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Josh Nichols

"You mad, bro?"

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a character in “Deadly Waters”, as played by Sameshitdifferentday


Full Name: Josh Damien Nichols
Nick Names: N/A

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Role: The Lottery Winner

Status: Rich

Occupation: None

How you got your ticket: Like a boss.

Weapon: A guitar

Does your character believe in other beings?: Aliens

Personality: Josh takes almost nothing seriously, always trying to break the tension of situations with humor. He tends to look on the bright side of grim scenarios ... Even if there aren't any. He's load and rather obnoxious at times, especially when it's not appropriate. He's been known to be a bit blunt, if not vulgar towards people. But, if anyone had ever needed a smile plastered on their face, they would always turn to Josh Nichols.

History: Josh had always been a class clown and a bit of a ladies' man throughout high school. Although his parents weren't exactly wealthy, he had never really complained about things they couldn't afford. He has never had any disturbing or grave experience throughout his childhood, so he's never really had any excuse for his, (what some might consider), twisted sense of humor. He did incredibly mediocre all through out high school, making a C average and having no future career ambitions. For a graduation present, his parents had bought him a guitar as a gift. From then on, he had taken the instrument everywhere he went, having a natural talent for playing the guitar. For a while, he just chilled at his parents' house, reliving his younger years, but with no school. But the summer after graduation, however, his mother sent him to the gas station for cigarettes. Upon purchasing the cigarettes, he decided to buy a lottery ticket. And then... Well... The rest is history.

So begins...

Josh Nichols's Story


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Josh drummed his fingers on the armrest of the backseat of the taxi, gazing at the landmarks passing by. It's been about two weeks since he had won the lottery, and he had already blown through just about half of his wealth. He glanced down at his three thousand dollar outfit, straightening his collar. After about ten more minutes, the taxi pulled into a large parking lot, with people storming about on the opposite side. Josh raised his eyebrow, an over confident expression plastered on his face as both, him and the driver got out of the car. The driver was a little, chubby man with a thick mustache and balding black hair. He made his way to the back of the car, opening the trunk and pulling out all three of Josh's bags. The driver then held out the bags and guitar case for Josh to take and in response, Joshed laughed and began walking towards the ship, knowing the driver would follow him.

The ship was really as sight to behold. It was enormous; Josh could only be reminded of the Titanic. Then again, that was about the only other ship he knew of. He checked his watch, seeing it was just after noon. The ship wasn't scheduled to depart until four o'clock, but he wanted to get settled in for a while and check out the ladies before heading towards the pool. After looking around at all the unfamiliar faces in the exceptionally large crowd, Josh began making his way through them. Bumping into a handful of people, he finally approached the man who would take his ticket.

The man looked Josh up and down before speaking. "First class?" Smirking, Josh nodded. The man returned with a smile before punching his ticket and giving him a card key. "Room 606." Josh turned to see a smaller crowd of impatient people, the taxi driver being one of them. Josh motioned for him to come to approach him and give him the bags. The driver set the bags on the ground, looking up at Josh expectantly. Taking his time, Josh reached for his wallet and pulled out three hundred dollar bills, a two hundred and seventy dollar tip, handing it to the driver. Josh laughed at the driver's astonished expression and told him to buy himself something nice. After dismissing the man, Josh heaved up his heavy belongings with effort as he made his journey to the second floor of the ship.

Upon entering his room, he found it to be quite large. Larger than even he had expected. Throwing the bags on the bed, he took a deep breath and made his way to the window, eyeing one of the swimming pools with interest. But, he decided he'd wait for more people to come and enjoy the pool with him. And by more people, he means more women. Turning and flopping on the bed between his bags, Josh reached for his guitar case and pulled it out. Thinking there probably wasn't anyone in the rooms next to him, he took his amp out of one of his bags as well and hooked the two up. Not that he would care, anyways. He then began playing a song that really hit close to home. The volume of the amp, however, was its maximum.


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Sunny sat there in the car watching all the trees zoom past.She looked at her friend Riely who gave her the ticket a month back,then turned her head back to the window and then listened to her IPod.She stayed quiet knowing that her friend was a little upset.Sunny moved uncomfortably in the gray/black booty shorts and tied up country shirt.She didn't like these clothes,but she didn't have any since she lived on the street,so she borrowed most of Riley's clothes.She figited with the knot of the shirt above her pierced belly button,sighed and took out her headphones."What's wrong Litttle Miss thing?"Riley asked."None of this is mine....Nevermind won't understand."Her friend rolled her eyes and sighed."You're right I won't"

A hour later the finally reached the dock.Sunny's mouth dropped and let a few tears stream down her face."Thankyou so much!"She hugged Riley and smiled."No problem,now let's get you settled in."They both jumped out of the car and got the two luggage bags from the back of the car and made their way towards the boat.

They pushed their way past a bunch of crowds and finally got up to the lady who took the tickets."You're first class?" She asked questionably,looking her up and down.Sunny nodded as her face got red."Yes,Is there a problem miss?" Riley spoke up and gave the lady Sunny's ticket.The women shook her head."No,Your cabin Is number 608."Riley and sunny both smiled.The blonde quickly gave sunny her bags and hugged her."Have fun" Sun smiled again"I will." She then boarded the ship and hurried to her cabin.All she could hear when she went down the hall was a guitar playing loudly,which ticked her off.She then entered the big room and sat her bags down trying to relax in the big room.Sun then got really annoyed by the guitar playing and walked down the hall,searching for which room it was coming from.As soon as she was positive she knew which room it was coming from,606, she knocked on the door loudly waiting for someone to open it.
((it was quick...sorry lol my iPad is about to die.))