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Jason Dorian

"Trust me sweetheart, I'll only break your pretty little heart."

0 · 499 views · located in Louisiana

a character in “Deadly Little Secrets”, as played by sweetsleep


{“Chin up kid, they'll kill to see you fail.”}
Theme Song
Nico & Vinz|| Am I Wrong
Collective Soul||The World I Know
Song to Love Interest
Tonic|| If You Could Only See
Maroon 5||She Will Be Loved

{"I’m the step-brother, there isn’t much to know.”}


Full Name
Jason Jeremy Dorian

Jace (Most of the time)
Jay J (Often)
Jay (Often)
Dorian (Occasionally)



Sexual Orientation

Never had one, he drifted for most of his life.

{"Money is a fucked up bargaining chip."}


His Motorcycle||Hard Liquor||Cigarettes||Flirting||Fixing cars||Big dogs||Amberly||His Leather jacket||Classic movies||Vintage things||Late Nights||Sex||Rock Music

His step-father||Ignorant People||Talking about his past||People finding out about his heart condition||Candy||High Maintenance Girls||Being told what to do||Pop Music||Cats||Yellow Skittles||Police||Diet Soda

Distinct Markings
Scars: He has several from fights and his childhood, but none are particularly noticeable.

Piercings: He used to have his lip pieced but he doesn't wear the piercing any more.

Tattoos: On the inside his right arm||On his finger||His left bicept

To be an artist. He paints and he's pretty damn good at it, not that anyone know, because for the most part he's never showed anyone his work and he doesn't exactly talk about it.

-He's got a really bad heart condition, the doctors say it's a good possibility he could just collapse one day and die. He's on a waiting list to get a heart transplant, but he's been on that list since he was ten years old. His heart condition is something that he's dealt with his whole life because he was born premature.

-He likes his step-sister.

-Loosing his mother
-Amber finding out about his feelings for her.

{“I’m not a bad guy, but I’m not good either.”}


Agnostic "Religion is man made. Religion can go fuck it's self."

He’s been a drifter his entire life. He definitely has the personality of one. He hates staying in places for too long. He tends to get bored fairly quickly, which often gets him into trouble. He’s sarcastic and a bit of an ass hole when you first meet him. However he’s extremely ambitious and when he sets out to do something he finishes it.

He’s a huge flirt, even when he doesn’t mean to be, which has earned him the title of heartbreaker. He’s been with a countless number of girls who have gotten way too attached. He’s a little afraid of commitment, due to his mother’s long string of failed relationships, not that he’d ever admit that.

He likes having a good time whether it involves smoking pot, casual sex, bon fires on the beach, or parties. Either way every once in a while he likes to let loose. He’s pretty laid back for the most part and he’s not the type of guy to take life too seriously. He doesn’t trust people easily and he tends to get dangerously protective of those he cares about.

Jace has a bit of a bad temper. A temper that has gotten him arrested on a few occasions. He doesn’t go places with the intent of getting into a fight, but if someone pisses him off he doesn’t just roll over and take it. He’s not scared to fight and most the time he’ll win a fight. He’s rough around the edges and he’s got a stubborn personality, most girls want to try and save him, but there is no saving someone who doesn’t want to be saved.

{“The past is the past. I live for the present.”}


Family Tree
Diego Lorenzo||Biological Father||Age: Unknown||Unknown
Shannon Dorian-Crestwood Crestwood||Biological Mother||Age: 40 ||Alive
Salvador Crestwood||Step-Father||Age: 47
Amberly Crestwood||Step-Sister||Age: 17 ||Alive
Dove Crestwood||Step-Sister||Age: 17||

[i]Jason was born Barcelona, Spain to his mother whom was a struggling waitress with no family. His life wasn’t exactly easy from the start. He never knew his father, his mother had a one night stand with the man. Growing up was tough without a dad, kids asked questions and made fun of him. He’d always been kind of a loner. When he was five, his mother met a very wealthy man from the US, who married her a year after they were married he filed for divorce leaving Jason and his mother to the streets.

For the next nine years they wandered the US. They had no money to go home, not that they had much of a life back in Spain. Eventually him mother met another man, a very abusive man. He was fourteen and when he tried protecting his mother the man put him in the hospital nearly killing him. After that he changed quite a bit and forced him mother to leave the guy.

They ended up in Miami Florida. His mother started going to parties and dating wealthy businessman after businessman. It was like she didn’t have a son, a fifteen year old Jason had to learned to survive, whether it was stealing, fighting, of lying he became way to damn good at working people to get whatever he needed from them.

Jason partied a lot through high school and because he was always moving around he eventually just dropped out at seventeen and got a job at a mechanic shop. Seeing as his mother was always out with men, he took care of paying for their expensive apartment and everything needed, working his ass off to take care of his mother.

A month before his nineteenth birthday his mother came to him excited, she was getting married for the third time. He fought with her, lectured her, and ultimately tried to be the adult in the situation. He thought about leaving, but all he’d ever known was his mother. So, to his dismay, the two were married and he gained two spoiled ass step-sisters. He keeps to himself for the most part, however he’s extremely suspensions of his new step-father and he’s taken a liking to the younger twin, she’d beautiful and incredible. Although he keeps his feelings towards her to himself and occasionally flirts.

So begins...

Jason Dorian's Story