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Elizabeth Harding

A restless spirit with a blood-thirsty soul.

0 · 352 views · located in The Star Liner

a character in “Deadly Waters”, as played by Grumpy-Converse



Name: Elizabeth Abigail Harding. Elizabeth, meaning; God Is My Oath. Abigail, meaning; Father's Joy. And her surname, Harding, meaning; Brave, Hardy. Few, or maybe even no, people know her real name, as her friends are long dead. It wasn't that she purposely kept her name a secret - it was just that there was no one she could tell it to. She didn't see any point in giving out information to her 'prey,' and she tended not to socialize with anyone else.

Age: Elizabeth is approximately eighty-four, though she looks in her early twenties.

Gender: Female.

Face Claim: Victoria Justice

Role: The Restless Paint.

Status: Seeing as there is no cash existing in the Bermuda Triangle, she would e considered lower-class. Though, while she was alive, she was certainly upper-class.

Occupation: She never had a job; Her parents were rich, and would spoil her rotten.

How you got your ticket: Well, she certainly didn't pay to board the Star Liner. She didn't really have a ticket.

Weapon: Her sharp tongue, as she loves talking to her 'prey' before she possesses it. The fear in their eyes always brings a smile to her face, and it seems to make them much more easier to possess when they're nervous or afraid, as their mind is in a more fragile state of mind.

Does your character believe in other beings?: I would hope so, seeing as she is one.

Personality: Elizabeth is a lonely spirit. She wanders around the edges of the Bermuda Triangle, waiting for a ship or airplane to pass over, so she can possess another human body. She loves the feeling of having a body again, as well as the fact she can kill. She loves watching the horror in their eyes as they realize they're about to die, and loves how they can feel what she felt. She usually kills them by chucking them off the boat, simple but effective, as that was how she died, but she would sometimes go for a more... gory kill.

She is quite obsessive, and once something is hers, there is no way she will give it away or share it. She got it, fair and square. Deal with it. If you want something, get off your lazy ass and look for it. She did. This obsessiveness includes objects, food, and even human beings. Once she's gone for the kill, it's hers. Back off, or expect a whole lot of shit coming your way.

She is egotistical, too, and if you do anything to ruin or hurt her reputation or embarrass her, she will crush you. She does love Games.. as long as she's winning, which she usually is. It's hard to kill something that doesn't exist, and whenever her 'host body' is seemingly about to get killed, she will just leave the body, and in the end it's the innocent human that gets murdered, and Elizabeth gets to watch. If the tables were reversed, so she was the Hunted, Elizabeth has no idea how she would react. It's not something she's used to, as she's used to being in charge. Which brings me to my next paragraph.

Elizabeth is extremely bossy, and has little to no tolerance for people that ignore her. She is stubborn, too, and once her mind is set, there is no way to change it. She has a sharp-tongue, always spouting out sarcastic remarks and witty come backs.

History: Elizabeth was born to Nathaniel and Amelia Harding on the 10 of December. She had the life every girl dreamed of. She was the only child with the rich parents, and she usually spent her days like any normal little girl; Tea Parties and Hide and Seek being her two favorite games. Her parents neglected her as far as social standards went, but what they lacked in communication, they gave back with presents and showers of gifts. Elizabeth was spoiled from a very young age, and used to getting exactly what she wanted. She spent most of her time playing with the maid or butler, or being home schooled by her tutor. Presumably, the reason she turned into such a little nightmare was because her only friends were people paid to like her, and give her whatever she wanted.

That being said, she was extremely popular throughout the village she lived in. Everyone knew who Elizabeth Harding was, the beautiful girl with the rich parents. All the girls wanted to be her, and all the boys wanted her. She hardly stepped foot outside of their property, but she already had quite some reputation.

When Elizabeth was fourteen, she started leaving the boundaries more, which started with simple nips down to the local shop, but soon became a daily thing. She made a friend, Amara, and the two girls would talk for an hour or so about the cute boys in the village, or the bitches in town, before Elizabeth would return home.

When she was twenty-one, she finally decided to leave the little village she grew up in, and her parents got her a ticket for a Cruise similar to the Star Liner. There she met Alice Crossly, but more importantly, she met Alice's boyfriend, Nicholas. The two hit it of instantly, and Elizabeth immediately knew that she wanted him. And of course, she got him.

Alice was fuming. The couple had been engaged before Elizabeth came along and destroyed the couple's relationship. After getting in an argument, Alice accidentally pushed Elizabeth overboard. Well, she says it was accidental, though no one really believed the girl, though they had no proof to assume otherwise. Elizabeth was never seen again, and Alice expected to get back with Nicholas, though he wouldn't take her back, instead grieving over Elizabeth.


So begins...

Elizabeth Harding's Story