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Deadly Little Experiment



a part of Deadly Little Experiment, by phooka.


phooka holds sovereignty over Earth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Earth is a part of Deadly Little Experiment.

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Mara [11] "It's too bad I can feel."
Ghost [10] ". . . . . . . . " *blank stare"
Distance [10] Apples...That is all. -Poof-
Charade [4] "I will lie if it brings me to the truth."
Marionette [4] "I can fight if there's a place for me to return to... But where is that? Is there really a place where I belong?"
Ashen [4] "There's just something about it..."
Boo [3] "I like cookies, friends, and rainbows and you. I like jumping and talking and maybe this place too!"
Hallucination [3] "Give me your hand...let me lead you to your nightmare"
Xander [3] "Now what category would you fall into...?"
Haze [2] "If I showed any emotions they would say I hate you..."

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The purple haired girl grinned... then Distance disappeared. Frowning and wanting to stuff and apple down his throat, Mara set off by herself. She looked around at all of the familiar sights, yet so foreign. It was strange, this was supposed to be home, but they had run away. Home was war, so war was home? Maybe she should stop thinking so deeply and do what she did best- act on emotion and instinct. (But mainly emotion.)

Walking around, she realized that there were no stairs in the mansion. What did Father have against exercise? Oh my goodness, was he trying to make all his little children fat so he could munch on them, eating up their skulls and licking them clean. Despite how truly terrible and morbid the thought was, Mara laughed a bit. It sounded exactly like the kind of thing that Father would do. She wouldn't be surprised if he was. So he was a pedophile, cannibal, and some sort mastermind scientist dictator? Huh, she'd have to remember to share that with Charade and Distance. If she could find them and get out of here alive that is.

She entered the elevator and looked at all of the buttons. She could hardly remember where anything was other than her room, the lab, and the forbidden eighth floor. Forbidden. It made everything seem so much more dangerous. Risky, deadly, something you would rather jump off a cliff than do. Yet, it tempted you. Psychology was weird.

Mara quickly pressed all of the buttons at the same time, wondering what it would do. The elevator beeped angrily at her. So she punched the door. It beeped again and started moving, but no floor had been selected. She'd managed to screw up the precious elevator? Cool! She punched it again and it stopped. Figuring she was probably near one of the other floors, she pushed the open the door button. Nothing happened.

"Crap," she mumbled. She'd done stupid things during her lifetime. Like lighting her house on fire and not getting out fast enough. Or the time that she took away Distance's apple. Plus the time she'd jumped out of her room window to see if her powers worked on her. None of those situations resulted in much good. But hey, she was a kid at heart. She couldn't help it.

"Distance!" she hollered, banging on the door of the elevator. "Distance! Get me outta here!"

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Ghost's blank eyes gazed absently between her charges, waiting for them to begin. Her right foot slid subtly back in stance, ready for whatever attack they could pull forth. Nothing could surprise the doll child any longer. Well, almost nothing.

"Ghostie! Come out and play!" Ghost's grey eyes blinked slowly to this, her features frowning slightly in confusion. She was about to begin training, why would someone want to disturb her? "Don't be shy, I won't bite." Ghost raised her small frame up slightly, her eyes clouding with uncertainty as she looked down to her arms. Why would they want to bite her? Did she taste good? What a strange thing to say. Ghost was unable to contemplate the creature that would say that. Perhaps he was a dog hybrid. But what would they want with her? Father did not foretell of any visitors. "Ghostie!"

Ghost stood slowly and stepped forward toward the door. She hesitated for a moment and turned back to her charges. "I will find out what they want. Continue training, or you may come with me." With a soft blink, Ghost's body turned translucent as she prepared to step through the wall. Coming through, she appeared to be nothing more than a sprite with her long, snow-white hair cascading around her shoulders, freed from the ribbons that were tied around her wrists to train the new experiments. Once in the hall, she opened her steal eyes to peer at new nuisance that was preventing her from completing Father's order.

Ghost froze, her pupils dilated slightly in confusion, her memory refusing to unlock at the sight of the red head. Ghost blinked, her body frozen. Was he the one who threatened to bite her? She felt like she was unable to breath, which was impossible since she was tangible once again. [b["Distance! Get me outta here!"[/b]

Ghost turned quickly to the source of the new voice and then back to the boy in the hall. "Distance. . . "Ghost found herself mummering softly, as if unable to fully recover the name from her memories. She blinked again and frowned, shaking her head softly. Impossible. "No, not Distance. He broke and Father removed him. You can not be him," Ghost said, her eyes cold as she glared at the boy. It was obvious that Ghost was not ready to admit her partner could be back. She lowered herself slightly be racing forward with the staff in her hand, moving surprising quickly for her fragile frame. "Father's orders: remove all outside disturbances."

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There she was...Pale as pale can be. Her emotionless eyes, gazing towards the male with such suprise...Such confusion, but why? Was something on his face? Her fragile frame, flinched slightly as her seemingly cold hair dangled freely from their bands, simply showing how much Ghost had matured as time had passed. Just how long had it been? A month? Two months? A year? Her face looked disgusted, yet backed up with a tint of fear...Almost as if she had seen a Ghost..
Distance blinked, the smile on his face had now transformed into a frown. He wasn't expecting little ol' Ghostie to turn him down. What happend to the warm hugs that she would only give him? The tender, juicy apples that she always greeted him with? And most importantly..A simple "Hello."
She had changed, she wasn't the same. Yet, why couldn't Distance accept that. He bit his lip hard enough to make it bleed, his eyes gathering moisture making them shine in the light. Now wasn't the time to cry, he had to hold back his tears, no matter how painful it was to see Ghost under Father's control. "G-ghost...What has he done to you..." His voice had became small and tender, like he wasn't worth anything anymore.

"Distance! Get me outta here!" Mara's voice moaned out, as if she were burning alive. Her fists constantly banged against the steel doors of the elevator. She was trapped.
"Mara..." Normally Distance would've reacted with some kind of insult, something to piss her off. But he didn't. He couldn't. His mind was still focused on Ghost, still trying to accept that the old Ghost was gone, blown away in the wind.

"No, not Distance. He broke and Father removed him. You can not be him" Her monotoned voice had never hurt him as much as they did just now, Father had curupted her, the only person that was close to his heart. Father had toyed with her, used her like a doll, a slave...Knowing how loyal Ghost is, he had planned to used that against her. Free will never existed for Ghost, she was now Fathers...He owned her.
I should've taken her with me when i had the chance, maybe then i could've saved her...Just maybe. Distance was still fighting with the truth, his feelings...Emotions...All getting involved with this one person. "Ghost!" He paused as her body lowered. "Its' me...Distance, you must remember me right?" His shattered heart, continued to beat. Increasing its' tempo as anger built up. "How can you say that i'm not the person that understood you the most? Ghost! Answer me!!" He cried out, hands now fists. He would worry about Mara later, he was too wrapped up in the conflict between fact and fiction.

"Father's orders: remove all outside disturbances." Cold eyes stared right into Distance's, showing no love, no welcome. Nothing but a simple stare...A slap to the face. Her stick-like body was now charging towards him, she was swift and agile. Yet it was no suprise, since air resistance had hardly anything to resist.

"So this is how its going to be eh? This...This..." His body was telling him to move out the way, teleport...Save Mara. But his mind...The thing that controlled everything, was telling him no. He couldn't possibly hurt Ghost, no matter if she was trying to kill him. His body froze, leaving him open for some kind of strike...A death blow, anything to make sure that he wouldn't return.


He blinked again, noticing what was happening. Ghost ment her everyword, she wanted to rid of him, just like Father had wanted all them days ago. Poof His body had vanished from where he was standing, appearing in the elevator. If he was going to Fight, he would need Mara...At least...She had his back. "You can stop banging now." He grabbed her hand, taking a death breath as always, and teleported back to the hallway.

Letting go, he panted. Although, his eyes glued back to Ghost who had her back towards them. "You ready Mara?"

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Charade was leaned against the wall, staring up at her outstretched hands. Struggling to curl them, she clicked her tongue in irritation. The disguise hadn’t lasted long at all. It was still at a manageable level for now, but in an hour or so, she would have to revert and then waste who knows how much time trying to find shelter from those under Father’s control. Well, it was good while it lasted. It seemed that now was as good a time as ever to search for Distance and Mara. There would be some semblance of safety in their numbers.

To her great surprise, it didn’t take long to find them at all. Really, she had just been trying to get to a different floor… but clearly that wasn’t possible from the familiar voice resounding from the metal doors. A loud ‘bang’ punctuated each word as she shouted for Distance to help – Charade could hear it all the way from the other end of the hall.

“Ghost! Answer me!!” Another familiar voice caught Charade’s attention, and her eyes immediately fell on Distance… his expression was pained, and she couldn’t blame him for that. After all, his beloved partner was right in front of him… completely against him. Although she couldn’t see Ghost’s face from where she stood, the smaller girl’s voice rang clear as she started forward.

“Father’s orders: remove all outside disturbances.”

What was Charade meant to do? She didn’t plan to interfere, but Distance seemed stunned in place. To her relief, he came to his senses in mere moments and simply disappeared. No – ‘teleported’. Seeing as Mara’s distressed cries for help had stopped, it wasn’t difficult to figure out to where. An instant later, there the pair was, right in front of her. Ghost was up ahead…

… Well now that she found them, there was no point in just leaving on her own, was there?

“One question: does lab staff count as an outside disturbance?” Charade asked, stepping into the scene displayed before her. Yes, with her altered appearance and the lab coat she didn’t look anything like herself… but she wasn’t acting a role either. The placid smile and passive tone was clearly her own. Mara and Distance were likely to recognize her in this way, but she wasn’t sure about Ghost. The poor girl. None of this was her fault. It wasn’t any of their faults.

Besides that, Charade wasn’t sure how Distance would fare in a battle against Ghost… After all, she wouldn’t last long against Xander… Ending this confrontation would be best.


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She hated to admit it, but Mara felt that she owed Distance a favor. It wasn't like she would starve to death in the elevator and if she did, it wouldn't matter. Wait, it would. Because without all three of the rebels, defeating Father would be impossible. And if they failed, who was to say that any broken would ever rise again?

Mara looked at Distance, who looked well, different. Though he was speaking to her, his eyes were locked on Ghost. His face looked paler, scared almost. He looks dead, she realized. She looked at him, hoping to help him out of the daze. "Ready for what?" she asked in a softer voice than she normally would use. She looked back at Ghost and stuck her tongue out at her, then waited for a response. She would be surprised if she got one.

She remembered Ghost as an indifferent, almost apathetic. As long as she had orders though, she had purpose. What was her purpose now? Mara shivered a bit at her gaze. The girl may be younger than her, but she still scared the crap out of Mara. A person who didn't have emotion was inhuman. Wasn't it emotion that defined the human being? The feeling of empathy towards another, the anger of injustice... how could Ghost not feel those?

The purple haired girl suddenly realized that there was a scientist among them, watching them intently. But there was something about the tone of voice that seemed off from those heartless things, something familiar. Oh of course! It was none other than Charade (or Dave according to Distance).

"A disturbance is a disturbance and each one of us is that to human society," Mara replied. She glanced at Distance, then back at Ghost. "Wouldn't you agree Ghost?"


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He had saved Mara...But why wasn't he smiling? He had dodged an attack from his so-called soulmate...Yet he could still feel pain.

His hands were now shaking frantically, but his eyes were still locked onto Ghost. His breathing increased, not because he was out of breath...It was simply the rush of hate flowing throughout him. Father had now made Ghost a pest..An insect on the wall, an enemy. The foul words left a nasty taste in Distance's mouth, the words just didn't seem right together. "Ghost...An enemy.." He took a deep breath, taking a slight step forward.

“One question: does lab staff count as an outside disturbance?” A familiar voice called out, which sounded quite like Dave. Nevertheless, Distance never turned around, he couldn't.
"A disturbance is a disturbance and each one of us is that to human society," Mara replied, her voice seemed alot calmer than normal. Infact it brought a slight smirk to his face, his teammates were ready to cause some damage, which showed the bond that they all shared. It wasn't a great bond, but it was good enough to call themselves allies.

"Wouldn't you agree Ghost?" Mara continued, Yet Ghost never replied...Her back, continued to face them...What was going through her head? Was this how life was in the mansion, no wait...Were all the experiments like this? Hypnotised by fathers' foolish greed? Distance shook his head in disgust.

"She wouldn't agree...She's merely a puppet, a tool...Fathers' living Robot. Ain't that right Ghost? None of us care to you anymore isn't that right?" He chuckled loudly, Teleporting closer towards her. "Not even your own soulmate hmm?" He paused, placing his hand on her shoulder. "If thats' the case, then theres' no need for me to hold back...Right?"

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