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This is a list of locations that can be found in Deadman Wonderland : Sinful Roots.

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[center:3hfd3ynp][img:3hfd3ynp][/img:3hfd3ynp][/center:3hfd3ynp] [hr:3hfd3ynp][/hr:3hfd3ynp] Jay nodded. "W-we can start today . . . I suppose . . ." He frowned a little bit when Minami motioned to her throat. Perhaps the talking had done something especially since she had lost it. Jay felt as though he had taken more than she could handle now. "Is your throat ok?" He asked. There seemed to be an air of understanding with Jay's comment, as if he felt empathy even when he shouldn't have known how Minami felt. "How are we going to start?"