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DEAD: Zombie Survival!

School Building


a part of DEAD: Zombie Survival!, by Methodical.


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School Building is a part of Yukkuri Academy.


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Character Portrait: Chinen Aika
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Aika could only manage out between his ragged breathing, born from running down entire hallways, scurrying and down the flight of stairs that filled the academy...escaping from...what? Zombies? He strained his ears to listen for the inhumane moaning that was often accompanied by an...Undead, as the games he had been playing often described them. He tensed his back on the door before turning around and opening the door just a crack to peer out into the hallways. Not a single body in sight, living, dead or undead. He sighed in relief before closing the door and locked it. It took Aika a while to begin registering what had happened.

"....zombies? Like, seriously?" he thought out loud, absent-mindedly twirling a lock of his sideburn that had started curling from his sweat. He shrugged before reopening the door and stepping out. This hallway was surprisingly clean, compared to all the blood he had seen from the previous ones he had ran through.

"Wonder how zombies are here? Chemical outbreak? Secret government experiment? Some hoodoo voodoo, hocus pocus? " he asked no one in particular, walking down the hallway like a casual day at school...with no zombies. Turning the corner he was greeted with the overwhelming stench of rust and a gruesome sight of dead bodies sprawled all over the floor in pools of blood.

"Ugh..." Aika muttered to himself, eyes watering, covering his nose and mouth with a hand to block out the smell. He made his way towards the hallway slowly, careful not to slip over the pools of crimson liquid. While doing so he ignored the dead bodies, finding the walls more interesting.

'Wonder how blood got that far up the wall? ' he thought to himself, staring at a bloody smudge near the ceiling. The next thing he knew, he felt something grab hold of his ankle, and he freaked out, yelling loudly before turning around to stare at an undead pulling itself closer to Aika's leg. In his fear, he backed away quickly but slipped, splashing down on a pool of blood. Aika gasped, trying his best not to gag over the rusty smell while dragging himself down the hallway, along with his undead companion hanging onto his ankle.

"I don't even...! GET OFF ME!! You are not getting a taste of me!" he yelled at the zombie, trying to kick the undead into relinquishing it's hold on his ankle, surprisingly, it had a firm grip. Aika continued to drag himself down the hallway whilst preventing himself from being bitten. Whenever the zombie tried to bite Aika's leg, Aika kicked it back down with his other feet. Eventually, the zombie ended up chewing on Aika's sneakers.

"Those were my only shoes..." Aika groaned. But at least he could spare some time with the distraction. He needed something to use as a weapon. At least for the time being. Anything to knock this undead's head off. He recalled the layout of the school, to the left of the end of this hallway should be a fire extinguisher just at the corner. Aika dragged himself over, coating the floor with a trail of red liquid. Just as Aika reached the extinguisher, the undead seemed to have noticed that the sneaker was tasteless and was now moving for Aika's leg.


Aika panted, eyes wide with fear, as blood spurted from the zombie's crushed head. The fire extinguisher clanged onto the ground as he got up to his feet, trying to wipe his hands over his bloody uniform. With no choice, he used his hand to wipe a trace of blood away from his cheek, leaving a red mark there. Aika was lucky to have gotten away without being bitten. He glanced back at the hallway as the other bodies started stirring. More undead. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, sending drops of blood flying everywhere from his soft, green coloured hair, now caked with red from blood in several spots.

He ran for the stairs, he was on the 4th floor, and his target was to get to the ground floor then make his way to the dorm...or at least if he's the only one alive. Maybe he'd meet survivors?

Unluckily for him, a group of zombies were shambling over towards him from the bottom of the stairs. With a wall to his right, he looked to his left, the zombies from the bloody hallway had already risen and moaning at him. Trapped. His only choice... Aika looked at the windows behind him. If he had remembered the layout properly...then there was an entire row of flower beds that could possibly soften his fall...from a 4 storey building. He looked back at the undead.

"...heck. " he crashed into the windows and spread his arms wide to slow his fall. If he had to choose between being slowly eaten to death or a swift fall to hell...the fall it is then. It was too fast though. Before he knew it, Aika crashed into the flower bed and curled up in pain,tears in his eyes. He hissed in pain as he gingerly cradled his wrist. His entire body hurt, but his wrist hurt the worst. He tested it by moving it, but it seemed unresponsive. So there he was... concealed deep within flower beds that had somehow kept him alive despite a 4 storey fall and suffering a broken wrist. With his uniform entangled amongst the branches and a broken wrist that Aika wished not to aggravate any further, he stayed there in a fetus position, hoping someone would find him. Someone that was still alive of course...and not undead.


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Character Portrait: Chinen Aika Character Portrait: Sam Shepard
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The undead swarmed around their targets last known location. The young man seeking refuge inside the teachers lounge had attempted to bar the doors but to no avail. The horde was too thick and he had neither the time nor the interest in wrestling with the hungry ghouls at that kind of a distance to force the issue. The fight had spilled into the room, the teen being forced to use everything and anything around him as a weapon. Chairs, tables, office equipment and finally his own fists. The sounds of his shouting and cursing as he battled on could be heard outside as he fought on. Then a mighty roar of exertion and the wall came caving in as a portion of the counter top was hurled through it. Undead bodies imploded through the hole along with the massive projectile. Their bodies crushed to pieces from the chaos of the attack. Only one still moved. It's lower half pinned under the debris. It slowly lurched it's torso up as its intended target stepped through the hole he'd just made.

"Don't you fuckers ever just die?"

Sam asked before kicking the zombie hard in the forehead. The blow shot it's head back to smack on the hard floor, blood oozing from the wound it created. The big American was breathing heavy from exertion but was safe for now. Everything around him was dead, really dead. He glanced around to be sure of that before breathing out a sigh of relief. Allowing himself to catch his breath even if it was just for a moment. He looked up just as he heard a window crash. He watched in horror as one of his classmates hurled themselves out of a fourth floor window only to find an unceremonious landing zone in a bed of flowers. Sam ran to the window he was looking out of from the ground floor.

"Shit, they're still alive!"

He said aloud in shock. Part of him new the smart choice would be to leave him. Ignore it and keep moving. It would be the smart thing to do. Sam pondered his options for all of a few seconds before sprinting to the nearest exit.

"Ah fuck me."

He cursed at himself as he kicked the door in and charged outside. There was three zombies slowly shambling to the downed body of Sam's classmate. They never stood a chance. The fist connected with the back of the undead skull with such force Sam felt bone crack beneath his fist. The body went limp instantly as it went flying forward only to come to a stop after skidding across the grass. The second ghoul noticed his presence now and turned. One of it's hands extended, reaching for him. It's ghastly hands grasping for his throat. What it received instead however was a quick punch to the temple before being lifted off the ground and hurled through the air before smashing into the wall. It's skull cracking from the impact. The final zombie was fixated on the downed student. It was almost on him now. It loomed over the teen, it's soulless, lifeless eyes wide with unending hunger. It's blood covered hands nearing it's target. It's jagged, ruined teeth gnashing in starvation. Suddenly a handful of the zombies hair was seized from behind before it was slammed backwards onto the ground.

"Eat this you piece of shit!"

Sam said before curb stomping the creatures head in with one savage blow. With the zombies brains and blood all over his sneakers Sam turned to the student and was shocked to see he recognized him.

"Holy shit! Aika?!"

Shepard said in surprise as he reached down and helped the classmate to his feet. Chinen Aika and Sam Shepard sat beside each other in the same World Literature class. While the two teens weren't best of friends, hanging out and getting drunk every weekend they were friendly enough. The two spoke and even shared a joke or two in class every once in a while but the friendship really never went past that. Through no fault of either boy it was merely just one of those things. Sam helped the boy up and noticed he was clutching his wrist.

"Ah shit man ya break it? I saw you jump out of that window. I'm surprised your not dead bro."


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Aika's eyes snapped open when he felt strong hands grip him. He thought he was done for, but after realizing he was being lifted up and pulled back to his feet did he remember that zombies didn't have such immense least these ones didn't. He looked up at his savior with watery eyes, still cradling his wrist as if it was a newborn child. THANK GOD, there was someone else alive besides him! Oh... although Aika often saw people as blurry images, there was no mistaking the large, bulky person in front of him.

"Ah shit man ya break it? I saw you jump out of that window. I'm surprised your not dead bro."

"Hey Sam...I think so. " Aika tried to move his hand again, this time it moved a little but hurt like hell. Then he glanced up at the broken window. "I'm surprised I made it too."

He nodded at the flowers. "Gotta thank Mother Nature." Upon surveying the dead undead littered around them, Sam must've helped him while he was incapacitated by the pain. That was when he noticed that he wasn't wearing his 'spectacles'. He pulled them out with his good hand and put them on. Instantly, his vision was blurred.

"Thanks. " he thanked the larger guy, knowing fully well they both knew what he was being thankful for. He then pointed at his 'spectacles', using the broken glass as an excuse.

"Lead me. I'll follow. Broken specs make it harder for me to walk around. " he said matter-of-factly, before smiling brightly. He caught the stench of cigarette smoke and wrinkled his nose before making his way over to the source of the smoke.

" there someone here that's smoking? Or is it you? " he twisted his head around to look at the blurry figure of Sam. "But you're there...and I smell it coming from here...what...?" he looked back in front of him and stumbled, falling flat on his face. The fall jarred his wrist and he cried out before curling up into a ball. After the initial pain had subsided, he got up and felt around in front of him. He touched someone's shoes and looked up. Though his vision was blurry, he was pretty sure this guy was very much alive, like the rest of them...and smoking.

"Hey there. Sorry you had to see that. I'm pretty clumsy most of the time. " Aika told the person with a care-free smile.


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Aika nodded and walked in with the others. With everyone else washing off the blood from themselves, and the somewhat relaxed atmosphere, Aika entered a free stall and washed down. When he was officially 'bloodless', he stepped out, going around every locker, looking for someone's spare clothes to wear. He found an oversized t-shirt and kept it. The search for pants was more difficult, but he managed to find a size similar to his.

He heard about a rescue that two of the students were going to do while he was toweling his hair. Top of a building. There were several buildings here in Yukkuri...but a majority of the students were in the building next to this one. That was the biggest chance they had. He put on his 'specs' and walked up to the two before they left.

"I heard...there's a big chance that the building next to this is where they're currently in. Almost 80% of the student body was there. " he tugged on his oversized shirt. "...but of course...there's a big chance that there's alot of those things there too. "


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Takeo sat in the corner, peeling an orange and listening to the conversation. It was amusing, he thought, to hear Airi's view on being a zombie hunter. he felt quite bad for not going to her rescue, but he had really hurt the lower right side of his stomach rescuing Laz's friend, and he judged that Sam could handle it. Sam had proved to be quite an asset, covering Takeo and Airi's ass, multiple times. He really did like the big guy, he thought, and he seemd to be getting along well with his partner. Very well. Was that a pang of jealousy? Nah, he shrugged it off. A bit unsuccessfully. He got up and tossed the half eaten orange.

"I'm taking another shower." he said, stripping off his shirt, and tying it around the bandages on his chest, as to not get them wet.


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"B-but you just said... I'm so confused... Have you heard of us or not?"

Aika tried to avoid her eyes, despite knowing all he was seeing was a blurry image. But the feeling was there. That...pissed off feel.

"I hate lairs..."

He caught what she said even though she was muttering. Aika clenched both his fists, ignoring the pain from his broken wrist. He watched as she and Sam traded some words before he made up his mind and walked a few steps after the girl and Sam before stopping behind them.

"I hate being called a liar. And even if I am one... I don't lie without a good reason to. " Aika removed his 'specs' and stared at the girl with a slight glint to his eyes. What did people want with him anyway? First, he was too smart, the next, he was too dumb, then now, he was a liar. Just...when could he be himself?

"You should know that records in the archives that are removed or destroyed were done so for a reason. It's a crime to have read the deleted records. You want the truth? Then you should know that's what I did. I READ those records without anyone knowing. " he began to explain his actions in a shaky, barely controlled voice. He closed his eyes and breathe in to calm himself. "If the government knew, I'd be dead by now. "

"The Blood Rose Guild, one of a handful of groups that are specially designed to combat against what we term 'Zombies' or the 'Undead'. In my knowledge, it seems that the Blood Rose is the only guild that is currently active in their activities. " he pointed at her and Takeo with pin-point accuracy without his 'specs'.

"Blood Rose Guild participated in several extermination programs, sometimes alongside another guild, but usually alone. Top-most honored guild within the Zombie Extermination Program. Well-known even amongst the other guilds. "

"Brazil Event - Reports show that the cause of the outbreak was voodoo and black magic. Luckily, the event was finished before any casualty was caused, safe for the dead bodies used by the shaman. Mission taken by: Blood Rose. "

"China Event - Seemingly a different cause due to a facial wash product. According to the records, they were not deemed as complete zombies, but merely subs. However, before any casualties spread, once again the Blood Roses stopped the outbreak. The Yu San Company, producer of the facial wash product, disrupted and disbanded in the process. "

"Miami Event - This one was caused by what the doctors claim to be a drug. Only one person was affected and one person was injured in the process. However, no casualties were documented. This was a report written by a member of the Blood Rose, the police were on the scene before any members could arrive. "

"And lastly...the Africa event...the largest outbreak that the Zombie Extermination Program has ever seen. Caused by a combination of black magic and a certain chemical that couldn't be discerned. The outbreak suffered several casualties: nearly 40 from the Blood Rose Guild and a near 3000 in the public. The outbreak was contagious and the dead rose. However, in the end the Blood Rose Guild managed to stop the shaman and begin exterminating the rest of those infected by the chemical. "

"And now here, I assume it'll be called the 'Yukkuri Event'. " Aika finished, staring at the girl with his crimson coloured eyes. "You have the entire truth, I've only listed several of the things that the Blood Rose Guild have done, and I can list more. You can hand me over to custody once this is all over. " He replaced his 'specs' back onto his nose and turned around.

"But the reason I asked...was because I admired such a group. Saving lives. It's a good thing to do...and not just one, two or even 10 lives, but perhaps even the entire world population. That's worth admiring. "


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Aika blinked as he felt his vision clear. Airi took them. Oh dear, she better don't...

"You can join us then. If Kukai's alright with that... We are co-leaders now..." Aika didn't even bother listening, he was just about to warn her when she put them on and fell on her butt. Aika brought his outstretched arm back and rubbed his neck sheepishly.

"Well...I was going to warn you..." he muttered, watching as the girl flailed her arms, finding it difficult to get up while wearing his special 'specs'. When she finally stood up and handed over his 'specs', which he graciously accepted, Aika couldn't help but smile.

"Honestly looked like an idiot with my 'specs' on. " he chuckled, putting them back onto his nose. He tried to prod her nose but ended up poking her left cheek. "You shouldn't wear 'em next time. "

"You, Aika, are amazing, if you can function normally with those on... Though, once you join us, they're going right..? Please say yes..."

"If you have a need for a perfect human...then the 'specs' will have to go. Or they could go now, if you think it's better. " he told her with smile, tapping his 'specs'. "I wore these 'specs' so that I could cause 'mistakes'. They're blur on purpose. But what I didn't know was..." he pulled down the 'specs' so he could peer over the rims at Airi. "They made my eyes better. "


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Aika felt a little disappointed for the first time when Sam told him that his answer was wrong. But at least he made a mistake. Fair enough.

"I'll try one more time. How about...14 languages? I haven't met anyone who knows 14 languages...and even I find that to be quite an impossible feat. Maybe 4,5...but 14 is just..." Aika shook his head.

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