Kanon The Perilous Flamingo

Leave the Carnival of Corpses? Why would I want to do that?

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a character in “Deadman Wonderland”, as played by CherrySwirl


First Name: [Ayame]
Last Name: [Sarutobi]
Your Deadman name: [Perilous Flamingo or Flamingo]
Age: [19]
Gender: [Female]
What doesn't the picture show?: [She's missing her left ear. Often smokes a cigarette.]


Personality: [Kanon is selfish, self absorbed and malicious. She enjoys manipulating those she considers to be below her and often has her underlings follow through on tampering with Carnival Corpse matches, so that she can face the strongest opponents or watch the weaker ones squirms. Kanon is cold and sadistic and also unnecessarily cruel. There's another side to her that has rarely been seen. She doesn't respect authority and gaining her respect is a difficult task to accomplish.]
Likes: [Fighting, killling, smoke, explosions, money, power, Papuwa Island]
Dislikes: [being called by her real name, insubordination, defeat, authority, being called"ugly" or "manly"]
Fears and Phobias: [Men]
Goals: [To rule the Carnival of Corpses]


Branches sin Ability:[Bloody Bakudamma- Her blood acts as an explosive once it makes impact. She's easily able to mold it into small marble sized balls. The bigger the ball the more destructive the explosion. She usually prepares a several clips holding bullets with her blood in them to use in battle.]

Special Attacks:
-Bakudamma Barrage: She fires a barrage of bullets that span out then close in on the target from all sides.
-Perilous Bakudamma: Similar to the Ganta Gun a moderately large ball of blood is formed in the palm and propelled at the target.

-The explosions can hurt her as well which is why she prefers ranged combat.

Skills:[Kanon's weakness is close combat. She's not exceptionally strong, but she has quick reflexes. Able to adapt in high tense situations by coming up with on the spot strategies to create distance between herself and the opponent.]


Crime?: [Robbery, extortion, murder, terrorism the list goes on. She'd be spending life in prison whether she was a deadman or not.]

History: [Her family were members of the Tokyo yakuza. After the earthquake she lost the only person she ever cared for. Since then she's lived an undderground life of corruption throughout Japan.]

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