John Nova

John is... I'm not really sure what he is. Wait that isn't true I know that he is tall.

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a character in “Death Note II: The Return Of Kira”, as played by undead dreamer


John is a tall male who stands seven feet two inches tall. He has jet black hair and light blue eyes. John generally feels like he shouldn't decide who lives or dies but he isn't exactly anti-kira. Most people who he meets have trouble describing his personality. When asked to describe his personality to others he says "oregano".

So begins...

John Nova's Story

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Sometime after ender readthe news pages:

John was walking backwards along the sidewalk because he decided that this would be an interesting day. John noticed a red book at the side of the road so he decided to go take a look. The book had a face sticking out it's tongue on it. "What a strange looking book." he thought "I wonder what could be inside." John picked up the book and looked inside. Jack read the rules of the death note

At home:

"I wonder whether or not this is real." John decided to test it on someone he didn't care if they died. He ended up testing it on the old idol Hideki Ryuga. Nobody would miss him. John wrote Hideki Ryuga's name in the death note. John felt safe in the fact that if it was real there would be absolutely no way to connect the death to him.