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Special Agent Doug Brently


0 · 239 views · located in The Star Liner

a character in “Deadly Waters”, as played by WadeJackel



Character Info

||Full Name:||

Doug Brentley (alias)

||Real Name:||







FBI Agent

||Status: (Rich, Poor, Middle class)||


||Occupation: (If any)||

Employed by the United States government, Federal Bureau of Investigation. He's a G-Man. All other details are classified.

||How you got your ticket:||

You might say it was requisitioned from an Italian "businessman" who is now no where to be found.

||Weapon: (for when the darkness come)||

Standard government issue

||Does your character believe in other beings?:||

Though he has been involved in countless cover-ups, he has never seen an alien for himself.


Dedicated to his country, family and work



So begins...

Special Agent Doug Brently's Story


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Character Portrait: Wade Jackell Character Portrait: Special Agent Doug Brently
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There was a positive side to not having any possessions, unpacking for instance-A snap! This was the first thought that popped into Wade's mind as he looked around the room, looking down for a quick glance at his well-worn backpack confirmed the idle notion, before tossing the 'bag' onto the bed.

The cloths which weren't more then dusty, unwashed rags spilled out upon the clean blue-checker patterned coverlet. "There......unpacked!"

After overcoming that extremely difficult task Wade made his way out the door, moving at a slightly accelerated pace toward the exit which would take Wade outside for one final look port-side before the Star Liner departed. It was getting close to cast-off time and so there were only a few small groups still standing on the docks. Wade could see the last remnants of relatives who had waived their final tear soaked goodbye's to their perspective loved ones-He could sympathize.

It was a moment of deep contemplation for Wade Jackell, desiring in his heart for one single person that might have wished him a happy and safe trip. "Toughen up man, big dudes don't get weepy." -Wades inner voice consoling him.

The brief moment of emotional catharsis was suddenly interrupted by the sight of some particularly strange individuals standing behind the small crowd, they too were in their own little group-Standing by one of several black sedan's as they starred at the Star Liner and those boarded guests which remained on deck.


Wade didn't know what to make of these strange birds, they weren't waving to loved ones, not one of them was whipping their nose with a handkerchief-Having escorted their significant other to the boat . There were a few high profile guests that had boarded the cruise ship, none of these celebrities were of such importance as to have an entourage of mysterious black clad gentlemen assigned to their protection.

Of course Wade was aware of the cop, or at least the guy whom he had mistaken for a cop some hours ago, though he didn't know anything about the crooked detective and his equally crooked nosed 'associates'.

There sure as hell were no individuals of presidential importance, past or present, aboard the boat, and these guys were pretty clearly of that sort, which is to say......CIA, or perhaps some other government agency.

One of the 'Men in Black' was standing out in front of the others, clearly the head guy, though it seemed odd that it was he who approached the ship to board it.