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Benny Lund (Evan Leith)

"Being a double agent means double being doubled crossed but also double paid"

0 · 439 views · located in The Ishimura II

a character in “Dead Space: Tranquility”, as played by Colonel_Masters


Real Name: Evan Leith:

Age: 32

Alias (current name): Benny Lund

Gender: Male



Weapons: Torrent Pistol


This pistol is a customized version of the old Torrent pistol; the predecessor to the modern Divet. Although obsolete in terms of technology the Torrent pistol remains favored by private owners for its reliability and customization. Evan's pistol has been refitted to fire incendiary rounds as well as normal armor piercing rounds.

The pistol houses an advanced targeting compensation system in the shape of a computerized laser scope and a bracelet which compensates for the owners human shortcomings while aiming. Evan is quite a good shot but the system limited as it may be to less than centimeter margins has proven to be a life saver.

In terms of combat use the Torrent's range is shorter than the Divet and boasts a slower rate of fire however its refitted greater caliber and its ability to utilize (illegal) incendiaries optimize the weapon for close quarters personal combat, an opposite to the Divet.

Equipment: (to be added later)

History: Evan was born in the region of Great Britain to a relatively poor and unimportant family. His childhood was spent in petty crime like others of his social economic standing however Evan was great deal better at it then his amateurish peers. As a teenager Evan began casting doubts on his lifestyle; there seemed to be little meaning or purpose to his petty existence leaving Evan open for any preacher and his message.

That preacher came eventually; Evan met a girl quite unlike his previous relationships; one with whom he desired to stay. When she began reading of the Unitologist cause so did he, when she decided to officially convert Evan followed suite.

In his own way Evan became a dedicated Unitologist, finally a cause had been found however much of his devotion came from his love to Anne, his girlfriend.
Anne and Evan set about creating a youth branch to the Unitologist cause in their area and despite their meager economic means where able to begin widespread conversion of youth, especially from the slums.

The higher councils of Unitology did not involve their resources with this effort because of its lack of economic revenue however the local leadership did and before long dozens, maybe even hundreds of youths had been converted. When EarthGov began cracking down on the phenomena the Church in the area had a body of youths used to brawling ready and willing to oppose the hated authorities.

For two years Evan headed a gang like force giving protection to local Unitology rallies and occasionally dealing with those whom opposed them. Meanwhile Anne continued to climb the ladder of power in the Unitologist governing body in the area and gradually became an authority in her own right.

A distance between Evan and Anne, Evan didn't understand how it had come to be so however it seemed as if Anne was trying to end her association with Evan whom to the ungrateful local church leaders was nothing but a useful thug (which he admittedly was)
But in one night everything changed.

Anne came to Evan one day and said that she required a great sum of money if she was to continue to rise through the ranks of the Unitologist movement. She had come up with a daring plan to raid an EarthGov bank and use Evan's knowledge and hacking equipment to extract information out of the system which could provide enough revenue for both of them to advance.

Evan accepted the proposal hoping Anne would spend more time with him.

The two of them sneaked into the bank and successfully managed to extract the sum, police where eventually alerted and in the chase Anne and Evan where separated.

They had planned to meet at a certain place at a certain time should this happen however when Evan arrived to the meeting place he was ambushed by police, Anne hadn't turned up.

In his trial Evan was accused of his criminal act of course but in addition he was also accused of shooting a policeman and killing him. Evan had done no such thing however the prosecution presented Evan's side arm to the court and proved it had been used against the policeman.

It wasn't difficult to figure out what had happened; when the policeman closed in Evan gave both his sidearm and the chip containing the information to Anne and attracted the police's attention while she slipped away. Evan didn't know why Anne had shot the policeman, maybe she had to? Or maybe she did it to make sure Evan would be incarcerated however it was clear that she had sold him out to the authorities.

Evan was given a life sentence, Evan used these years to study law and numerous other subjects he had never been able to in the slums until he discovered that his innocence in the policeman's murder could be proven scientifically. After five years in prison he was able to convene a meeting with a person he had been told would review his case. Evan presented his new evidence using a new method of examination recently developed to prove another person; Anne had used his weapon to shoot the policeman.

Evan told the entire story and the events of that day. Once he had finished the man he had met told him that a retrial was not possible however he could be released so long as he assumed a new identity and served EarthGov as an agent in the Unitologist movement.

Evan accepted the arrangement and became Benny Lund; a wealthy man and rising computer genius recently arrived from the colonies. Benny maintained his appearance as a devote Unitologist and was thus integrated into the Church's business body in the CEC. Using both Unitologist and his operator's EarthGov influence Benny was able to get a contract with the CEC and after showing his affinity with computer systems he became a systems supervisor for the organization.

Benny had been involved with upgrading the original Ishimura's computer systems and was to supervise her decommissioning however her destruction at the hands of terrorists prevented this. Benny was part of the investigation team to examine the disaster however they were never able to determine the exact cause of the ship's loss.

Benny helped design the computer systems of the second Ishimura however did not head the construction team. Once the ship had been complete Benny was assigned to the Ishimura in a newly designated role of " Advisor" meant to observe the mission, the ship and its performance while helping the crew get familiar with the newer technology.

Secretly it was Benny's operators in EarthGov which gave Benny this assignment through their own influence in the company.
Benny does not know much beyond the official information of the mission's purpose however, he suspects there is a reason why his operators made him board the ship.

So begins...

Benny Lund (Evan Leith)'s Story