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Wade Jackell


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a character in “Deadly Waters”, as played by WadeJackel


Character Info

||Full Name:||

Wade Jackell

||Nick Names:||








||Status: (Rich, Poor, Middle class)||

Lower-Middle class

||Occupation: (If any)||

Secured odd jobs from town to town

||How you got your ticket:||

Never had one, he conned his way onto the cruise ship

||Weapon: (for when the darkness come)||

Whatever he can get his hands on

||Does your character believe in other beings?:||

Yes, he had seen some strange things while traveling across the country


Slow to trust others, slightly defensive about his past, cynical, gruff


Wade had a pretty troublesome upbringing, where he was raised in the northwest United States. Never one to be exited about the idea of sitting in a stuffy classroom all day, Wade would spend most of his time stashed away in the boys locker room, sometimes even the girls locker room (that was the better place for a boy to hide himself during school hours. These locker rooms were the ideal place for the more shady activities which were going on throughout the school, and this was in the early 1980s where such things weren't so prevalent, you might say that these were simpler times. Here Wade would trade cigarettes (occasionally the funny type), though he himself did not partake in such weaknesses of the will. Things went pretty much downhill after high school which eventually led to Wade leaving his home town, ironically enough his home town was Wadesborough. From that day Wade would in. spend much of his time footing it across the country, and quite a bit of hitchhiking. After many years of this type of lifestyle Wade began to feel as though he was missing something, a steady place to live, family, the whole rigmarole. He had heard of the famous cruise ship and since he was already in Florida he decided to take a long sea voyage. There was one problem however, he had, nor could afford a ticket. The only way he could get aboard was to do what he did best.....con his way.

So begins...

Wade Jackell's Story


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Wade had actually been mulling around the docks since the early hours of dawn, every once and awhile he would approach the ship and strike up conversations with various deck hands and dock workers. Wade Jackell was essentially laying down the ground work for some of the scams which would ultimately get him aboard the immense boat.

As more and more passengers, well-wishers, various limo services and such began to overflow Wade made his way to the main gate. His morning activities had gotten him to a point where he was about to successfully board the ship without so much as a reservation-His ticket to ride, so to speak, was the success of his cons.

The final preparation that needed to be attended to was securing a room for himself, luckily he had become a quick buddy of the cabin steward, with the promise of a half pound of Wacky Weed-Something which Wade was totally incapable of producing, though the steward had no way of knowing this.

Wade had seen many limos pull up to the ship, he just figured it was some sort of psychological thing, when your going to take a sea voyage on such a luxurious ship you want to show up in style-He concluded.

For the most part it wasn't a big deal to Wade, with the exception of two limos in particular, the passengers of which seemed to possess some sort of notoriety. Frankly, Wade hadn't seen a television in some years, except those few that he would walk by in the window of some apartment store as he was passing through a town.

On the road you just don't have the opportunity to keep up with fashions and trends of celebrity. All he knew was that they were blond and hot, that was enough for him, though for very different reasons then one might think. The other two individuals which Wade had noticed were two men, one of them was younger then the other.

The older of the two seemed familiar to Wade, but not in the sense of a personal knowledge of ones existence, Wade simply knew a cop when he saw one-Having dealt with his fair share. The other person was perhaps even younger them himself, much of this individuals youth and attitude was shown by the way in which he maneuvered through the crowd. The other guy sort of barreled his way through the mass of onlookers and boarding passengers.

Wade was standing by the main entrance as he waited for his 'steward' friend to show and inform him that he had found Wade some new digs. Wade just happened to cast a quick gaze upward, only to find some crazy chick with her legs dangling over the railing of the top-most deck. It seemed a strange and stupid thing for someone to do, to test fate like that.

Now looking into the ship Wade caught sight of his new best friend, who was making hand signals for Wade to come aboard. After pushing his way past the little guy with his list of passenger names-His new good buddy Bill-He was shown to his newly acquired room, which was small but functional enough.


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There was a positive side to not having any possessions, unpacking for instance-A snap! This was the first thought that popped into Wade's mind as he looked around the room, looking down for a quick glance at his well-worn backpack confirmed the idle notion, before tossing the 'bag' onto the bed.

The cloths which weren't more then dusty, unwashed rags spilled out upon the clean blue-checker patterned coverlet. "There......unpacked!"

After overcoming that extremely difficult task Wade made his way out the door, moving at a slightly accelerated pace toward the exit which would take Wade outside for one final look port-side before the Star Liner departed. It was getting close to cast-off time and so there were only a few small groups still standing on the docks. Wade could see the last remnants of relatives who had waived their final tear soaked goodbye's to their perspective loved ones-He could sympathize.

It was a moment of deep contemplation for Wade Jackell, desiring in his heart for one single person that might have wished him a happy and safe trip. "Toughen up man, big dudes don't get weepy." -Wades inner voice consoling him.

The brief moment of emotional catharsis was suddenly interrupted by the sight of some particularly strange individuals standing behind the small crowd, they too were in their own little group-Standing by one of several black sedan's as they starred at the Star Liner and those boarded guests which remained on deck.


Wade didn't know what to make of these strange birds, they weren't waving to loved ones, not one of them was whipping their nose with a handkerchief-Having escorted their significant other to the boat . There were a few high profile guests that had boarded the cruise ship, none of these celebrities were of such importance as to have an entourage of mysterious black clad gentlemen assigned to their protection.

Of course Wade was aware of the cop, or at least the guy whom he had mistaken for a cop some hours ago, though he didn't know anything about the crooked detective and his equally crooked nosed 'associates'.

There sure as hell were no individuals of presidential importance, past or present, aboard the boat, and these guys were pretty clearly of that sort, which is to say......CIA, or perhaps some other government agency.

One of the 'Men in Black' was standing out in front of the others, clearly the head guy, though it seemed odd that it was he who approached the ship to board it.