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Takasugi Takane

0 · 2,475 views · located in Deadmn Wonderland

a character in “Deadman Wonderland : Sinful Roots”, originally authored by moahi, as played by RolePlayGateway


"There's nothing wrong in distrusting people."

Takasugi Akane

"After all, the world is filled with possible enemies."



β˜… Name β˜†
Takasugi Akane

β˜… Age β˜†

β˜… Role β˜†

β˜… Bird Nameβ˜†
Scarlet Ibis

β˜…Gender β˜†

β˜… Branch Of Sin β˜†
Bloody Sakura

β˜… Romantic Interest β˜†

β˜… Face Claim β˜†
Takasugi Shinsuke - Gintama


β˜… Theme Songs β˜†

β˜… Personality β˜†
Takasugi is a very blunt and sarcastic person. He wouldn't mince words with anybody, and usually speaks in a cold and sarcastic manner, his words riddled with ridicule. Still, he is not one you would actually can a dangerous person, and he does have an empathetic side toward him. He enjoys speaking in a logical manner, calmly stating points, and perhaps his coolness and indifference is what ticks others off. He has some trust issues, and is apprehensive to well, almost everyone, as he had a few past experiences that were not too pleasant for him. He hasn't quite gotten over them yet, and thus trusts no one immediately. Still, his trust can be gained, just over a longer period of time.

However, that all changes when he is on the battlefield. He has a rather sadistic attitude once he gets in a fight, and somehow derives joy from seeing his opponents in pain, and 'plays' with them using his Sin, instead of just killing them as he thinks its no fun if they don't fight back a little. Its partly because that is what Deadman Wonderland does, anyway, so he might as well enjoy his stay. Even his Sin seemed to be specially styled in order to inflict the most amount of pain to an opponent without actually killing him yet.

β˜… Branch Of Sin Explanation/ Abilities β˜†
Bloody Sakura: Takasugi can make his blood into smaller droplets, much like sakura petals. They are amazingly sharp, and can pierce through the flesh of an opponent. He usually lets them spread out in a far distance before using it, cutting his victims' flesh as they whizz around, and inflicting pain onto them while not actually killing them.

He could also control the fluid movement of his Sin, making them into the shape of a sword or use them as a shield around him, shaping them to anything he wishes. He could also control the sharpness of it, if he focuses hard enough. Making them out of droplets of blood is quite convenient for him, as he could sacrifice a small amount to inflict large damage.

β˜… Talents And Skills β˜†
Playing the flute ll Its a hidden skill that he hides from others, but he is amazing at playing the flute, often varying melodies or making his own.
Memorization ll He stores his memories in his mind, and thanks to that, can remember the entire system of how Deadman Wonderland operates.
Recovering ll His wounds heal quickly and efficiently, and he hardly ever scars thanks to that.

β˜… History β˜†
le history of your character and what happened to get you here in the first place here


β˜… Fears β˜†
Dying ll Self explanatory, but he hates the thought of dying in the Wonderland without ever getting out.
Being betrayed again ll That painful feeling is one of the main things he's afraid of, and thus avoids trusting people.
Forever staying there ll Though he doesn't really mind staying there for only a short term, forever seems a little too much for him. There is a limit to killing, after all, even in his case.
β˜… Strengths β˜†
-His branch of Sin ll Amazingly effective, he enjoys using it as it doesn't harm his body majorly, only using small amounts
-Healing quickly ll He recovers remarkably fast, even without medical treatment.

β˜…Likes β˜†
le likes here

β˜… Dislikes β˜†
le dislikes here

So begins...

Takasugi Takane's Story

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~Yuki Nakagawa~
Yuki rubbed her eyes as she looked around her small cell room. It was another usual morning and it the the same usual routine. She wasn't sure what time it was but at this moment she didn't care. After struggling herself out of bed she went to a small bag in the corner of the room. It had been three days and it was about time she had to take the candy. She took a deep breath as she took one of the few she had. In the wonderland, this was needed to live and people were willing to do anything for it. She had to hide her's or else someone would try to take it. She unwrapped the large ball and ate it hating the bitter taste.

She stood to her feet and gripped her hands slightly already hearing the laughs of the guards outside as they passed through. It was about the time that they released the people of g ward for a little 'interaction time'. Most of them just hoped that they would get into fights so that the guards could get a show. She turned her head to the doors as the guard unlocked it. "Alright Dove get out." The male said. She sighed and began to walk out slowly. Soon she looked around a bit before going to the small shop in the wonderland. She had quite a bit of cast points and she would usually help others with it. Of course, saving some for candy. She purchased a few medical wraps and medicines to keep in her room as well.

Soon she began to head to her leaders cell. She wasn't sure if he had left it yet but it didn't hurt to look. She approached the door and looked around slowly. "Gai, it's me. I've brought wrappings for your arm...." Not a single day went by without her feeling guilt about what she had did to him. She promised herself that she would help him in anyway that she could so that one day he would truly forgive her. She didn't really know if he hated her or not but she didn't really mind the hatred. She could understand it completely. But all she wanted to do was help regardless of if he didn't want her to.