Otoha Takizawa

A docile girl, suddenly thrust into a world of deafening chaos.

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a character in “DEAD: Zombie Survival!”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!


Name: Otoha Takizawa

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Height = 5'8
Weight = 135lbs
Hair = Dyed brown, and reaches a few inches past her back when out.
Eyes = Hazel
Body-Art = An industrial piercing and 4 lobe piercings in each ear, plus a secret belly button piercing that only her best friend knows of.

Role: Track Star! xD

Personality: Otoha is easily the fastest person on campus, and was the IT girl to put in the middle of an important Track Meet between competing schools. However she was always modest about her abilities, and generally rather quiet. Her mind might run a mile a minute, but she only speaks up if she thinks her opinion is truly crucial, or perhaps important to the betterment of a situation.....but if it's to argue, fight, say something smart, or complain - she usually keeps it to herself.
That being said though, her friends often use to call her the "Dorm Therapist" for her ability to sit and listen to others problems, and then give them advice accordingly.
So though she's often not vocal, she's FAR from unopionated.

Otoha was born to a struggling middle-income family in the countryside. Her high IQ and near-perfect performance in school though, ended up allowing her to transfer to Yukkuri Academy for H.S. - where she vowed to study and make her family proud.

Weapon: I figured i'd start the RP with Otoha locked in an outdoor equipment shed or something similar, on the football field. So i'm thinking i'll come up with a weapon for her to pick up WHILE writing my first post.

Skills: Extremely fast runner, Smart, Plans ahead, Former gymnast who's extremely flexible and talented in terms of physically getting out of sticky situations, and very knowledgeable on the layout of the school ground - courtesy of a architecture and landscaping course she took as an elective.

Fears: Otoha has a reoccurring fear, that often manifest in her dreams, of being the only person left alive on a planet full of zombie predators. She's also a little fearful of/jumpy from, random noises.

Likes: The Ocean, Running, Music, Politics, Animals of all kinds(her favorite being reptiles), and Drawing/Art.

Dislikes: Loud people, Stupid people, Bullies, Sleep, Boredom, Partisan people, and Snobs.

So begins...

Otoha Takizawa's Story