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Shiro/Shinya Rin

"I'm pretty sure I'm innocent! How did I get here in the first place?

0 · 767 views · located in Deadmn Wonderland

a character in “Deadman Wonderland : Sinful Roots”, originally authored by catgirl, as played by RolePlayGateway


"I... I really don't know how I ended up in here..."

Shiro/Shinya Rin

"But since I'm here anyway, lets have some fun shall we?"



★ Name ☆
Shiro/Shinya Rin

★ Age ☆

★ Role ☆

★ Bird Name☆

★Gender ☆

★ Branch Of Sin ☆
Puppeteer's Thread

★ Romantic Interest ☆

★ Face Claim ☆
Mahiru Banbu- Akuma no riddle


★ Theme Songs ☆
le theme songs (up to 3)

★ Personality ☆

She is a timid and kind girl, often making people wonder just how she got into the G-ward. Personally, she has no idea herself, and thus thinks that she was being framed for what she hadn't done. Shy but optimistic, she trusts anyone and everyone, trying to make friends, an has absolutely no concept of being wary of people, so it seemed. She couldn't stand seeing anyone injured, even helping those who were supposed to be her enemies, much to Shinya's annoyance.

To put it simply, the split personality and complete opposite of the timid Shiro. Shinya is blood thirsty and enjoys a good fight any day, having no qualms about killing or injuring others. She is amazingly logical, processing plans and playing with her victims with mind games, all just to see how people react under certain situations. Shiro often gets on her nerves sometimes, helping others and trusting unconditionally, so she either threatens or kills the people she gets too close to. That hurts Shiro greatly, but its Shinya's way to protect her counterpart from any harm.

★ Branch Of Sin Explination/ Abilities ☆
Her blood forms long strands and attaches itself to her opponent, successfully trapping him like a spider. She could also manipulate some of their movements if she wished to, by attaching the strings to the regions of the body and making it more like a puppet. Freely controlling it, she could make the opponent hurt himself with his own blood weapon other than attacking him herself. Shiro usually leaves the opponent hanging like that before knocking him out, as she dislikes killing people. Shinya, however, freely uses it to kill the opponent using his own weapon, and seems to find it terribly funny and ironic at that.

★ Talents And Skills ☆
le other things that you can do without your sin here

★ History ☆
Shiro has no recollection of her parents, or any other family members. For as long as she could remember, she had always being in the secluded orphanage, where hardly anyone gets adopted. In fact, people hardly go out at all. It was like a prison to her, and even when she went to school, she was bullied because of her weak and timid character, and hardly dared to stand up for herself. She was always the different one, the one who always got teased and getting whispers whenever she goes by. As she felt so terribly lonely, she slowly forced her character apart, ending up in two separate halves. However, she find comfort in the fact that her other half, whose name was Shinya, was always there to protect her and shield her from any dangers. They seem to take turns being in control of her personality, and she shifts without actually knowing it. Her sudden change shocked many students and even teachers in the school, not comprehending why Shiro talked to herself at times, and decided on the fact that she was completely and absolutely crazy. Without even confronting her about it, they simply tried to restrain her and bring her to the clinic, being none too gentle about it. Confused, Shiro struggled, getting her eye cut in the process. That did it. With the feeling of pain and the sight of her blood, Shinya awakened in her inner conscience, and tried to protect her counterpart by killing the rest of the people who were trying to stop her, taking them by surprise. Soon, Shiro managed to regain control, however, the deed was done. She was left in the room dripping in blood and strewn with corpses almost everywhere. Horrified, she came to the conclusion that someone must have gone in there and murdered them hideously, somehow sparing her. She was completely unaware of Shinya's time in her body, thinking that she blacked out.

Needless to say, she was caught and charged for the murder of a room full of people, and sent immediately to Deadman. She was still quite new there, and getting to know it better and the people there. She still stuck out however, because of a kind and friendly personality, not hiding any secrets. In fact, she would have lost her first Carnival Corpse, if not switching to Shinya in the nick of time. She is still completely unaware of the time Shinya spends in her body, as she only appears in desperate situations or most often, at night.


It's fine, I'll protect you from it all. Like always, ok?

★ Strengths and Fears ☆

Lying ll Her expression doesn't change one bit when she does that, partly because she had made herself believe that it was true in the first place.
Blending into the surroundings ll A convenient ability that only Shiro has. Shinya is pretty loud and cocky, but Shiro is able to stay quiet so no one actually notices her.
Planning ll Its one of Shinya's best strengths, she plots and painstakingly plans out every small detail, making them based on how well she understands someone's ability and potential. Oddly, that's something she enjoys to do other than killing.
Losing each other ll They are the emotional support of each other, and their spirit would fall apart if even one of her personalities are gone.
Liking someone too much ll One of Shiro's deepest fears, as if she shows an attachment to someone, that person dies immediately, for reasons she did not know of. Of course, that was all Shinya's doings.
Bugs ll If there was one thing that Shinya is afraid of, that will have to be it. She can't stand those creepy crawlies.

★Likes ☆
Rubber ducks ll No matter which side, both of them has an affinity for the cute squeaky ducklings
Books ll They are the key to knowledge and Shiro loves settling down with a good one to read
Fighting ll Well, that should be pretty obvious which side it came from. Shinya kills and fights as easily as she breathes.
Sweets ll They help her calm down, and there is a possibility of switching her personality with them.
★ Dislikes ☆
Bitter things ll She won't take the candy unless she was going to drop dead immediately without it. That's how much she hates the bitterness of it.
Noise ll Shiro opts to move away from the source while Shinya gets the urge to destroy whatever was making it.

So begins...

Shiro/Shinya Rin's Story

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~Yuki Nakagawa~
Yuki rubbed her eyes as she looked around her small cell room. It was another usual morning and it the the same usual routine. She wasn't sure what time it was but at this moment she didn't care. After struggling herself out of bed she went to a small bag in the corner of the room. It had been three days and it was about time she had to take the candy. She took a deep breath as she took one of the few she had. In the wonderland, this was needed to live and people were willing to do anything for it. She had to hide her's or else someone would try to take it. She unwrapped the large ball and ate it hating the bitter taste.

She stood to her feet and gripped her hands slightly already hearing the laughs of the guards outside as they passed through. It was about the time that they released the people of g ward for a little 'interaction time'. Most of them just hoped that they would get into fights so that the guards could get a show. She turned her head to the doors as the guard unlocked it. "Alright Dove get out." The male said. She sighed and began to walk out slowly. Soon she looked around a bit before going to the small shop in the wonderland. She had quite a bit of cast points and she would usually help others with it. Of course, saving some for candy. She purchased a few medical wraps and medicines to keep in her room as well.

Soon she began to head to her leaders cell. She wasn't sure if he had left it yet but it didn't hurt to look. She approached the door and looked around slowly. "Gai, it's me. I've brought wrappings for your arm...." Not a single day went by without her feeling guilt about what she had did to him. She promised herself that she would help him in anyway that she could so that one day he would truly forgive her. She didn't really know if he hated her or not but she didn't really mind the hatred. She could understand it completely. But all she wanted to do was help regardless of if he didn't want her to.

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Character Portrait: Gai Havelock Character Portrait: Shiro/Shinya Rin
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#, as written by catgirl

Shiro sat up on the bed sleepily rubbing her eyes. Where was she…? Still sleepy, she waited for her thoughts to gather before she surveyed her surroundings again. Oh, so she was still in there. Feeling a little depressed, she tucked her knees up to her chin, staring ahead sullenly. Hey, ‘sup with that long face? Shiro gave a slight jolt as Shinya’s thoughts entered her, almost hearing her brash voice. There’s no use in moping around ya know! Get up and do the ‘socializing’ thing you’re so good at. “You say it like it’s so easy Shinya…” she muttered slightly, but got off the bed to explore her cell nevertheless. It was somehow comforting to know that Shinya was with her to protect her, at least she wasn’t alone in this hell. “Oh, before I forget.” She strode over to a small bag and took out a piece of candy from it, looking at it with distaste. If there was one thing she absolutely hated, it was the candy. Why call it a candy if it wasn’t sweet? She slowly peeled open the wrapper and stuffed it into her mouth, trying to swallow it without tasting the bitterness. “Bleh!” Shinya took over as Shiro almost choked on the candy, being a reflex that she had developed when she was in an unpleasant situation.

“Well, what an unexpected situation… Now I can finally have some fun in broad daylight.” Shinya smirked slightly as she simply opened the door and ignoring the guards, headed for the ‘interaction time’ How did Shiro even put up with all that nonsense? Even she had only being there for a short while, her patience was slowly being pushed to its limits. Not that she had any in the first place. Well, better let her meet the ‘leader’ or so the rebels said. There were always some people who just didn’t accept their circumstances, no matter where they are. Some just chose to go with it. Her purple eyes flickered as she strode down the halls, trying to find the leader’s cell. She was half interested in that man, being a mysterious terrorist or something, or so she had heard. Getting information around her was not that hard with Shiro around, thank god for her innocent outlook. Mainly because of that, Shinya was able to get so much information without actually showing herself and her personality to others. Now if only she could find it…