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Elliot Scotia

A new life, but perhaps not a better one.

0 · 251 views · located in San Francisco, CA

a character in “Deadmen”, as played by Imaveronica



(Correlating nothing with the name Vivianne, Elliot chose this code name based on her vivid and accurate descriptions which she foretells)
Citizen #: 355726842
Birthday: March 14, 2009 (21)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Hometown: Chicago, Illiniois
Occupation: Part time barista at one of the smaller, less popular coffee houses in town.
Role in Roleplay: As a drunken soul goes

Power: Precognitive Speech
Power Limitations: Most of what she predicts she can't remember, due to the amount of alcohol she intakes before she begins foretelling things. However, that is not always the case. When her alcohol level is low, she can still predict things, these which she can remember the next day.

Clothing Style: Elliot is very fond of pastel colors as well as black. Self expression in clothing has always been something Elliot enjoys putting her time into. Combat boots are pretty much always her go-to for shoes. She tends to tease her hair quite a bit, giving herself a signature look with her bleach blonde hair.

Personality: Elliot is a free spirit, she always has been. This quality leads her to be very carefree. Most often she does not think about how other people will be affected by her actions. Whatever will make Elliot most happy is the thing that she will tend to follow through with. Elliot would consider herself to be rather social. She loves a good get together, with good music and good food, she's usually set for the night. Staying up late is one of her favorite things and being with someone she cares about always makes that ten times better. Elliot tends to say the first thing that comes out of her mouth, and that's not just because of her power. She is not going to lie to you about how good that dress looks, or tell you go easy on you if you mess up. She tells things as she sees them, on occasion much to honestly. When Elliot began figuring out her power, she became more of an independent person. She started growing up in a way, and is still figuring out how to do that.
Likes: Alcohol - Coffee - Learning - Winter - Dark eyeliner - Entertaining - Ice cream - Naps - The ocean
Dislikes: Math - Shouting - Fighting - Blackouts - Sandals - People who feel entitled
-Loosing control -
As much as Elliot enjoys drinking she does have fears that some day she won't be able to control herself, and she will push herself over the edge. This fear doesn't show itself very often, and you wouldn't guess it based how much she really does drink.
-What she has heard about the hole-
Elliot does not have much fear about being kidnapped, due to her ability only being activated by alcohol. However she does fear the things she's heard that happen in the hole, she fears ever having to see those things.
Dreams: Elliot dreams of beings able to fully control her ability to the point where she chooses what to say out loud instead of blurting it out, which she does currently. She dreams of being able to save lives with her ability, but so far has not accomplished this.

Elliot grew up in Chicago, raised by her adoptive parents June and Tim Scotia. She never knew anything besides them, as she was give to them almost directly after she was born. Elliot grew girly. Whether it be pink bows or sparkly tutus, she owned them. Her mom dressed her in the best they could get. When Elliot was eleven she started school at a private institution. She rather enjoyed her childhood and would consider herself very much loved by those she crossed paths. Going into high school Elliot let herself loose a little bit and began attending parties, discovering her sexuality, and so on.

The first night Elliot tried alcohol was the first night she foresaw something. Her best friend had easily convinced her to try a beer for the first time while the two sat at a party. Before Elliot was half way done with the drink she had picked up a hilarious conversation with her friend. They began laughing uncontrollably, the recent was irrelevant. Just before there was a lull in the giggling Elliot suddenly laughed Your boyfriend's going to lie to you. He is sleeping with Jane Sedfeld. It took her a second to realize words had even came out of her mouth and even then she denied to herself she had said anything at all. Her friend suddenly stared at her confused, and uncomfortable. Elliot felt guilty for providing no other details at all. When her prediction came true later that week Elliot began further experimentation in order to define just what was going on every time she in took alcohol. She'd sit in her room, alone, drinking and anything she blurted out she'd write down in a journal and wait for it to come true.

After graduating high school Elliot remained in town. On her twenty first birthday she went out with a group of friends to celebrate. The group started drinking, more than Alcohol then Elliot had consumed in her few years of experimenting. As the girls were heading into Ell's apartment she foretold them a plane would crash into the Chicago River, killing 8 people. This was just before she blacked out. The next morning Elliot couldn't remember what she had said, but her prediction had came true. A friend of Elliot's told her about the Deadmen and promised to keep her secret if Elliot sought out help in San Fransisco. The next week Elliot packed her bags and moved across the country to be closer to the Deadmen's headquarters.

Family: Tim and June Scotia (Parents)
HTML Color Code: #FF3333
Misc: Elliot always had a flask on her, usually containing some kind of vodka.

So begins...

Elliot Scotia's Story

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"Yeah Mom, yeah- yes everything's here." Elliot stood with her hands on her hips and her cellphone pressed against her ear supported by her shoulder. Around her lay about a dozen boxes filled with her belongings. Each brown box was labels according to what sat inside. "I'm doing great Mom- I'm fine, it's only been two days." Elliot knelt down on the ground. She ripped the tape away from the nearest box. "Yes I start work next week, I'm unpacking... And I'm hanging up know-okay-bye!" She said into the phone before clicking it off.

Elliot had already been up a few hours earlier than she'd normal like to be. The moving van had came earlier with all her stuff and there was nothing she could do except have them load everything in while she stood their half asleep in pajamas. Now it was time to go find breakfast and having nothing in the fridge, she'd have to go out and find a nearby cafe.

After throwing on black shorts and a sensible white tank top Elliot was out the door. Elliot swung her bags over her shoulder and fixed her hair as she locked her apartment door. This new apartment wasn't home yet, but with high hopes, some day it would be. And living here would be normal, and not new. She stepped onto the sidewalk and began her way down the street. Phone in hand, Elliot followed Google's directions to the nearest cafe.

As she walked she attempted to take in her surroundings and try and become familiar with the area. The sooner she understood how to get around without her phone the better. Elliot's thoughts began to shift to the Deadmen as she walked. In all honesty she had come out here seeking them, in fact that was her sole reason, besides getting out of Chicago. However, she had made little attempt at contacting them and didn't know exactly where to begin. Until then coffee and a muffin would have to do.