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Kylie Moore

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a character in “Deadly Waters”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


Full Name: Kylie Taylor Moore

Nick Names: She is usually just called Kylie, but sometimes maybe Kyles.

Age: Twenty Three

Gender: Female

Face Claim: Lucy Hale

Status: Middle Class

Occupation: She is hoping to become an author, but at the moment works as an accountant.

How you got your ticket: Kylie didn't have enough money to pay for the ticket without going broke, so she 'borrowed' some from her parents. She's hoping they won't find out, as she didn't exactly ask. Her father is an important CEO, so they have quite a bit of money - more than Kylie anyway.

Weapon: Kylie doesn't really have any weapons - she'll just use whatever she can get. Whether she finds a candle stick, a hair straightener, or anything. Yeah, her chances are looking pretty slim already.

Does your character believe in other beings?: No, not really. She's never seen anything to make her think otherwise, though she has questioned the thought of ghosts before.

Personality: Kylie can be nice, when she tries. But, apart from that, she would probably be considered as... okay. Not that she complains, or ignores, or whispers behind peoples backs - though, to be honest, she probably does do these things. She just tends to insult people without realizing it, and then laugh at their reactions, or teasing someone about something playfully, to the point where it just gets annoying. But, we all have flaws, don't we?

Apart from that, Kylie is a sweet girl. She tends to put others before herself - well, on most occasions, at least - and is always there to listen to your problems or give a helping hand. If someone is mean to her, she'll let it slide. But if someone is mean to her friend.. they're dead. You have to get even, right? She is fair, too, and hates for people to be left out, or for someone to get more than another. She can also be biased towards friends in some situations but... overall, she is a pretty fair person.

You do not want to go near this girl when she is in a bad-mood. Her... less nice side comes out to play. She is most likely to snap at anything you say, or just ignore you. You'll probably be called a variety of 'nicknames,' most of them meaning idiotic, or something along those lines, and prepare for some glares or eye rolls coming your way. Then there is her hyper mood, which is probably just as bad. She tends to laugh... alot. Like, I mean alot. As in... all the time, alot? As soon as someone says something mildly funny, she will be laughing for the rest of the day. Or, at least, until she calms down. She also tends to be more annoying, jumping around the place, singing, saying random stuff and asking random questions.

There are two things that Kylie is absolutely terrible at - comforting and flirting. She's the person who, while everyone is saying, "Are you okay?" or "You'll be fine" or even "They're in a better place now," will be skulking around the back of the group, awkwardly. When it comes to heart-to-heart conversations, she is a great listener and great secret-keeper, but when it comes to comforting? A big no-no. And flirting is pretty much the same. To be honest, Kylie isn't really sure what to do. How are you supposed to flirt? You can't just go up to someone and start fluttering your eyes, making you look like you have some sort of eyelid spasm!

She is actually a pretty good actress. Not that she has been in many performances. No, when I say acting, I mean lying. She can get away with almost anything, by saying the right things. Though, it's usually her big mouth that has gotten her in trouble in the first place...

History: Kylie was born into what could be considered a wealthy family. Her father was the an important CEO, and her mother would stay at home, minding the children - Kylie had an older brother named Jacob, two years older to be exact. She had a simple childhood, with no big events, just rainbows and smiles and bunny rabbits.

Kylie spent her whole life in her brother's shadow. The family always knew that Jacob would go on to do great things, while Kylie was the odd child with seemingly no talent. It seemed like that was the case - where Kylie was going to be a lawyer, she became an accountant, whilst her brother went on to become a doctor.

Kylie was always a tad bit jealous of him - he really was the perfect son; Jock, straight A's, polite. Compared to him, Kylie was the child from hell; Average grades, and eating the fries off her plate with her hands. She moved out at eighteen, and got an apartment by herself.


So begins...

Kylie Moore's Story


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Kylie Moore

The brunette sat in the back of the taxi, patiently waiting for her to arrive at her destination. Well, on the outside, at least. On the inside she was screaming like a child. She was finally getting to do what she had always wanted - travel. Soon she would be in Europe. And all it took was a bit of money she.. uhm.. borrowed from her parents.

The taxi stopped and Kylie handed the cab driver the cash, before getting out of the taxi. Or rather, stumbling out. Her converse shoe caught on the edge of the door frame, and she found herself almost landing head-first onto the pavement. She sighed, and quickly regained her footing, before pulling her suitcase from the car. The taxi driver gave an impatient sigh, to which Kylie glared at him through the blacked-out windows. She slammed the car door close, and watched it for a few seconds as it drove off.

Kylie turned around to face the ship, and the crowd about to board it. A sigh mingled with excitement and nerves escaped her lips, as she watched everyone pile on. There were so many people. To be honest, she didn't know how it could take all their weight.

Her hat threatened to escape in the slight wind, but Kylie quickly placed her left arm on her head to contain it, whilst her right hand pulled her suitcase along behind her. She glanced at a few people as she made her way through the crowd. Gosh, everyone looked so wealthy. There were people who looked like they had dressed up just to board the ship, whilst Kylie was wearing a baggy tee, beanie and jeans. Very attractive.

She boarded the boat, where she was greeted by a woman who handed her a room key and told her that her room number was, "Three-Seven-Two." She also gave Kylie some random sheets about the ship's journey and how it was made, but Kylie just stuffed them in her pocket without looking at them. She would dump them as soon as she reached her room. It was like the copyright on the back of books and CD's - always there, but no one really reads them.

She opened the door of her bedroom up, and a small gasp escaped her as she took in her surroundings. It was impressive. Much better than the room she had at home anyway - or rather, in her apartment. Well, then again, anything was better than that tiny thing.

She took the crumpled sheets out of her jeans pocket and dumped them in the bin, before placing her bag down on the large bed. She wasn't bothered to unpack now - she couldn't decide whether or not she wanted to explore the rest of the ship, or lie there forever.

She grinned up at the ceiling as she took it in. Italy. I mean, it was fucking Italy. She couldn't wait. As amazing as the ship itself was, the reason she was on teh boat wasn't the journey - it was the final destination.