Egide Broussard

Inherited his fathers company, as well as the title, "Eraldo Coil."

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a character in “Death Note: Rising Deaths”, as played by Xiphoniii



Name: Egide Broussard, Aliases "Eraldo Coil," "Raphael" among other less obvious ones.
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Detective, owner of Genetech(genetics company, he usually only uses it for their databases and funding, for his detective work)
Appearance: See picture
Personality: Mostly motivated by boredom, and will do anything he can to relieve said boredome. A bit childlike in the aspect that he hates to lose. Absolutely hates it. Was once observed to lock himself in a room for a week as a child, after he lost a game of chance, deriding the lack of skill involved. Other than that, he is a perfectly well adjusted man, if a bit reclusive.
Abilities: Savate ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savate ), obviously good at deductive reasoning, freerunning. Speaks French, English, and a small bit of Japanese, just enough to get by.
History: The son of a wealthy French man,the former owner of Genetech, Egide had an easy life growing up. However, it was also boring. He convinced his father to hire him a Savate instructor at a young age, allowing him to master it, and even develop some advanced techniques now in wide use. He spent much of the rest of his childhood exploring the city on foot, developing his sense of adventure, and learning things through means you wouldn't expect from the son of such an upstanding citizen, namely lurking in high areas, and using the fact that he was a child to go "unseen." Amazing how much adults will ignore a child. Thus, in his detective work, he makes sure that he never underestimates the power of a child. Has cultivated a "reclusive, rich, man child" image in order to hide the fact of what he does in the spare time he has opened up. He inherited the Eraldo Coil title from the third Eraldo Coil, after the one known as L held the title, reclaiming it as a separate entity, and allowing the title of L to pass onto yet another graduate of that repulsive Whammy's House..

Language Color Code:

English: Normal
French: Red
Japanese: Green

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