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Ky Ryans

A Zombie Hunter who would happily spend the rest of his life in the corner of a bar, munching on candy cigarettes and studying the zoo of people walking around him, if he could.

0 · 200 views · located in Yukkuri Academy

a character in “DEAD: Zombie Survival!”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!



Name: Ky Ryans. (Ky is pronounced: Kuh-eye)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Grade: N/A. (Explained below)


Height = 5'11
Weight = 180lbs
Hair = Black, and reaches an inch or two past his shoulders.
Eyes = A vivid sky-blue.
Body-Art = Holes all the way up both ears, and a Ephesians 6:11-1's tattooed in the middle of his back in Hebrew.
Typical Outfit = A white dress shirt w/ a black vest and tie over top it, black dress pants, and black boots.

Role: Zombie Hunter(3).

Personality: Smart-Allec, Cynical, Blunt, and typically anti-social.

History: Ky was raised in the UK by his parents, and grew up with little friends since his parents forced him to spend most of his time training and studying when he wasn't in school.

So when the order requested he be placed undercover in Yukkuri Academy at age 13(a year younger than the rest due to his intelligence level) as a Foreign Exchange student, he quickly agreed, an enjoyed the escape from his parents and their strictness. However he soon found a new brand of strictness he loathed - campus rules, so instead of continuing in school under the cover of a normal HS kid, which was expected of him, Ky ditched in the 10th grade and fled the campus. The order would try for more than half a year to find him, but eventually gave up.

However once he found out about the chaos that the Academy had been thrust into, he reluctantly return....solely because he felt he owed a debt to a girl who had helped him get off campus safely.
Instead of getting campus security when she noticed him trying to flee the grounds after curfew, a classmate of his promised to keep her mouth closed an offered to help him get to a neighboring town - even though it put her at risk of being expelled.
(If anyone reading this wants to be that girl, then let me know in a PM or OOC. But if no one says anything to me about it, i'll probably just make my other character, Otoha, that girl.)

Weapon: A modified hunting bow and arrow set. He also carries a pair of machetes with golden blades on his hip. (i'll link to pics in my first post!)

Skills: Marksmanship, Scouting/Tracking, Knowledge on weaponry, High level of intelligence, and ability to play the guitar effortlessly.

Fears: Ky would never admit to any, but in reality he fears being alone the most. Which is ironic, since he claims to not like or need people in his life. However, if everyone on the planet suddenly disappeared, Ky would be one bored soul. And not because he'd no longer have friends to talk with - something that can already be said about him - but because he's an avid observer of society and nature......and the lack of having people to study/observe/poke fun at, would drive him insane.

Likes: Alcohol, Candy Cigarettes, Soda, Food, Solitude, and of course - Killing zombies. (He also has a soft spot for animals, though he attempts to act as if he doesn't)

Dislikes: People who never shut up, People who try too hard to appear cool, Children, Crowds, The closed-off nature of the "Ancient Order", and of course - Zombies.

So begins...

Ky Ryans's Story