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"I will lie if it brings me to the truth."

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a character in “Deadly Little Experiment”, as played by Cienpher




Soulmate 1.


Number Code

Instructor 1.

“I’m grateful to you for teaching me how to use this… ‘gift’. Now I’ll use it for my own means.”

Charade is of the kind who acts on reason instead of emotion to the extent that it may seem that she has none. Her usual persona is placid, and the ever-present smile reflects that. However, those more observant will quickly realize that there is something missing from that smile. She is a mature and rational figure, and many would think her trustworthy from her seemingly amiable nature. In truth, Charade is quite possibly one of the most manipulative people one could meet. Her intentions are pure, her goals just, but her moral compass is distorted. She has no qualms about lying as long as it brings those involved to the right conclusion. She is not afraid to use others as long as it brings her closer to her resolution – such is the extent of her determination. She enjoys, or finds it necessary, to listen to people talk about themselves, but she will blatantly refuse to do the same. Be it compliments or complaints, both her personality and appearance are taboo subjects with her.

Crush/Relationship Status
Although she isn’t sure if she would call it a romantic sentiment, she feels a strong connection to Xander. After all, he was once, and technically still is, her partner.

Are You Broken?
Charade is broken beyond repair. She is completely against Father and will do anything to put an end to his ways. Although something inside her rebels against killing, she has vowed to make an exception for him.

Charade was granted the ability to completely alter her form into that of another’s, given that she has seen them in person before. Simply seeing a photograph or a video is not enough for her to perfectly change into another person, and furthermore, she can only become what she sees. She has to imagine what lies underneath the clothing herself unless she has seen or heard of what is there. However, the ability allows her to subconsciously take notice of details she has seen before, even if they are something as complex as fingerprints, and so she is quite literally able to change her identity.

On a related note, Charade has always been a gifted actress of the practical sort, not the dramatic. Appearance alone is not enough to mislead others – when she transforms, she needs to understand the habits and mannerisms of her subject. She was also gifted with a wide vocal range and a knack for mimicking speech patterns – it was as if her gifted power was made for her. These natural abilities are all to her benefit, because after all… the way they walk, the way they speak, it becomes a deadly game of charades for her in Father’s mansion. Furthermore, due to the passive nature of her ability, her training put emphasis on physical combat. She's experienced when it comes to fighting, although she wouldn't put a label on the style.

Less significant abilities of hers includes an exceptionally keen memory, a knowledge of science, and some two years experience on the track and field team.

Besides the requirements for the change, Charade’s ability also comes with an unclear time limit. Although the transformation process itself does not cause her any pain, should she remain in a separate form for too long, she will feel her flesh start to stiffen as clay does over time, followed by strange spreading numbness. Of course, this is only temporary, and will wear off if she waits… however, should this stage come to pass, she will have lost her original form. After all, the ability does not allow her to transform into herself. Once reverted to her default form, she has to rest until she regains the feeling in her limbs, or her body won't be able to take the strain. The morphings might go awry. Some more setbacks are the fact that she cannot transform her clothes, and altering her appearance does not change her mannerisms or speech patterns. Fortunately, Charade has always been a good actress, coupled with quite the wide range of voices.

Something else to mention about Charade is her weakness to children. Perhaps it is a subconscious happening or bodily memory, but she feels an unexplainable connection to those around the age of fourteen and nine. She feels a fondness for them, a want to care for them, that she feels she must deny, although she does not know why. Perhaps related to this, she isn’t sure, is that she feels both safer and more unstable when holding scissors in her hands.

Less significant weaknesses of hers include limited muscular strength, a tendency to block out everything else when concentrating, and an inability to trust others.

Appearance Description
Appearance is a touchy subject with Charade – after all, her gifted power was the ability to alter it to that of another’s... yet she isn’t even sure if her normal form is her true self. Father had taken that memory and awareness from her. For now, when she is not using her ability, she is taller than the average girl with a lean, not skinny, figure, which places emphasis on her mature nature. Her long hair is naturally a lighter brown, and has a wavy quality to it. It falls level with her elbows. Her eyes are a striking shade of blue, or ‘azure’ as some would call it. Perhaps more important than her physical appearance, however, is her choice of attire, as that remains a constant even with her ability. Charade chooses to wear several layers of clothing, and for good reason. When altering personas, it becomes useful to be able to quickly change outfits as well.

In her high school days, Charade strayed from what many would call the just path. Money became something more valued than her morals, something she could trust more than any flimsy relationship that people called ‘friendship’ or ‘love’. It started out as something small, with her taking pocket change without her parents’ notice... and then it slowly escalated. Valuable objects slowly began to disappear from her home. No one suspected her, the naturally calm and rational eldest, without even a speck on her record. This built confidence, and she became involved in bigger and worse things. Drug circles – distributing the goods raked in quite a bit of the money she was so obsessed with. It was first only the desperate, those who were already addicted that she catered to. However, as the stakes increased along with the profit, Charade began to sell to those yet to try. She began to persuade students to buy from her, all to make a profit. Eventually, with conscience completely consumed with greed, she sold to her younger sister’s best friend. It was their little secret to take to the grave… which the younger girl did. Thinking little of it, burying the guilt, Charade went on with her apparent life, a model student with some extra change. One day, however, her sister found out the truth. Charade had been studying for a test while counting through the week’s profit when her sister uncharacteristically barged into her room. The shocking confrontation struck something in Charade, and for the first time in a long time, her emotions overrode her good sense. Her sister, seeing the sheer sum of the money, assaulted her out of grief for her friend. Charade, conflicted between guilt and anger at her sister’s interference, grabbed the pair of scissors from her desk and stabbed it into her younger sister’s back. The screams and the blood were too much for her. In desperate attempt to muffle the sound, to staunch the blood, Charade smothered her sister with a pillow. Her parents, hearing the commotion, walked in on the scene… and Charade realized just what it was that she had done. Frightened from her senses, Charade simply shoved her mother aside before slashing at her father’s throat with the scissors as well. Her mother died of head trauma. With that, she ran, too horrified at herself and consumed by grief. Not only had she killed her sister, her parents… but she had left her nine year old brother alone in the world.

She doesn’t understand too many parts of herself and it makes her insecure. However, for the sake of her goals, she has tried to lock those concerns away with the rest of her interfering emotions. However, they continue to nag at her. She wants to know what happened, what could have been a crime so terrible that she deserves to be a pawn in Father’s game.

Tokyo Teddy BearTop Secret

Mother and Father, my apologies to you Like an apple from a tree
I'm still trembling, still sucking on my thumb I am brittle, strong and sweet
Brother and Sister, I'll see you someday soon But of course that isn't me
I'm far too reckless in these ragged shoes It's what I truly want to be

Laying out the vanity, take out the pattern What I hide behind my smile,
If it's alright, I'll replace it all Isn't really that worthwhile
Go ahead and laugh at me
I grumbled that I wanted to be loved What I always thought would be
If I could just find sharper scissors
I would cut away that face It's something small-
An appeal, or a deal,
Hear the words of the almighty omniscience Tell me, what is it I feel?
A clear mind is all you'll need..
Why not, I don't know We're joined as one,
I got hurt while swinging the creation of tomorrowHolding back my cries,
To fill in the gap that lies behind the seams As I drown in pointless lies

Goodbye everybody. Sensei, I hope you're fine. An apple, an apple, an apple, an apple
I drool and the drips throb my chest. That's falling from the crimson skies
It gets sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter
Is that what you honestly see? With each and every little bite
You will make a real fool out of yourself!
Longer and longer and longer still
Is that what you honestly see? I wonder if this pain will heal
You will make a real fool out of yourself! Can I do anything for you at all?

Ah... it's still not enough Like the sun sets on the sea;
The sewing machine must be bigger still Now my future's looking bleak
So it can run through the heart Will everything all go wrong?
How I ponder on and on
Hear the words of the almighty omniscience
A clear mind is all you'll need As I live my life away,
Why not, I don't know Waiting for another day
I got hurt while swinging the creation of tomorrowWhen I face reality,
To fill in the gap that lies behind the seams How it all just frightens me

I have nothing left, I tore everything apart Just once or twice, hurt me as you like
Inside this cell that's lying lifeless in a sea of stringsOr just end this worthless life
This is goodbye to all of your lies,
So, I won't ever let myself be thrown away I'll just go ahead and die
Not even back into that place where I used to live
It's shining, it's shining, it's shining, it's shining,
"Proof of existence" It's shining in the purest light
and I'm drowning, I'm drowning, I'm drowning, I'm drowning,
Ah, shut up, body full of lies As the day turns into night
I want to finish this, I want to cheat
"The Right Answer" A secret, a secret I held so dear
Is glorified in all my fears
Don't you want to change? Will anything escape these withered lips?
Don't you want to rise?
Nothing? An apple, an apple, an apple, an apple
This isn't me! Surrounded by your crimson lies
It gets fainter, and fainter and fainter and fainter
I pull away a thousand broken seams… As tears begin to fill my eyes

I drown the fire of my mortal life as my days boil Deeper and deeper I'm troubled by
It doesn't matter who I become... My little life, it's gone awry
I will not ever stop…
I simply want to change
Love from above, is it filled with a drug
Is it anything that I can feel?
What I touched, what I saw, when I gave it my all
Was it really that big of a deal?

Breaking the trust
Of the two of us
I'll go on by 'cause it's a must
I will protect it all with what I've got....!

...You are someone dear to me
Even if you cannot see
Keep on laughing at me then,
I will stand by you, my friend....

So begins...

Charade's Story


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Short, dark hair that fell into unfamiliar brown eyes, and a gait that was short, skittish, and unnatural to her… but at least for now, it was who she was. It was simply one of her many, many charades. “Really, a new face and a lab coat and suddenly I’m can move freely,” she murmured to herself, brushing dust off one white sleeve. Ah, no. That was the wrong voice, she realized, too deep and far too clear. Clearing her throat, she raised the voice a pitch – let more air into the tone. “This is it,” she said, rubbing her throat to remind herself. After all, if she ever forgot that, it very well could be the death of her.

She was, at this moment, not the one called Charade. Yes, with this, she was now simply one of the numerous scientists working in this mansion, free to go near anywhere she pleased. A borrowed identity, but since the mansion was so large and scientists so many, the chances of the real scientist meeting Charade were slim. However, already she felt the strange, hardening sensation start at her fingertips. Although a useful ability, her ‘gift’ was also so unpredictable. She never knew how long a change would last. ‘I’ll last a little longer… I don’t need to change back just yet.’

As Charade continued down the second floor corridor, she couldn’t help but wonder how Mara was faring in all this. The two hadn’t made contact in quite some time. So disorganized… like this, they would never truly be able to break away from that thing called Father. Just the thought of the man ignited something inside her, and Charade clenched her jaw at unwanted memories. She clenched her fist and stopped walking, trying to suppress her frustration. The worst thing she could do was let her emotions consume her reason.

… Footsteps.

They approaching quickly, and immediately brought Charade out of her thoughts. Snapping her gaze upwards, she forced herself to keep calm when she saw him. Xander. Her former partner. Of course she recognized those eyes and that familiar expression. Although that surely wasn't his original form, as this scientist charade or even her usual form was not hers, it was an appearance that Charade had grown accustomed to over time. He was most likely heading to the elevators. Yes… it was the day the new ones were starting training – she had overheard some of the other real lab personnel mention it. ‘An instructor now, hm?’ She wasn't sure what to think of that.

One day, someday soon, she was going to confront him. Someday soon, she was going to talk to him again and try to have him see reason – to see what Father had done to all of them. Someday she was going to show her gratitude to Father by putting an end to this demented little game of his… However, that someday soon was not now. Charade wasn’t ready for it, and neither was anything else. “Calm,” she told herself, and forced a wry smile from her face. It was a rather amusing thought, that her old partner wouldn't recognize her at all. Well... at the very least, it made things easier for her.

So with a glance over her shoulder and lab coat billowing out as she turned, Charade quickly hurried away. ‘Father, here I am in plain sight. Don’t worry. I’m making very good use of this ‘gift’ you’ve given me.’


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Charade was leaned against the wall, staring up at her outstretched hands. Struggling to curl them, she clicked her tongue in irritation. The disguise hadn’t lasted long at all. It was still at a manageable level for now, but in an hour or so, she would have to revert and then waste who knows how much time trying to find shelter from those under Father’s control. Well, it was good while it lasted. It seemed that now was as good a time as ever to search for Distance and Mara. There would be some semblance of safety in their numbers.

To her great surprise, it didn’t take long to find them at all. Really, she had just been trying to get to a different floor… but clearly that wasn’t possible from the familiar voice resounding from the metal doors. A loud ‘bang’ punctuated each word as she shouted for Distance to help – Charade could hear it all the way from the other end of the hall.

“Ghost! Answer me!!” Another familiar voice caught Charade’s attention, and her eyes immediately fell on Distance… his expression was pained, and she couldn’t blame him for that. After all, his beloved partner was right in front of him… completely against him. Although she couldn’t see Ghost’s face from where she stood, the smaller girl’s voice rang clear as she started forward.

“Father’s orders: remove all outside disturbances.”

What was Charade meant to do? She didn’t plan to interfere, but Distance seemed stunned in place. To her relief, he came to his senses in mere moments and simply disappeared. No – ‘teleported’. Seeing as Mara’s distressed cries for help had stopped, it wasn’t difficult to figure out to where. An instant later, there the pair was, right in front of her. Ghost was up ahead…

… Well now that she found them, there was no point in just leaving on her own, was there?

“One question: does lab staff count as an outside disturbance?” Charade asked, stepping into the scene displayed before her. Yes, with her altered appearance and the lab coat she didn’t look anything like herself… but she wasn’t acting a role either. The placid smile and passive tone was clearly her own. Mara and Distance were likely to recognize her in this way, but she wasn’t sure about Ghost. The poor girl. None of this was her fault. It wasn’t any of their faults.

Besides that, Charade wasn’t sure how Distance would fare in a battle against Ghost… After all, she wouldn’t last long against Xander… Ending this confrontation would be best.


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She hated to admit it, but Mara felt that she owed Distance a favor. It wasn't like she would starve to death in the elevator and if she did, it wouldn't matter. Wait, it would. Because without all three of the rebels, defeating Father would be impossible. And if they failed, who was to say that any broken would ever rise again?

Mara looked at Distance, who looked well, different. Though he was speaking to her, his eyes were locked on Ghost. His face looked paler, scared almost. He looks dead, she realized. She looked at him, hoping to help him out of the daze. "Ready for what?" she asked in a softer voice than she normally would use. She looked back at Ghost and stuck her tongue out at her, then waited for a response. She would be surprised if she got one.

She remembered Ghost as an indifferent, almost apathetic. As long as she had orders though, she had purpose. What was her purpose now? Mara shivered a bit at her gaze. The girl may be younger than her, but she still scared the crap out of Mara. A person who didn't have emotion was inhuman. Wasn't it emotion that defined the human being? The feeling of empathy towards another, the anger of injustice... how could Ghost not feel those?

The purple haired girl suddenly realized that there was a scientist among them, watching them intently. But there was something about the tone of voice that seemed off from those heartless things, something familiar. Oh of course! It was none other than Charade (or Dave according to Distance).

"A disturbance is a disturbance and each one of us is that to human society," Mara replied. She glanced at Distance, then back at Ghost. "Wouldn't you agree Ghost?"


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He had saved Mara...But why wasn't he smiling? He had dodged an attack from his so-called soulmate...Yet he could still feel pain.

His hands were now shaking frantically, but his eyes were still locked onto Ghost. His breathing increased, not because he was out of breath...It was simply the rush of hate flowing throughout him. Father had now made Ghost a pest..An insect on the wall, an enemy. The foul words left a nasty taste in Distance's mouth, the words just didn't seem right together. "Ghost...An enemy.." He took a deep breath, taking a slight step forward.

“One question: does lab staff count as an outside disturbance?” A familiar voice called out, which sounded quite like Dave. Nevertheless, Distance never turned around, he couldn't.
"A disturbance is a disturbance and each one of us is that to human society," Mara replied, her voice seemed alot calmer than normal. Infact it brought a slight smirk to his face, his teammates were ready to cause some damage, which showed the bond that they all shared. It wasn't a great bond, but it was good enough to call themselves allies.

"Wouldn't you agree Ghost?" Mara continued, Yet Ghost never replied...Her back, continued to face them...What was going through her head? Was this how life was in the mansion, no wait...Were all the experiments like this? Hypnotised by fathers' foolish greed? Distance shook his head in disgust.

"She wouldn't agree...She's merely a puppet, a tool...Fathers' living Robot. Ain't that right Ghost? None of us care to you anymore isn't that right?" He chuckled loudly, Teleporting closer towards her. "Not even your own soulmate hmm?" He paused, placing his hand on her shoulder. "If thats' the case, then theres' no need for me to hold back...Right?"

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