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DEAD: Zombie Survival!



a part of DEAD: Zombie Survival!, by Methodical.


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Pot-smoking zombies. Best kind.
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Dorms is a part of Yukkuri Academy.

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"Heads up bitch!" Takeo exclaimed, using the axe blade on his guitar to cleave the zombies head clean off. Satisfied with his work, he kicked the body into a couple other zombies, and played a single chord, causing the axe blade to retract, and a broad, double edged sword blade to come out in it's place which he quickly used to decapitate the two flesh eaters. He then played another, softer note, retracting the blade into the instrument, making it look like an innocent guitar.

"Are you alright?" he said to the small frail-looking student who he'd just saved.

"Yes, thank you Kukai-Senpai." she said, climbing to her feet.

"Alright, I think that's the last of them, so go to your room, lock the door, and find something to defend yourself with." he told her. She nodded, and headed down the stairs, towards her room. Takeo continued down the hallway, checking the dorm rooms for zombies or survivors, but he found neither, and found himself on the top floor. He looked out the window.

He could see zombies everywhere, shuffling, moaning and hunting. Off in the distance, he could just make out the glowing field that had surrounded the school, shortly after the spell was cast, cutting of the students escape. He had been in his dorm room at that time, skipping class, and needless to say, jumped to action, clearing the building of the undead, and helping any survivors that hadn't already turned.

"I've got to find Hayashi-San..." He thought. "She's the only other one that will know what to do..."

With one broad swing, he shattered the window and jumped down onto a garbage dumpster.

"Alright." he said, steeling himself for whatever horrors that lie in his path. "Let's do this."