The Horde

The mindless throng of abominations that once were human. Now they hunger for the flesh of the living.

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Mindless, tireless, starving. These creatures are but shells of their former selves. Now they stalk the cities and country side of Nallan, searching for living prey to feast upon. But a signal bit can infest a living creature with the curse, forcing them to join the ranks of the mindless drones. loss of blood? Ruptured organs? Missing limbs? It does not matter, they will not stop till either their skulls are smashed open, or their prey is caught.

The ghouls that make up the horde are clammy and rotting, but still able to move well. When they have nothing in their sights they shuffle and stumble about, sniffing the air and following towards any loud noises they hear. The ghouls are apparently only able to pick out living creatures from their own by scent, and follow whatever trails they can pick up. Once they do have something living in their sights, they no longer become slow and clumsy. Breaking into an awkward run, the cursed beast will chase their prey for hours, howling like a wild animal. Without the limitations of fatigue or pain, the fell creatures have a terrifying amount of endurance, able to run till their limbs fall off. And they can shrug off almost any injury, even being run through the heart, with barley a care so long as their brain remains intact.

They have their weaknesses though. A general lack of intelligence and communication reduce the ghouls of the horde to little more then a confused mob (though still a highly dangerous one). And while they can find their way to prey by sense of smell, they can also easily lose track of them once their quarry has gotten out of sight for a long enough period of time.

The one true danger about the horde is not their reduced physical limitations though, but their number. A single ghoul is but an annoyance but a pack a is threat.

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#, as written by Wake
It was supposed to be a day of celebration in an age of prosperity.

The Autumn harvest was coming. Farmer rushing to get their crops picked before the cold came. Many of them didn't have much to worry about though. In the twenty years of peace the country had known, prosperity was common. The peasants were well fed and and the years harvest had been especially kind. Many had taken to preparation for festivals to commemorate the good year. And there was even more to celebrate about now as well, as news had reached every corner of the kingdom by now.

King Heverac the 7th, who had brought in this new era of wealth for the people, was retiring from his duties, and appointing his eldest son Erdenth the new high king of Nallan. Public parties were being funded in cites and towns across the kingdom by various nobles, and promise of a short tax break for the month were given in honor of the event. For many, life was now good, for there was little to hold worry over their heads, and plenty to look forward to in the near future.

It would be a shame that such times were not to last.

On that day, one had mearly to look up into the sky to see it. A pulse. A ripple of red, expanding across and over the world. The brief feeling of something, unclean, caressing those that stood below it. An uncomfortable, inexplicable unease became palpable. It was the eery silence before the storm as the faint red glow disappeared from the sky. Something, sleeping long since the age of old, was slowly roused from it slumber and it's groggy awakening could be felt even to those who had long forgotten it's existence. Felt, and dreaded.

It was supposed to be a day of celebration in an age of prosperity... so why was it that you could only hear screams of horror?