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Amber Childs

"Do you know why the caged bird sings?"

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a character in “Deadmen”, as played by Starlight77



I know why the caged bird beats its wing
Till its blood is red on the cruel bars;
For he must fly back to his perch and cling
When he fain would be on the bough a-swing;
And a pain still throbs in the old, old scars
And they pulse again with a keener sting—
I know why he beats his wing!

I know why the caged bird sings, ah me,
When his wing is bruised and his bosom sore,—
When he beats his bars and he would be free;
It is not a carol of joy or glee,
But a prayer that he sends from his heart’s deep core,
But a plea, that upward to Heaven he flings—
I know why the caged bird sings!

Sympathy ~By Paul Laurence Dunbar



|| Name ||
Amber Rose-Anne Childs

|| Nicknames ||
“Ori”, coming from Oriole, a type of bird.

|| Codename ||
Lark || Caged Bird

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||
Pansexual Homoromantic
“To put it short, I’d like sex with anyone, but I only date girls. Not sure why I’m that way; I just have been since the day I was born.”

|| Hometown ||
The small town of Rosemary, Georgia

|| Occupation ||
As a part of her cover, Amber has a part time job as a worker in a pet store/animal shelter.

|| Citizen # ||

|| Role in Roleplay ||
a dead man’s figurehead



|| Appearance ||
Born with dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and cute, girly facial features, Amber was a perfect little girl. Bubbly with a wide smile always on her face, she was someone who always looked approachable. Not to mention, she stopped growing when her height hit 5’5’’, so she doesn’t exactly have an intimidating stature. In the summer, she sports a tan because she spends so much time outside now that she’s free from her prison. But from the many years in the Hole, her young, adolescent body was shaped into that of a rough, hard woman with lean, powerful muscles and acute, cruel reflexes. She dyed her hair blonde to help hide her identity, but occasionally her dark brown roots will show through.

In regards to her sense of fashion, she doesn’t really have any. She wears what she finds comfortable and what she thinks looks good, even if, in reality, the article of clothing looks hideous. But in general, she likes to wear sneakers or combat boots, sweatshirts, and nerdy t-shirts.

|| Tattoos ||
On her back along the base of her right wing is her citizen number. She’s too scared to ask someone to remove it for fear of being reported. But, with her time outside of the Hole, she got multiple other tattoos. Over her heart, she has a bird turning into a tree to symbolize the growth she’s gotten from her powers. On her shoulder, she has a bird that will soon escape its cage. On her wrist is a tattoo of ouroboros with a yin yang symbol within it.

|| Scars/Birthmarks ||
Amber’s body is riddled with scars from her years of being forced to train and fight in the Hole.


|| Personality ||
Amber grew up a spunky, energetic, bold, and boisterous child with many aspirations and dreams. But years in an intense military-esque training facility can really do a number on someone’s person of character. But since her escape, her personality has been slowly forming back to its older self. Despite being suffocated in darkness for a good portion of her life, her glowing heart of gold remained intact. Above anything else, Amber is a kind person. She puts the lives and happiness of others before her own, which is why she thought up the Deadmen.

After a good night’s sleep and plenty of food, Amber is almost always inexplicably happy. She cracks jokes and has a great sense of humor. In general, Amber is well liked by others. In the Hole, smaller children looked up at her as a mother figure; even now, in the Deadmen, she is seen a leader and figurehead, despite Luci being the real leader. Even though she’s not in control, she sees her people as close friends. No, the members of the Deadmen are family to her, and she will protect any and all of them with her life.

The one thing she didn’t lose while she was in the Hole was her ability to talk to people. Her silver tongue never went dull during all those years; there were many times where she was able to charm herself out of punishment or into special treatment. Not enough times, but it happened. So when the Deadmen finally formed outside of the Hole, Amber because the face of the organization. For the first few years, or course, the Deadmen worked quietly. But recently, they went public. Formed a press conference all on their own, and the spokesperson was none other than the face of the discovery of the mutants: Amber. She enjoys her job, and nothing would ever stop that. All she wants is for the world to know what the government is doing to these people and try to put a stop to it.

|| Zodiac Sign ||
Leo / August 15, 1995

|| Likes ||
Swimming || Snacks || Falling Asleep and Waking Up Next to Someone || Passionate, Loving Sex || Pretty Girls || Being Called a “Cougar” or “Mistress” “I go out on a date with one 20 year old and suddenly I’m a dominatrix. Sheesh.” || Video Games || Flying || Happiness || Cuddles || Modern TV and Movies “I missed so much when I was in the Hole!” || Working With Kids || Animals ||

|| Dislikes ||
|| Stereotypes || Mean People || The Government || Electric Shocks || Needles || Small Spaces || Being Alone || Having to think about the Hole || Fighting Unnecessarily || Large Amount of Blood || Being Actually In Charge || Animal Abusers ||

|| Fears ||
|| Losing all the Family She Has Left || Going Back to the Hole || Dying Before She Completes Her Goals || The Deadmen Falling Apart || Never Finding Some to Spend Her Life With ||

|| Dreams ||
|| Mutants Being Treated the Same as Other People || The Hole Getting Shut Down || Falling In Love || Having the World Understand the Deadmen’s Cause ||

|| Secret(s) ||
|| The Things that Happened to Her in the Hole ||



|| Power ||
~ Spontaneous Wing Manifestation ~
With just a thought, Amber is able to form large, white wings that sprout from her shoulders and back. The wingspan of her wings varies from time to time; sometimes they’re 20 feet wide, sometimes they’re 25 feet wide. This variation in size led Amber to realize that these wings weren’t entirely… Real. Real in the sense that they aren’t the wings of a bird with muscles and feathers. The wings she creates are hard to the touch, like stone. But until stone, they aren’t cold. Infact, they’re strangely warm and emit a slight amount of heat. Upon further inspection and testing, the wings seem to be some sort of solidification of light.

After she discovered this, Amber started experimenting and trying to see what else she would be able to do. After a few years, she learned how to launch small, sharp projectiles if she swung her wings with enough force. She’s created small barriers dense enough to deflect bullets, but she can’t keep these shields up for very long.

|| Power Limitations ||
After the many years of being able to create her wings, it’s not very difficult for Amber to form them for large amounts of time or multiple times in a day. However, she can’t use the projectiles too much, because those require much more concentration and willpower. To form barriers is even more difficult, and if she tries to do it too much, she becomes physically and mentally fatigued, and may ever lose consciousness.



|| Background ||
“I think it would be easier to explain things in my own words. I started my life in a tiny town in Georgia. Life was pretty decent; had a nice family with kind parents, a caring older brother, and plenty of money. Dad was a businessman. Can’t remember what for. All I remember was having to move all the way to Minnesota when I was twelve. Maybe it was the pressure of moving across the country, maybe it was just the fact that I was starting puberty. To this day, I’m not entirely sure what triggered my powers. All I know was that one day I had giant wings. I didn’t have many friends that summer, so I spent a lot of time learning how to fly. But of course, when the new year started, I want to impress people to make friends. If I had realized how… how much of a freak I was, or how no one would accept me, I would have kept it to myself… Waited a few years. Waited for the cuckold Bush to end his time in the office. Perhaps things would be different.

But I didn’t wait. I was a bold, prideful child. I wanted to show my classmates how special I was. Hours later, the news contacted my family. We got on state news, then national news. Soon other countries were contacting us, asking for interviews. My parents were even offered large sums of money by private scientists to… to buy me. Like I was a piece of property. God, I wish they had. Things would have been different. At least they would have had some extra money.

I don’t think a week had gone by before we were contacted by the government. Two agents showed up on our doorstep and tried to enter our home and take me away, but my dad, like a true southern, sported a rifle and told them we had rights. They left without another word. But the next day, they were much more prepared. They had a warrent for my detainment and two dozen members of SWAT. My mom tried to pull me away… A man hit her on the head with the butt of his gun. She fell, and I fought back as hard as I could. But there were too many…

I woke up in a dimly lit room. I was informed that I was a possible danger to homeland security, so I no longer had rights. I couldn’t contact anyone, I couldn’t get myself a lawyer. Not sure why I would have needed one. I didn’t… do anything wrong. I just was wrong. And I was just a kid. Just a fucking kid. And now… they bring in kids who are younger than me, for fuck’s sake. But that’s now. We’re talking about then.

They… they tested me. Needles, weird serums.. They starved me, seeing how long I could last. They bled me out, seeing if my body had special regenerative abilities. They electrocuted me, they beat me, they shot me. I tried to tell them. All I could do was make wings, but they… they did all this shit to me anyways. The physical scars… they stop hurting, but they never heal. Meanwhile, the mental scars… they never heal, but they still burn.

The way they treated me… I wasn’t a human to them. To them, I was an animal. A slave. They did to me what they wanted. Guards never got punished for the things they did to me… I.. I don’t want to go into detail. It makes me nauseous to think about. Let’s just say… I went in there a girl, and I was forced to become a woman far too fast.

The tests slowed down eventually. They started bringing in others like me, special too. I think I became boring to them. Soon I was handed over to the military. They trained me to fight, people and mutants. I learned how to use guns. I can properly field strip an AR-15 in under thirty seconds and get a killshot at 500 yards seconds later. How you ask? Hours of forced, supervised practice. If I got something wrong, I was punished. For a while, it was whippings and beatings. But soon, they started using torture tactics. Waterboarding, stress positions, drugs… They.. they even stripped me down in an airconditioned cell and doused me in ice cold water for hours. I almost died of hypothermia.

No, no more. I couldn’t- no, I wouldn’t take any more of their shit. I started planning with some others… Luci, to be specific. With his help and years of preparation, we managed to get out of the Hole with a couple of friends.

To the world, we were a lost cause. We were a reason for professional assassins to make a pretty penny. We were freaks who deserved to be locked up. To the world, we were dead before we were even born. So we became the Deadmen.

For the first year or so, we operated in the shadows. Breaking into government facilities to free some of our friends. Seeking out mutants that are still free. Allowing our ranks to grow, in general. But recently, we went public, with me at the head. I called out the government’s bullshit and told the world what they were really doing to us. The press went wild when I took off my shirt and showed them the map of scars that riddled my body. Of course, going public brought some backlash, but our numbers rose exponentially and still are. I think it was worth it. Luci has been showing some… doubts. But the pros have definitely outweighed the cons so far.

So, that’s where we are now. Why, you ask, do I fight against the government? It seems futile; there are so little of us and so many of them. And I ask you, why does the caged bird sing?

It is not a carol of joy or glee, But a prayer that he sends from his heart’s deep core, But a plea, that upward to Heaven he flings—

I know why the caged bird sings!

|| Family ||
Josephine Childs || Age Unknown || Presumed Deceased || Mother ||
Jackson Childs || Age Unknown || Presumed Deceased || Father ||
Derek Childs || Age Unknown || Presumed Deceased || Older Brother ||

|| Pet(s) ||
Because of her part time job, Amber has less “pets” and more “animal friends” that live in the pet shop because no one wants to adopt them.
Duke || Male || Mutt || 10 Years Old
Cobra || Female || German Shepherd || 5 Years Old
Champion “Champ” || Male || Rhodesian Ridgeback || 2 Years Old
Ursa || Female || Tabby Cat || 6 Years old
Rosebud || Female || Calico Cat || 3 Years Old

|| HTML Color Code ||

So begins...

Amber Childs's Story

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"I gotta get going... don't tell my girlfriend, okay?"

Lucius's eyes creep open, two slender blue orbs adjusting to the light from the window and the fully-dressed boy standing by the door. He then rolls his eyes, slowly rising from the bed so his chest is slightly slumped but enough to look awake. The boy, Jake, stands by the door in the outfit from the night before, his wide brown eyes filled with worry. "I don't even know your last name, how am I supposed to know who your girlfriend is?" Lu's raspy sleep voice rolls from his tongue, the sarcasm making his voice sounds slow and deep. Jake seems to realize the same thing, and relaxes physically. He plants one more kiss on Lu's lips, and then leaves.

"Call me?" Lu calls after the boy facetiously, falling back into the soft, fluffy pillows he spent so many hours trying to find. Mavis was actually the one that found them; after all, she helped him stock most of his dumpy little home. Why don't you just get an apartment? Amber had asked him. He had only one reason: Baby, his spoiled rescue cat. Lu can already hear Baby's padding over to the room, like he could read Lu's mind. Lu slowly rises from the bed, snatching a cigarette from the pack in his bedside drawer and lazily sauntering through his house to the living room, where his backyard is waiting for him. "Alright you beast, potty time." Lu opens the back door, then the porch door, watching his cat saunter around the yard and up onto the fence. Lu stays on the porch, watching his cat roam about the surprising large backyard while lighting a cigarette. Camel Menthol.

His tired eyes drag around the yard, watching for the moment when Baby would start batting at the local squirrels and he would beckon the cat inside with his favorite treats. Another sleepless night, save for the hour of sleep he somehow achieved right around sunrise. The sight was beautiful, pink and light blue beads of light shining down on the bare-chested boy beside him, his feathery black hair splashed against his forehead, which wrinkled in his sleep.

Baby wanders back around when the squirrels don't come down to play, his soft fur tickling past Lu's ankle. Lu makes sure to refill the food bowl and set out a water bowl before disappearing into the back of his house for a shower.

Looking in the mirror, slowly steaming into a translucent mess, he fingers the tattoo on his collarbone. 912347104.

If he dwells too long on anything that reminds him of The Hole, he is attacked with memories. He runs a damp hand through his hair, trying to think of something else. He has a "date" with Mavis today, as he calls them, and then he supposed to have a meeting with the Deadmen tonight, to welcome new members and lay out introductions for their next big mission. He doesn't really feel like doing anything of that, except meeting with Mavis of course, and considers asking her to go on lookout for vigilantes with him tonight. Now that's a rush, saving a family from losing one of their precious members. To stop them from becoming someone like me. Lu is suddenly gripped by the memory of the night he was taken, and he gasps, suddenly breathless and tearing up. The image of his father, surrounded by a pool of blood, while an older man is forcing him out the door of his childhood home, brings him to his knees. The showerhead pounds water on his crumbling body, and he can still feel the difference of salty tears and shower water on his face.

The sound of a phone call wrestles him from this living nightmare. Lu rushes out the shower, tripping on the wet linoleum and his underwear on the floor, catching the phone just before the final ring.

"Uh, hello?"

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“Music soothes the soul; massaging the wounds that never heal.”

When she left the Hole, Amber’s favorite thing to do was sleep. Just sleeping without having to be forced to get up after exactly six hours… It was like heaven. That, and amoung getting all of the sinning out of her system that she missed when her teenage years were torn from her. It was a rough time, for Luci more than her. He had to deal with her coming home drunk or high with a new girl on her arm almost every night. And after two months of it, she suddenly stopped. That was all she needed; to test out the crazy life for a bit to know what she was missing. And sure it was great for the time, but it grew tiring to her. Boring, almost.

It was after those two months she got an alarm clock. The first time it rang, she broke it by accident. Amber hated it. But she couldn’t find anything else to get her up in the morning. She asked Luci to call her in the morning, but the poor boy had to sleep more than her. After she got her job at the shelter, the solution was right in front of her. That’s why, this morning, her alarm was a large, soft, wet pink tongue lapping at her nose. Then another one in her ear, and one on her cheek. “Oi oi, I’m up, ya brutes.” Amber struggled to sit up, pushing the three masses of fur off of her body. Duke, the old boy, rubbed his white, scruffy muzzle against her shoulder, whining for attention. She scratched behind his black ears, which, despite his age, still remained soft. Cobra, the massive German Shepherd, who was the “alpha” of the pack, trotted over to the door and sat down. One solitary bark told Amber that she had to use the bathroom.

“Yeah yeah, I’m coming.” Grumbling softly, Amber swung her legs off of the comfort of her bed. God, it had been so long since she had been able to say that. To have her own bed to rest in. She ran her fingers over the dark blue covers; they weren’t silken and they weren’t rough. Just what she both needed and wanted. Another bellowing bark from the other side of the small house spurred her onward. “I hear ya, I hear ya.”

Amber shuddered as her bare legs hit the cool air. Another thing she adored: being able to wear what she wanted. So her sleeping outfit was generally a t-shirt and some boxer shorts. Thinking about the jumpsuits she use to have to sleep in… Her jaw clenched. Bringing up the thought of anything involving the Hole caused memories to flood her consciousness. The abuse, the torture, the rape. If Champ, the youngin’ of the group, hadn’t bowled past her and almost knocked her over, she probably would have remained entranced there, trapped in this remembrance. As Amber turned to re-enter the house, Duke lumbered past, his old joints ailing him. It made her sad to see him struggle, but her was a fighter. With a bit of effort, he could practically keep up with the other two.

Amber immediately walked over to her stereo, flipping it on. A Queen song came on, blaring over the large speakers she bought a couple months ago. Among all of the amazing things she’s done when she was free, right behind spreading the word about the treatment of mutants and the breakouts from the Hole, purchasing those large amplifiers were up there.

Getting ready with music brightened her spirits almost instantly. She chanted and sang as she got ready,
“I work hard every day of my life
I work till I ache in my bones
At the end
I take home my hard earned pay all on my own
I get down on my knees
And I start to pray
Till the tears run down from my eyes
Lord somebody, ooh somebody
Please, can anybody find me somebody to love?”

Eventually, she devolved into simply humming. A quick, warm shower woke her up fully. All of her responsibilities came flooding back, causing a relaxed but annoyed sigh to leave her parted lips. Another few minutes passed and she was fully dressed, combing the knots out of her blonde hair. The song had changed, but she still hummed along. All of her motions had a rhythmical flow to them, as if she was doing everything to the beat.

A pair of sneakers and a thermos of home-brewed coffee later, Amber was ready to go to work. She grabbed her wallet and phone, attached the three leashes to the dogs’ collars, snapped the leashes onto her belt, and took out her phone. The dogs trotted along in front of her as she pulled up Luci’s number on her phone. After a few rings, the boy picked up, giving a quiet, “Uh, hello?”

“Good morning to you too, lover boy. Glad to hear you’re at least somewhat up. Ready for tonight?” Amber asked with a soft purr-like noise of amusement.