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Death Note: New York Chase

Death Note: New York Chase


Ryuk decided to have another round, he dropped his Death Note again, which falls in New York. (Started but always accepting.)

597 readers have visited Death Note: New York Chase since Man With The Plan created it.


This takes place approximately 8 years after the end of Death Note, Ryuk got bored of the rotten Shinigami realm so he decided to drop his Death Note to the human world for some more fun. Currently the general public believes that Kira has abandoned them with killings on criminals no longer happening, but when Kira rises again will the God of a New World succeed in the place of Light Yagami or will that god fail as well?

Factions: There are 2 factions you can be a part of:

Kira's Army (KA)-While they don't talk to Kira in person-for obvious reasons- they are supporters of Kira and will work with Kira through the internet given info they have (Which most likely won't be much for the common user.) The website that they communicate with each other on through forums and private messaging is

Special Provision for Kira (SPK)-Originally created to capture Kira independently of L (Light Yagami) due to the fact that no progress was being made in 6 years. It remains today after the US President no longer accepts Kira believing he is gone. The SPK remained active in case Kira shows up again and now that it has started they work to capture Kira wherever he/she is hiding. They use aliases when in public and have access to info about the previous Kira investigation.

Character Skeleton





Faction: (SPK or KA)


Stats: (Please balance them out unless you can give a good reason not to.)

Conceptualization Power:
Will to act:
Social Skills:

Death Note: (Yes or No)




Toggle Rules

-No canon character please (The only exception to that is Ryuk who is controlled by me.)

-Make this true to Death Note nature (This isn't a universe where you have giant sword battles, this is where you are trying to outwit your opponent to get the others identity so you can eliminate him/her.)

-Be literate.

-What I say goes.

-I don't want everyone to be Death Note users. (There can only be 6 Death Notes in use as per the rules states.)

-Be careful with your character, your character CAN die here, if that happens you can make another character.

-If you have a Death Note, you must follow all rules stated in the Death Note. (See the Rules Here: )

-If you have read and will comply with all rules then put: "The human whose name is written in this note shall die" in the Other section.

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Kamalia came into the room shortly after the broadcast, she was holding her phone in hand. "Oh my god! Violet, Kira is in New York! Can you believe it, what if hes someone we know!?" Kamalia then began to swirl in circles. "Oh, I cant wait to fond out who Kira really is." And all this time, not noticing the Death Note. She then grabbed a couple and grapes and threw them into her mouth and eating them. "So want to go shopping today, it is Friday you know, the mall is having a sale too." Kamalia said as she stood up.


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L was smiling because he knew somewhere out there Kira was going crazy. But he frowned he had better things to do like trying to figure who he, or she is.


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Violet went back to normal and laughed, "Highly unlikely, there are like 10 million people in this city, Kira could be anyone of them." Violet then took a breath, "I have some matters to attend to, I'll see you later." She left to a computer store to buy herself a laptop and then connect it to a wireless internet connection.

Ryuk was wondering what she could be up to, "Why did go through all the trouble of buying that? Didn't it cost like 400 bucks?"

Violet looked at Ryuk and smiled, "Any ruler needs an army, someone who has power simply cannot get away with having none." She was creating her own forum website, but it serves to be much more than just that. Here people from all over can supply her with information she needs, she can give people commands through instant messaging and best of all: She can do it all anonymously. The website has no moderators and only one administrator, that users name is Kira. The website is called but was usually referred to as simply "KA". Once she was done finishing everything she needed to add, she destroyed her laptop and threw the remains in the bay, where it could never be traced or found with fingerprints.

Ryuk laughed, "Wow, I hope for you that it was worth spending that much." he said as he ate an apple.

Violet shrugged, "Don't worry, it is."

After 1 month became one of the most popular forum websites on the internet with most members being loyal to Kira and do what was asked of them.


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"Ok Violet" Kamalia said before Violet had left.

-1 month later-
Kamalia was on her computer, and sending a private message to Kira, via private messaging. "Hello Kira, i doubt you care, but my name i Kamalia Conti, i admire your work and would give naything to meet you. But i bet you get that alot, so here is just some profile of some european crimals my famliy back in europe told me about. (List of european criminals is typed of, 2 from fance, 1 from italy, and 1 from germany.) But if you need anyoen to eb your eyes and ears, here in New York, please tell me. But i bet you get that alot to, so bye i guess, and cure the world." That is what the private message she ahd sent to Kira. Kamalia then got her phone out and made sure her profile settings were sent to where once, or if at all, Kira did reply, her phone would go off. SHe then went to walk down the street and to the mall to meet with violet and to go shopping.


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L was in his room looking up at the cieling getting a idea. So he called the chief. "Chief we need to talk about a new location for us, but only the people in the group know about this. My Alias is Drake Dstone

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