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Deadmn Wonderland is a part of Deadman Wonderland : Sinful Roots.

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Jay Valus [36] "Why me, why did this have to happen to me ..."
Minami Sonobe [33] Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die.
Yuki Nakagawa [32] "I do not wish to be feared. Aren't I normal just like everyone else?"
Gai Havelock [31] "You honestly think that I don't care about them? No, I care very much. But I know what their lives are worth. Somebody has to."
Akira Saito [20] "Nothing wrong with being aggressive from time to time, people need to learn the reality of this prison" WIP
Shiro/Shinya Rin [2] "I'm pretty sure I'm innocent! How did I get here in the first place?

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#, as written by Akantha
Minami Sonobe


"Sorry . . . and thank you," Jay mumbled, his voice was unsure and Minami huffed nonchalantly. "I hope I can be good . . ." Jay continued. Minami tilted her head and shrugged.

He was probably pretty shocked. Even though he might have suspected that she was a double-sided coin; he probably hadn't been prepared. Minami felt slightly guilty but she stubbornly pushed it down.

"Yeah. When do you wanna start? I already worked out today…" She trailed off before seeming to cheer up, "But I feel pretty excited so I wouldn't mind."

Minami raised a hand to her throat. It was starting to feel odd. It wasn't sore but the muscles were feeling a bit cramped. Her voice didn't indicate any change, or, any sign of over-talking. Nevertheless, that didn't change that her body still remembered getting scratchy voices and sore throats from over-talking. She brushed her fingertips over the scar before recoiling and deciding to ignore it.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Minami Sonobe Character Portrait: Jay Valus

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#, as written by Aethus

Jay nodded.

"W-we can start today . . . I suppose . . ."

He frowned a little bit when Minami motioned to her throat. Perhaps the talking had done something especially since she had lost it. Jay felt as though he had taken more than she could handle now.

"Is your throat ok?" He asked. There seemed to be an air of understanding with Jay's comment, as if he felt empathy even when he shouldn't have known how Minami felt.

"How are we going to start?"