L Lawliet

"I just canโ€™t sit any other way than this. If I sit the way other people do, my reasoning ability drops by 40%."

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L is a tall, very slim young man with messy black hair and almost-black eyes. He has dark circles under his eyes, ue to sleep deprivation. He only ever wears a long white t-shirt and blue jeans, that seem to just hang off him. He never wears shoes or socks if he can help it, even if he is in public. He doesn't sit like a normal person, instead crouching in a chair and hunching over, and he also hunches over when he walks. L is almost never seen without a tea or coffee to go along with whatever sweet snack he's currently eating.


L's careless, dishevled appearance hides his abilities as the best detective in the world. He second-guesses everything he sees, is extrememly analytical, and has amazing deduction skills. Because of this, he could control the world's police forces. Few people know his real identity, and almost no one knows his real name, as he goes by 'Ryuuzaki', a name taken from a previous killer that L had captured. Aside from his abilities, he has several quirks. He does't sit normally, he is will only eat sweets things - and lots of them, he stacks and arranges items like empty cartons, and he holds items with only the tips of his fingers. He is also often seen doing things considered impolite in public, such as biting his nails, slouching, chewing with his mouth open, talking with a full mouth and pointing out personal observations of people, regardless of how offensive they are.


Just his quick mind and capoeira fighting style


Not much is known about L's past by anyone apart from Watari. He grew up in Wammy's House, an orphanage in England set up by Watari, which is where is abilities were discovered. He also stayed in England for five years later on, where he was the tennis champion in the England Junior Cup. He is able to speak Japanese, English, French and Italian, among other languages. He has solved over 3,000 cases to date, meaning that he started when he was a young teenager.

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