if she had to.

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"Nyx," The sound of her name drifted into her dreams, and she sat up, gun in hand, before he'd even managed to get the next part out. "Nyx, get up; it's time to get moving." When the fear from her dream finally faded, Nyx realized it was Monday who'd spoken and lowered her gun to the couch again. He walked away and she dropped her face into her hands with a deep groan. For the first time in two days she felt like she'd actually had enough sleep. Even if it had been wrought with nightmares.

Rubbing her eyes, she stood and stretched her arms above her with a yawn, pulling her muscles. She turned to the couch and grabbed both her knife and her gun before the sharp smell of gasoline started to make her eyes water. She turned, eyebrows knit in confusion, as she walked out into the kitchen to find Monday dumping gas on everything. At first she just stood and watched, but then she moved past him and down the hall towards where Kamille had slept. He could do what he wanted. If he wanted to light the house on fire, who was she to stop him? It was his afterall.

When she reached the room, she pushed open the door gently and went in. "Kamille." She said, sleep still choking her voice as she fumbled for a light switch. Her hand managed to swipe on and suddenly the room was illuminated with light and Nyx crossed to where Kamille was sleeping and nudged her. "Time to get going Kamille." She said again before turning and leaving, walking back out into the kitchen with a yawn.

Her bag was still laying unzipped on the counter so she reached over and zipped it up before pulling herself up and taking a seat next to it, watching Monday with a yawn. "Why exactly do you want to burn your house?" She asked, deciding she wanted to know afterall. As she watched him, she sighed. "Did you even get any sleep?"


The first one to talk was the girl with the dog. "Stay back." The young woman told the dog and Celeste's eyes turned sharply to her as she reached out a cautious hand. She looked to be older than her, but not by too much. Maybe a year or two. "Trust me, you're the last thing we want to kill." She smirked, "Having people around probably keeps the insanity levels down." She glanced at the rest of the group one by one, green eyes roaming over each one before turning to the woman again. The joke went over Celeste's head, and she just nodded meekly, still ready to run if necessary.

"You can call me Phoenix." She said with a nod and then seemed to be waiting for something. Oh. Right. For the others to introduce themselves. Celeste nodded at Phoenix and managed a small fake smile, stepping tentetivly closer.

"I'm Celeste Rinehart." She said quietly. "Not really the survival type.. It's kind of a miracle I've made it this far. She crossed her arms over her chest, letting her bat hang uselessly at her hip. They all looked like badass, action movie types. What did she look like to them with her tiny build and torn dress? Like the stupid one in the movie that always gets the group killed? The damsel in distress? She bit her lip. She hated asking things of people, but if there was ever a better group to protect her, it was these people.

That is, if they'd take her.