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"If I showed any emotions they would say I hate you..."

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Haze isn't too complicated to understand. He is blunt in everything he does. if you come to him for advice you better prepare yourself. He doesn't see the need in holding back to protect someones feelings. There is only one thing that can make a person stronger, and it is truthfulness. Lying to someone will get you nowhere, in the end it will only come back to haunt you. He is a firm believer in karma and the harm it can bring with it. Like many he has seen come into the house, he has a slight bitterness towards father, however, he will serve him without hesitation. When Haze feels someone has done a great deed on his behalf he should return the favor. It may be him just being naive, but he places his full trust in Father guiding him in the right direction. No one will ever be able to change his mind about this.

Haze has many idiosyncrasies about him. Everything has to be in a certain order. If one single thing is out of place, then he will by all means fix it. He has to stay clean all of the time and his clothes must be blemish free. If you can stand how honest he can be with you, then you will find a loyal person. He only shows respect to people he believes deserves it. Haze will never give false respect to someone who is undeserving. He cares for only two people in his life, and of course it is none other than Father and himself. When it comes to other people he knows how to be cordial, but only for a certain amount of time. He hates being with other people, henceforth is is always seen by himself. It's not that he has any type of fear of being around other people, he honestly just can't stand it.

Relationships are a waste of time in which he could spend being alone and honing his skills. Most people don't want to be around him, but his honesty is one of his good qualities. It is his way of being a friend to someone, even though the person might not see it the same way he does. He will always tell the truth unless Father advises him otherwise. Least to say if you have a secret you shouldn't tell him. No one has ever seen farther than the emotionless side of him besides Father. He is never seen enraged by anything even if it does truly irke him. No emotion is emitted from him at any given time. It isn't that he is putting up a wall to keep others out, he just can't show any type of emotion no matter how he feels deep down inside of him. When he first lost his emotions a part of him wanted someone to come along and free him from himself, but as time went on and his unwillingness to be around other people, his emotions were completely drained from him. Whenever you see him, if you do, then he will have a blank expression sculpted on his face at all times.

Crush/Relationship Status
None at the moment

Are You Broken?
Haze is with Father a 100%. He will do anything for him. He will terminate any and everyone who will cause harm to Father.

Haze was blessed with the ability to paralyze a person just by looking at them. He is able to do this by damaging multiple nerve endings in the spinal cord. He can only paralyze the person in varying interval's. He is determined to be able to permanently paralyze someone, but for now he has to deal with what he is able to do. The second best thing to his power is his hand-to-hand combat abilities. He has trained himself to fight using only his hands just in case his powers aren't where they should be.

If Haze uses his ability too much then his vision will start to blur. He has been told if he can't finish a battle in a certain amount of time, then he should run. Since his ego is too big for its own good, he has stayed in battles that have left some permanent damage to his eyesight. He has to wear contacts in order to see what is in front of him. He can't see out of his peripherals no matter what he does to improve his vision. This gives him a huge disadvantage when fighting someone. The last affect on his eyes is when he is out in daylight, he has to wear sunglasses to prevent further damage.

Appearance Description
Haze height is approximated at 6'0" and his weight at 145lbs.. He doesn't have the most muscular body, but he does have muscle tone. He doesn't see the use in having more muscles than brains. For this reason he keeps himself in shape by maintaining his body weight and muscle mass. He can usually be seen wearing a black suit with a white T-shirt under it. The most undress you will see him is his shirt not tucked in and the only button on the jacket undone. in his front pocket he carries his cigarettes and lighter. He knows smoking is bad, but he still doesn't care what the outcome of his bad habit might be. Overall he looks healthy, that is until all of his excessive smoking gets to him finally.

Haze has done something he probably would never have thought he would. Before he came to the mansion, he actually managed to get a girlfriend. They were pretty close in their relationship and it seemed nothing could tear them apart. She was the only person he would do anything for in his entire normal human life. One day he was in a horrible car accident after he and his girlfriend broke up. He wanted to get nothing else but revenge on her. Between his ego and the medications he was taking, he was dead set on getting her back. He blamed his accident on her and was going to make her feel the same pain as him. One night he managed to get her to meet him in the local park. It was here where he injected a fatal dose of one of the many medications he was on. It only took a day before the police captured him. After that, was when he ended up in the mansion. Haze will probably never remember what he did to get to the mansion, and it is best that way.

Haze loves to sit on the roof of the mansion and look at their surroundings. He also wears regular glasses at night.


Which I forgot when I started to sink
Drank further away from the shore,
And deeper into the drink

Sat on the bottom of the ocean,
A stern and stubborn rock
Cos your songs remind me of swimming,
But somehow I forgot

I was sinking, now I'm sunk
And I was drinking, now I'm drunk
I was sinking, now I'm sunk,
And I was drinking, now I'm drunk

I tried to remember the chorus,
I can't remember the verse
Cos that song that sent me swimming,
Is now the life jacket that burst

Rotting like a wreck on the ocean floor,
Sinking like a siren that can't swim no more
Your songs remind me of swimming,
But I can't swim any more

Then all of a sudden, I heard a note,
It started in my chest and ended in my throat
Then I realized I was swimming,
And then I realized I was swimming,
And then I realized I was swimming,
And then I realized I was swimming

Pull me out the water, cold and blue,
I open my eyes and I see that it's you,
So I dive straight back in the ocean

Take a deep breath, tuck the water in my chest
Cross my fingers and hope for the best
Oh, take a deep breath, tuck the water in my chest,
Cross my fingers and hope for the best

Then all of a sudden, I heard a note,
It started in my chest and ended in my throat
And then I realized I was swimming,
And then I realized I was swimming,
And then I realized I was swimming,
And then I realized I was swimming

So begins...

Haze's Story


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He was standing in the Fourth Floor Group Training Room. Quietly, the faint sound of crackling flames swirling around his body. Zeal stood perfectly still attempting to continually improve his fire mastery. As the fire swirled around, the ring slowly shrank, getting closer and closer to Zeal. The fire began dividing itself, forming two diagonal rings in the shape of an X. Now the rings expanded again. Zeal lifted his arms and sliced the rings with each arm, causing a small silent explosion. From the smoke arose two whip like strands of fire, each beginning in one of Zeal's hands and drifting off around him. He took a deep breath, his hands began hurting a little, the fire too intense to hold. His blood began heating up, his arms tensing up from the heat, his mind going hazy. "AAAHHHHH!" He yelled crossing his arms into an X causing the two whips to lash out smashing into the wall. Zeal kept his concentration and from the smoke emerged a sphere. He took a breath and released his form, the sphere perfectly intact. "Heh, Finally!" He had basically sliced through the flaming sphere without causing an explosion. His hands were burned again and his arms were still a little tense, but he knew that today he had practice with Haze.

Zeal left the group training on floor 4. This floor only had two rooms and an elevator connected with one hallway. He walked down the hall, swiftly reaching the elevator, "Floor 5." He knew Haze's domain was on the Fifth Floor and he knew that Haze was a stickler on punctuality. As the elevator moved up the one floor at an ever so slow pace Zeal figured he was going to be late. The elevator finally reached the floor, he stepped out and saw no one wondering the halls. "Hmph, unsual..." He usually could find someone wondering the halls at any given point on any floor, aside from the Fourth Floor. Zeal continued his swift pace, reaching Haze's room relatively quickly.

He opened the door expecting to find Haze, standing in the room, tapping his foot in annoyance. But no, Zeal stood in the doorway looking upon a jungle. "Training starts immediately, huh?" Zeal entered the room mumbling to himself, expecting Haze to pop up for a surprise attack. "Alright Haze... I'm here." Zeal stood next to the small river that divided the room in two. He knelt down and dipped his hands into the cool water, immediately feeling an intense stinging sensation from his burns. "Damn..." He knew that he had to fix this problem and soon, otherwise he'd be one shitty ass fire god. He stood back up, shacking his hands off with the accompaniment of sizzling water being boiled by his burns. "Heheheh" Zeal snickered quietly, loving how intense his fire was, knowing that no water could ever put it out; or at least that's what he always thought. He walked over the rock formation that held the waterfall, sitting on a rock waiting for either his partner or Haze to make a move.

Faint - Linkin Park


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#, as written by Renmiri

Why can't anything important ever include resting comfortably in bed? She'd woken up from her nap three minutes ago, and been perfectly satisfied for a glorious two seconds before a healthy dose of urgency had consumed her. The feeling was as if she was supposed to be somewhere, someplace, doing something; or, laced underneath like always, a familiar sense of paranoia (therefore causing bouts of 'Run dammit run!). And, just like every waking moment in this new, continuous nightmare, she couldn't damn well remember just where, exactly, within the two hundred billion square miles of Earth that 'somewhere' happened to be. The entire thought process was just as fruitful as asking herself, as she'd been trying to figure out for the past week, what in the world scared her. Because it's quite certainly not that pebble I ran from yesterday.

But this sudden attack of Alzheimer's was obviously different. For one, she had a particularly harsh sense of foreboding: that life was going to turn infinitely more painful if she didn't figure things out in approximately one-sixtieth of an hour. Which was quite different from the usual, where the only innate threats came from the possibility of getting a raging headache while pondering the philosophical question of 'Who am I?' (A touchy subject that shares the figurative qualities of 'all roads lead to Rome'). In any case, this runaway train seemed hell bent on actually getting places, be it with or without her; seeing as how the latter would somehow magically result in worlds of pain. Following her obviously crappy instincts and with half a minute left to spare, Raven finally let herself recall yesterday's series of unfortunate events; all in a desperate measure to hopefully remember.

And then she recalled how life liked to be a bitch stereotyped American highschool 'star of the football team' female dog. Shit. They're going to kill me, aren't they? Giving less than a thought to her clothes, which thankfully were exercise-worthy (being capris and a hoodie), this little bird dashed out the door; in as much the heroic effort as Batman and his light-symbol.. thing. Not that Raven, of course, knew the Joker (Haze) liked people being on the dot; but that they simply all seemed the type. Because, just like how miscellaneous grey blobs in that episode of Fairly Odd Parents had identity issues, all people apparently have uptight standards when dealing with time down to the seconds. If that didn't make sense, then look at everything about the past week and I dare you to tell me I'm not dreaming.

The past week. Now faithfully waiting (and all the while boarding) for the elevator to fly back down, Raven let the days of disaster roll through her head instead of thoughts concerning her impending doom of being one minute late. From one catastrophe to another, it seemed. Day one had been the first time she had found that the feeling of 'is there something on my face?' could possibly be extended to.. well, all of her face. And then she'd had an emotional breakdown a couple minutes later (Oh hey it's that question 'Who am I' again!). Every other day after that was like an unholy blur, as if she were Alice falling down a rabbit-hole consisting of memory-related objects that she couldn't seem to make out. Day three? She'd returned to some semblance to herself. Day seven: some guy had been shot, and then Raven had succumbed to some version of paranoia; accidentally jump-starting her ability and gracefully went smack against a wall.

Oh, and the most recent: Day Eight. Raven-Soon-To-Die stupidly forgets her training session and did I mention life sucks? These recaps conveniently end just as the elevator doors re-open to the Fifth Floor; with, again, as much dramatic flair as the Gates of Hell. From what she could tell by the looks of two paths, the two separate entrances along the bare hallway, there was more than one Training Room on deck. Is this what they mean by 'pick your poison'? But, seeing as how Raven really didn't have a choice to begin with, it took no less than a split second for her to open and walk into Haze's Domain; from this point on unknowingly subjecting herself to nothing short of torture. By, you know, most likely running into trees. Which, for some unknown reason, seem to be in overabundance as it was suddenly humanely possible to have a perfectly mean jungle presumably a couple hundred feet in the air.

No matter how much the scene defies the laws of nature Raven, unfortunately, wouldn't remember anything to care. So, with ignorance in mind, the child dashed across to where her partner and instructor waited; tapping into her abilities to get there much like a blur. Which proved exceedingly annoying, as in several instances a latent root sprouted from god-knows-where with the evil intentions of tripping her over; along with the equally vicious tree branch that obviously wanted to give her a concussion. I'm starting to hate trees. But, in any case, she got there about a minute after the pyromaniac. (Who, unfortunately, was also late.) Not having broken a sweat, Raven stood in complete ease a respectable distance away from either guy; in case 'Training' actually took on it's literal meaning of 'assault' and 'grace under pressure'.

In any case, she gave a slight wave and prepared herself for the worst. "Yo. I'm Raven and, I'm assuming unfortunately, here." It didn't take long for her to take mental note of either, picking the oddly emotionless one to be this 'Haze' and the other (with a someone masochistic grin on his face what with the burns) as.. Let's not think such horrible thoughts. Maybe if I don't think it, he won't be my soulma-- shit. Oh, and the joyride begins.

Future World Music - The Perfect Heist