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Frona Micheal Downs

"Being on this ship, I've killed more than I've saved. I don't like to talk about it but as long as the bastards I kill don't get back up to frown at me and what I did. Then I'm happy."

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a character in “Dead Space”, as played by Scarlet Bullets


Character Name: Frona Michael Downs

*Appearance: She has short light purple hair, a slim body, sea blue eyes, and her armor his custom made from the standard combat engineer to be lighter for agility but leaving her more vulnerable. However, the armor does have an extension unit that will cover her body in a thick cloth and small steel like the original and putting a mask over her face in case she is in space. In this form, more of her body parts are safe form the hazards of space. (Only used for space)

*Personality/Bio: Frona is the type of woman you might mistake as emotionally weak, yet physically steeled; a person who lets their actions pave the road more than words. If you were to get to know her, it’s the opposite. Frona is an emotionally mixed woman; she always has been, even in her childhood. She never understood things, so she often wonder about them, assume the worst, mope, and move on. She was a shy girl, letting her actions move her than the words she could not use. Born on Mars, one of the first few colony’s that were tested with the oxygen generators when mining recourses was a prime ideal on all aspects that the only way to get the best minerals was to send men down than to use a large ship.

Mars was not a place for children; it was a free style mining planet. Most planets mine on are for strict personal, but Mars used a similar dome structure like the space colonies to house a few thousand people for mining purposes. Though school, she learned the academics as the others such as math, science, history, English, and then a class for mining and engineering. Not normal as other small schools on other planets, elementary taught the safety of mining and engineering being that was literally all the jobs on the planet. The environment made it so they had to mine so they could make artificial farms. To make artificial farms you need engineers to work on it.

Her mother, a farmer, and her father an engineer both pushed her to become an engineer. So she had, and a pretty good one too. She was able to earn about twice as the average engineer on Mars, which came from the fact of her constantly at work, and rarely speaking a word. School was never a problem, neither was engineer work. It made the girl happy, something she was good at and it took action, and hard work, knowledge, something she all had and willing used. Life was good.

An event happened that changed dear Frona, she was working in the caverns with another team of engineers on a demolition run. She judged the health of the rock wrong, and before she could stop the countdown she had caused the cavern to collapse. She watched helplessly as her team was crushed by large rocks, she also suffered some damage from the rocks, but somehow she and another, were saved from a rescue team. When she recovered, she vowed that she change so that she never make that same mistake again.

In an ironic twist, the girl who hardly had something to say and tend to do things by herself, joined up into the largest military college in the universe. She trained for six years till she was labeled a combat engineer. Her parents still worried over her sudden change in work. Being that now she would fight to match the harsh work of an engineer. Her studies changed so she has to be social and had to be strong, no more moving rocks, now it was wiring and decoding. After a year of work all over ships she was transferred Atlanta. She was told there would be no way she is able to join after her incident but someone had put in a good word for her. She was never fully informed on just who got her on that ship, but she always thanked them to herself. In her mind, someone saw her as something more than the once anti-social engineer. They saw her as someone who could help and save people. That’s all that matters right? Maybe, few believe she took up this calling in life to find peace with her past, and nothing more.

After a year on the ship, she had made a name for herself. Good enough to go on this so called ‘dark’ mission. She hated the idea, but it was a rescue mission, and that’s what made it worth while, seeing the happy faces of men and woman as she and her team came to save them, she thinks. If only it was a simple world like that. If you were to talk with her now, she be open friendly, and understandable. However, though she may say that she loves the feeling of saving others. No body knows what truly happen that day when the cavern went under. Flora's personality in combat is like she was back in her years of Mars. Someone who got the job done no matter what the cost. When what she stands for breaks, she is nothing more than the empty shell that pushed others to death. Better off alone? Be good or be good at it? Flora (present day) often wonders what she will do when the time comes when a persons life endangers hers. Will she be the hero everyone thinks she is? Or will she return to the cold heated woman she was born as?

Strength: 5

Speed: 20

Intelligence: 5

Armor: 5

Awareness: 0

211-V Plasma Cutter: 15

SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle: 0

Handheld Graviton Accelerator: 0

Seeker Rifle: 0

So begins...

Frona Micheal Downs's Story