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Christopher van Locke

A grieving teacher and passenger on the chaosbound voyage.

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a character in “Deadly Waters”, as played by ArhaHitomi888



Full Name: Christopher van Locke

Nick Names: Topher, Mr. Locke, Chris

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Role: The Teacher

Status: Lower-Middle

Occupation: High School Orchestra/Choir Teacher

How you got your ticket: Topher's family bought him a ticket in hopes of him having a good time, to raise his spirits.

Weapon: Old fashioned Barber's razor and long, blunt objects. He also keeps a long, heirloom knife with him at all times. Also skilled in fisticuffs if need be.

Does your character believe in other beings?: He doesn't believe in them, but he doesn't not believe in them. His attitude is if they exist, then they exist, and if they don't, they don't.

Personality: Topher is a naturally kind person, wanting to help in any way he can. He focuses on others, wanting to assist them whenever possible. He's extremely paternal with anyone more than five years younger than him, even though he doesn't mean to be. He's very soft spoken, almost shy and timid - So it's strange that he chose to be a music teacher. He has an atmosphere around him of serenity, even when he is in panic. He is almost always smiling and tries to keep others happy and optimistic, always being the first one to cheer someone up - Even though he's unable to talk himself off of a ledge. Due to the recent tragedy in his life, he's been a bit unstable and has become somewhat prone to self-abuse, but doesn't over do it. When he does tend to go off the edge, simple logic (because he is a more or less sensible, mature man) tends to bring him right out.

History: Topher was born in Amsterdam, being raised there until he was five before moving to the Canada. Living in Vancouver, he went through the school system, taking advanced music classes and passing with more than flying colors. An awkward, quiet child - Topher endured hell through all his school years, and doesn't speak of it often. Through school, he played the Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, and was a Tenor. Becoming Inspired, he graduated from high school two years early and went to college for Music Education and Violin. After getting those degrees, and went on to double major in Orchestral Pedagogy and Choral Pedagogy. During his college years, he met a beautiful young woman named Celestina Brooks. Just after he got his Masters degree, he and Celestina moved down to Mint Hill, North Carolina. Very soon after, they were married and Topher got a job as a music teacher. Soon after they, they had a daughter, Rosalina Aurora Locke (dropping the 'van' and leaving it until Rosalina is old enough to decide whether or not she wants 'van' in her name). However, there stirred trouble in paradise. Celestina soon fell very ill, and a trip to the doctor's revealed that she was dying of Stomach Cancer and had few years to live. They lived life to the fullest, trying to enjoy every moment they possible could as a family for four and a half years before, after Topher had watched her waste away, she died. Topher comforted confused Four year old Rosalina, even as his own emotions were in complete turmoil. Six months later and Topher was barely recovering, so his parents in law decided to watch Rosalina, who had jus turned five, while they let Topher go on a cruise to have some time to himself to accept Celestina's death.


So begins...

Christopher van Locke's Story


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~Christopher van Locke~

Topher looked down at his lap, not registering the bouncing or rattling of the car, even it's jerky movements went unnoticed. In his mind floated the imagine of a beautiful, slender woman with amber hair and brown eyes. Her lips weren't too plump, and weren't too thin - Just enough for them to gave a graceful, bodied smile when the corners turned upwards. Her voice was gentle and sweet, and he imagined her sitting next to him. Slowly, a thin fingered hand rested upon the top of his hand, and graceful digits curled around it. It was a wonderfully blissful touch, and it reminded him of the paradise he had. At that moment, a voice abruptly snapped him from his daydreams.

"Daddy!" Sapphire blue eyes snapped wide open in realization. Slowly, he turned his head and glanced at his hand, which was holding another's - But this one was small, fragile, and soft with youth. His eyes went up to rest upon the face of a confused girl. His daughter, Rosalina, was just five now. "Daddy!" she called again, almost frantically. Topher's thin lips twitched upwards into a weak smile.

"Daddy can hear you, Rosa." he told her in a very soft, gentle tone of voice. As she lightly squeezed his daughter's hand, he realized that her hand was warm, and that his was practically corporeal. Slowly, he let his hand relax completely, hoping that it would allow more blood to flow into his hand and warm it. Rosalina's hand shot up and pointed to the cruise liner.

"Look at that big boat, daddy!" She said, yanking her hand away from him and placing them both against the window. She turned herself in her seat, curling one hand into a fist with one finger extended and stabbing at the window with it. "Are you gonna be on that boat, Daddy?"

"Yup," he said, agreeing to see the delight on his little daughter's face. As expected, her face lit up with excitement and she bounced in her seat, clapping her hands together gleefully. The sudden stop of the car pressed the seatbeat into his chest and he choked in surprise.

"Alright, this is your stop, Chris." a voice fron the front seat said. Two faces then looked back, moving to glance at him over the shoulders of their chairs. A middle aged woman with a heart shaped face and bright green eyes smiled at him gently, brown curls framing her face. The other was a slightly older man with a very gaunt face and dark brown eyes, black hair brushed neatly. "Alright, we're gonna let you board. We'd walk you, but-" Topher slowly raised his hand and shook his head.

"I understand, she has to make it to her swimming classes after all." he said, looking over towards Rosalina. She was a strong, brave girl - Like her mother. There was a sharp throb of grief that went through him again and he stiffened. Rosalina then looked over with a wide grin.

"You'll be back soon, right daddy?" she squeaked, keeping her smile. Topher managed a world-weary grin, the grief shrinking and pressing itself into the back of his mind. "I know you're gonna be gone for a really, really, really, really, really, reeeaally long time... I'm gonna miss you, Daddy. But i promise i'm gonna have fun with grammy and grampy until you get back!" Topher reached over and patted her head again, grin growing a bit. He was luck to have a daughter like Rosalina. She was very smart, extremely well spoken for her age, and was very hopeful. "And don't worry daddy, when you come back, mama is gonna come back too." His grin faltered. Like most children, she was also extremely naive. She was under the impression that Celestina was gone but would be coming back. He also knew that when she went to bed, sometimes she would cry, and talk about her mother.

After a brief good bye with his parents in law and his wonderful daughter, he watched the aged car sputter and jerk away. The moment they were out of his sight, his world became hazy and blurred. He walked past the crowd, every bump his luggage hit went unnnoticed, the grating sound of him shuffling and dragging his feet never reached his ears, and the sunlight seem to stop before it reached his dull, grey eyes. Hello, ma'm. Cabin 365. Ramps. Stairs. Halls. Door. His world only seemed to focus when he opened the door to his cabin. In that moment, he shrank. Celestina would have loved the view. He placed his luggage against the wall. There were two chairs outside, but only one of him - Celestina. The bed was too big for just him - Celestina. There was a couch there for two people - Celestina. After cosing the door, he slipped his jacket off and sank into the bed, sitting on the edge with his shoulder slumped. He rested his elbows on his knees and placed one hand over his eyes, trying to make the sounds of his weeping as quiet as possible. They signed him up for his cruise to make him forget about Celestina, but so far - She's all he could think about since the moment he stepped on the boat. He could only hope these two weeks wore on and he did manage to maybe do what they wished and be happy for a while - Celestina would want him to be.