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Erica Jasperson

A bitter journalist with terrifying scars, traveling the route to despair.

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a character in “Deadly Waters”, as played by ArhaHitomi888



Full Name: Erica Magenta Jasperson (Maiden Name: Erica Magenta Marshall)

Nick Names: Jas, Mag, Whiskey

Age: 47

Gender: Female

Role: The Journalist

Status: Upper-Middle

Occupation: Overseas Journalist

How you got your ticket: A leisurely way to get to her next journalist appointment in Geneva, Italy.

Weapon: Gun (Licensed)

Does your character believe in other beings?: She doesn't believe in them at all.

Personality: Erica is very distant to people she doesn't have business relations with or personal relations with. She and her Ex-Husband get along fine, and she is very kind to people she is doing business with, like the people she's documenting. She doesn't seem to care much for idle chit-chat and certainly doesn't care for games, being a rather serious person around others. She loosens up when she's on her own: Swimming, gambling, drinking, and laughing to herself. She values her looks quite a bit, keeping herself looking extremely young even though she is over fourty, simply to make up for the scars on her face.When someone brings up her scars, she is very deeply upset and becomes very offended, being extremely self conscious of them.

History: Erica was born and raised in Chicago. Her family was wealthy and could afford to travel to many places, and because her parents were novelists, encouraged Erica to write about her experiences so she never forgot them. As she when through school and realized that people were stunned by the some of the things she had written down, she made the discovery that she could reveal all kinds of things about other people and places through her writing. Entering a prestigious college, she set her eye on a handsome young man with quite a bit of money within his reach. The man was studying to be a lawyer and was the top of his class. Soon, they began dating, and while some of it was about the money, they realized they truly did have Chemistry. Once they got their degrees and they both had their jobs, they got married. A year after giving birth to triplets (Mark, Thomas, and Creighton Jasperson), she was sent off to an assignment in Ukraine. While there, she was kidnapped by a known gang who demanded money. The United States, refusing to pay to her return (asked to facilitate by Erica's husband, Bruce), awaited for them to give up and simply let her go. But months passed and there was no word. Assuming her to be dead, Bruce divorced her, and due to her state of being presumably deceased, he took the kids. When there was finally word, she had cuts across her face and her body, shaking like a leaf and crying when she had enough water in her body to let her. Finally, the government allowed a fund transfer and set her free. When she returned home, she was mortified and heartbroken to know that her own children were scared of her and quickly went to recieve plastic surgery, however, the depth and severity of the wounds had caused scarring that wasn't possible to cover. To make up for her scars, she began to rush hersel finto many other kinds of beauty treatments, forcing herself to be pretty despite her scars.


So begins...

Erica Jasperson's Story


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|Erica Jasperson|

Erica watched the scenery fly past as she sat idly in the passenger's seat. Her chocolate brown eyes simply stared at the people and buildings - Not watching, not observing, not glaring, not glancing, just staring. Reaching up with one hand, she ran her finger along the long scar on her forehead as well as the one across her lip. These scars were to blame for everything - Why she lost her last job, why people avoided her, why her own children fled in terror. Her smiled curled down into a frown and her eyebrows slanted and knit together into a look of annoyance or anger. These scars made her ugly.

"Erica? Honey?" she blinked out of her little trance and turned to her husband. No- Ex-Husband. She would have to grow used to that. "Are you okay?" he asked, his tone very caring and concerned. He knew well that she hadn't been the same after she returned - I mean, who was after something like that? - and constantly worried about her. Her face was more blank, her smiles were wore fake, her eyes were more serious, and her movements were forced. It seemed like everything about her became less and less sincere. Erica offered her hus- Ex-Husband a half plastic smile.

"Yes, i'm fine. Don't worry. I'm just a bit anxious, you know." she said, breathing on the window and drawing an X in the condensation. "This is my first assignment since i came back. I don't want to mess this up, and i don't know if i'm as good as i used to be." she shrugged. "But i'm sure everything is gonna be fine." she assured him. reaching over and lightly massaging his shoulder. As he parked, he turned - Blue eyes sparkling with life and blond hair almost glowing in the sunlight. She met his sapphire eyes with her own dirt brown ones, her twisting oak locks framing her face. "This is my stop, sweetie." Leaning over the gap between them, she pressed her lips to his and they shared a brief moment. "I'll be back soon, dear."

"Alright, remember - Your phone can call me anywhere." She nodded and he smiled. "Call me if you need anything, or just wanna talk, or talk to the boys." he grinned. Erica rolled her eyes and sighed, smiling lightly.

"They're so young, i don't think they'll say a word."

"Nope, but they can squeal or scream."

Making a face at him, she reached over and lightly pushed him before smiling softly and chuckling. She opened the car door and slid out, walking to the trunk to get her bags. The moment she got her things and stepped onto the curb, she heard the car drive away into the distance. With a sigh, she moved forward and weaved between people to board the ship. Once she boarded the cruise liner, she was bound for Suite 647. She was quick to walk there, wanting to relax as quickly as possible work on an article from her last, freelance, self-assignment. Sure, her husband was quite the breadwinner - But he wanted to contribute. The money she made could made bills and the money he made could take care of bills she couldn't cover and would be spent for groceries and other things as well as simply spending money.

Pushing the door to her small suite open, she smiled, raising her head. She hadn't even noticed it, but she had kept her head down the whole time and avoided eye contact with everyone - It was habit now that she had her scars. The Journalist crossed the door and went into the bedroom, setting her luggage in the cabinet they had. Slipping off her Louis Vuitton high heels, she sat on the bed before swinging her legs over and lying down. She breathed a heavy sigh and reached down, smoothing the skirt of her outfit a bit before relaxing. This was going to be a relaxing trip, she assured herself of it. She would be relaxed and ready for her first assignment, and she wouldn't let anything get in the way of her comeback.