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Anthony Winters

A once good cop who has taken a tailspin into moral decrepitude.

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a character in “Deadly Waters”, as played by El_Gringo





Full Name: Anthony Dean Winters

Nick Names: Tony, Winters

Age: 36

Gender: Male


(Middle Class)

Occupation: Detective

How you got your ticket: Mob boss

Weapon: None

Does your character believe in other beings?: Yes, as a Christian he believes demons are real in some form or another. He doesn't expect them to manifest and attack though.

Personality: He gives off an outward projection of a kind, wise-cracking stable man. The reality is his mind is bent and broken; his morals destroyed. This is a man who has murdered, covered up crime, and made dirty deals to further his own cause. All the bad things he has done in the recent years have been weighing heavily on his mind.

History: Tony was brought up a Catholic, and even considered becoming a priest. He upheld the law and tried his best to be a good person, marrying his high school sweetheart Martha, currently raising three children. As an officer he was one of the best, a 'Super Cop,' becoming one of the quickest promoted officers to detective in the Miami PD. Then the problems started. His first child, Anthony Jr., had special needs when he was born with cerebral palsy. The following children, Anna and Jonathan, were healthy. Their money began to stretch thin supporting the family but they managed, though he took to heavy drinking to help cope.

Then his wife got cancer, sinking their financial ship. When he was at his weakest moment in a bar, one of Jason DeLuca's thugs approached him, offering him money to help out the criminal side. It paid much more than the detective gig, so Tony gave in. It started simple, he was on the Vice Squad, and gave DeLuca inside information on what spots were going to be hit, who was on the PD's hot sheet, etc. What he didn't expect was DeLuca keeping a record of all their conversations, blackmailing him. He was used to kill one of the street soldiers about to turn snitch. Before going to kill the man he stuffed the barrel of his gun into his own mouth, slightly pulling the trigger before wrenching the gun away. He did the deed, after that they had Tony by the balls.

He tried to just roll with it, even hanging out with the mob crew in discrete locations. Tony was looking to make a lot of cash quick to keep up with Junior's increasing needs and his wife's cancer treatment, taking a large chunk of savings to a mob affiliated poker game. Now he was in the hole twenty-grand, adding drugs to the alcohol. DeLuca decided to use the Detective to mule some drugs back to the states from Italy. Tony's cover story to his wife about the cruise was him needing personal time, Martha's parents were going to stay and help out while he was gone.

So begins...

Anthony Winters's Story


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Detective Tony Winters thought of his family as he approached the ship, having hugged his children and wife goodbye, leaving them to return home to her parents. He loved them all . . . which is why he was ashamed to be grateful for this trip, while equally dreading his purpose here. Even if he was going to Italy only to smuggle back newly designed drugs ready for the hot street market, the time alone would be nice. His family believed he won the money for his ticket at a casino. To cover his ass Tony had reported a hefty sum to the IRS as earnings to be taxed. If a man covered his tracks, his chances of getting away were increased.

He passed through all the inspections and boarded the ship, glancing around at all the other passengers, many of them happy families or couples. None of them deal with the kind of shit Winters did on a daily basis. Regardless, the cynic in him kept an eye out for shady characters. With all the crazies these days it was up in the air who would crack next. Hell, Tony almost went down that path himself; the barrel of his service weapon cold against the roof of his mouth a few years ago. Those thoughts were scratched out in his mind as striking women caught his eye, reminding him how long it had been since he had sex with his wife. A slow death to cancer was a bit of a turn off at times, making cheating an act the detective was familiar with.

The room on his ticket was easy enough to find, after what felt like a few miles of walking. He put his bags up and turned around, to a young man in a white chef uniform standing stiffly in his doorway, one hand behind his back.

"Can I help you with something?"

The man stared at him, then back in the hall searching for anyone who may be in earshot.

"I'm Gio, part of the family, just stopping by and wishing you a warm welcome." The hand came from behind him, holding a bottle of expensive looking wine with an opener. "Extra stock, compliments of DeLuca." Tony took the bottle from him, grateful for it. Gio sat the bottle opener on the dresser near the door.

"I'm more of a liquor man Gio, but this will do." Gio didn't leave the room, continuing to stare at him. At least it was a semi-polite stare, the guy was still stiff as a board. A few more moments of silence prompted a response from Winters, "Can I help you at all?"

"I'm legit, I have no official part of any criminal activity up to this point with my family, they asked me to mule. I refused of course. My job is simple; to make sure you reboard the ship after we dock in Italy, possibly helping you offload the shit later as a favor to my uncle. Please, don't create a problem. If I have to call our guys in Italy to track you down, you will be found and I don't think the resulting actions will be pleasant." A smile crept to the edges of Tony's mouth.

"Look kid, I don't have the resources to go run off and start a new life. You don't need to worry, I'll make your little babysitting job easy. And thanks for the bottle, I suppose I'll be seeing you around?" Gio didn't answer, but he seemed to relax before he turned and left. Anthony shut the door after the chef exited, glad to give the kid peace of mind. Then he threw himself onto the plush bed, staring at the ceiling as he regretted every choice that led him to this ship. The detective was determined to get some enjoyment from the cruise, so he would drink and eat himself into oblivion. He hopped out of bed and retrieved the bottle opener.


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Character Portrait: Anthony Winters
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Anthony was well on his way to being drunk before the cruise had even set off from port, so he corked the wine and set it to the side, running his fingers over his face in frustration. He decided to go out on one of the deck's to observe the last of the passengers boarding. Leaning against the cold rail, wind ruffling his hair, he watched everyone board. The detective looked to where his family had parked, the car long gone. While the trip itself would be a break from his family trappings, he was no idiot, his family was the only thing left that kept him human and sane.

What he feared the most on this trip was what could happen without his family around. It may be harder to justify living. He stared at the water down below, half-tempted to jump. The distance was nowhere near enough to kill him on impact, and Tony had no interest in drowning himself.

He waited against the guardrail, anxious to see when they would pull away from shore. Unless a passenger came directly to him, he became oblivious to his surroundings, letting the sound of the water fill his ears.